3:06 p.m.

“We’re still blocked out for two and a half hours, right?” Straw asked the manager as Michael and Athena picked out their golf clubs.

At Neverland, Michael had his own Putt-Putt course, so he had gotten good over the years. He just hoped that he still had that same level of skill.

“Whichever one you pick is yours to keep,” the manager reminded them before answering Straw. “Yes. Two and a half hours as requested. If you all need more time, let me know.”

“We will,” Straw nodded as he turned to face his boss only to find him and Athena in their own little world.

Seeing their boss so smitten with Athena was like watching two teenagers in love, except they knew this one would last.

Michael wrapped his arm around his lover’s waist and brought his lips to her ear. She giggled as he whispered something  and followed it up with a kiss to her earlobe.

Straw cleared his throat. “Mr. Jackson?”

“Hmm?” Michael asked without tearing away from his lover.

“Y’all bout ready to go?”

He licked his lips. “Purple. It suits you.” He whispered to Athena. She couldn’t quite pick between the pink and purple club, but to make sure they stayed on time with everything, Michael chose for her.

“Purple it is. I’ll have the purple one then,” Athena told the attendant.

Michael unwrapped his arms from Athena’s waist and took the club from the attendant. “Ready?” He reached for Athena’s hand.

Without answering, she took Michael’s hand and followed him out the door to hole number one.

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