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Chapter 18

Five strange furry creatures walked out onto the stage slowly in unison. I watched in amazement as a voice spoke over the speakers.

"Long, long ago, the Creton people walked this earth. They held the people captive as slaves in bondage, bringing evil and ruin to what was good. These are the Creton people. Whoever would pull this sword from the stone would be King for years and years." As the speaker said this, different people tried to get the sword from out of the stone, but didn't succeed. "It was prophesied that a Mighty One would come and pull the sword from the stone and destroy the Creton people. This one would be called Great. Most Holy and Powerful. His Kingdom shall be a Kingdom that will never be brought to ruin. It will last for time indefinite. Til time indefinite. But who would pull the sword from the stone?" Just as he said the last sentence a man in a silver armor suit came out and tried pulling the sword out of the stone. He didn't succeed either, but then a spotlight shone on him and he took the swore out successfully.

Green lasers replaced the bright spotlight that shone upon him before and a victorious trumpet sounded. The man in the silver armor suit shouted in glee. The Creton people scurried around until one of them shouted, "Destroy him!" This was a great show! I was as intrigued as the audience was! The man in the silver armor started to put up a fight with one of the Creton people and ended up winning, giving the creature a swift blow with his sword and caused him to collapse. The Creton yelled a defeated, "no!" and collapsed to his demise. The man in the silver armor walked on top of the stone and took off his mask to reveal himself as Randy!

"It's Randy!" I exclaimed to Janet and Latoya! They weren't as excited as I was. But the audience was as happy as me.

"Arise all the world! And behold...the Kingdom!" Randy shouted from atop the stone. He looked around a bit, then the room went black again. The audience went wild! Blue neon lasers showed as thunder and wind sounds played. The lasers and sounds continued to play and the audience was still going wild! I cannot wait until the guys come out! Finally, a loud sound played and the stage was illuminated with light. The stage opened up and Michael and his brothers came up out of the ground. I almost screamed like the audience out there to be honest. All five of them stood there and stared out at the audience as they went wild. They hadn't even done anything yet and the crowd was crazy! The light wasn't showing on them, but as they stood there you just knew it was them from how they stood in formation like they did.

Suddenly, someone yelled and each of them took one foot and stepped down to each step below them in unison. Their steps were loud and echoed. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. All they did was take a couple of steps and the audience was going crazy. Once they finally got to the bottom, music began to play and the stage from which they came out of began to close. A light slowly starting to shine on them and the audience could finally see their faces. Then they all reached up for their sunglasses and took them off in unison. The girls screamed to the top of their lungs. I wasn't getting jealous or uneasy, but jeez... Finally, Michael made one move and the music to "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" began, causing the audience to erupt. The guys began to spread out, Randy and Jermaine slapped hands then they came back together and did different moves in unison. Finally, they came to the front and started dancing together as one. I was getting my entire life! I cannot believe Michael kept me away from this!

As soon as Michael started singing, I stood to my feet and started singing and dancing along. He was really into it. You could tell he did not have a care in the world. His mind was solely on the show and his performance. Michael sung live so well! I didn't know someone could sing live and dance well at the same time! I'm shocked. The guys were really working it too! Each of them were doing their own thing. Tito did his thang on the guitar and Jermaine, Randy and Marlon did well on background vocals. I was so proud of each and every one of them and the show was just beginning!


The middle of the show was spectacular. Michael called for the classics to be played. This part had me jumping on my feet! I loved The Jackson Five! Once Michael started singing "I'll Be There," I couldn't help but sing along. It was like he was singing that song just for me. I'm pretty sure some fans felt the same. Michael put on such a great performance for the classics. I was literally falling in love with him all over again. The way he connected with the audience and called for their interaction with him. You could tell he loved his craft and loved who and what he was doing it for. As he was finishing "I'll Be There" the crowd was going crazy. He paused and started vocalizing and dancing. He called for the audience to repeat the sounds he was making. It was truly amazing to watch my husband doing what he loved doing. Michael is making each and every one of his fans so happy. Giving each and every one of them a chance to escape any problems they may be having. I cannot believe this man. He's selfless! The performance he was putting on for the audience between songs was sensational. Suddenly, he began tapping his foot and started beat boxing the beat to "Rock with You." He is putting on a show! Michael made each fan feel like he was only there for them. The way he was dancing to this song only made me blush too. I would have never imagined that he would be gyrating all across the stage like this. I was embarrassed, yet happy at the same time.


Once they finished "Working Day and Night," the guys stood in the middle of the floor staring out at the audience again. Suddenly a person with a silver mask pushed between them and put his hand up signaling for something. A beat started playing again and the room went dark again. Michael started groaning as if in pain. The guys started saying, "oh no" as if something was wrong. Michael started running away from the masked person, yelling and making sounds that he normally makes on songs. Unfortunately, Michael was caught and the lights began to form some type of circle around him. Michael crouched down and hid himself the best way he could, still yelling all types of "no's" and "oh's." Eventually, the lights began to encase him into a small area, until he found a way to crawl out and back onto another part of the stage. Then a hooded creature came out and Michael started levitating. I wonder whose idea this was because all of it was extremely creative. Michael was then covered with drapes and was levitated into the air again. It was truly fascinating to watch! After levitating him in the air for a while, the masked creature, snatched the drape off and Michael was gone!


For the last song of the show, they played "Shake Ya Body Down to the Ground." I was so proud of Michael! I never doubted that he couldn't put on a show, but my god, this show was spectacular! Michael started calling out the people who had helped out with the concerts.

"David Williams on the guitar! You did an amazing dance!" Michael complimented him. Oh my goodness! I swear, my entire life was given to me watching this concert. Michael started dancing with David as they continued playing the song. "I'd like to say thank you for six terrific nights here at the Dodgers Stadium. I'd like to thank...Lurch. Our entire road crew, the guys who set up the stage. They've been incredible... Let's hear it for the road crew!" The audience screamed in appreciation. I smiled. I didn't know Michael thanked the crew and the band members, that's awesome.

"I'd like to thank Pat Liver... on keyboards!" Michael continued. "I'd like to thank Rory! I'd like to thank Jay! I'd like to thank Foot! I'd like to thank David Williams!" He laughed. "I'd like to thank Greg! I'd like to thank...everybody!"

Jackie came out, "I'd like to thank you," he pointed to the audience. "You're beautiful!"

Michael stood on one of the moving platforms and told the band to break it down, "I want to hear you tonight," He said as he pointed to the audience. He did a series of "hee's" and "hoo's" for the audience to echo. I echoed him as well, just happy as I could ever be. Suddenly, he jumped off of the stage down toward the audience and ran back and forth in front of them. Michael finally came back on stage and asked the band to break it down again.

"Listen up," he said as he danced a little. "I'd like to say...this is our last and final tour. And... I think this is our farewell tour. Y'all been wonderful! It's been a long twenty years and we love you all."

I looked over at Janet and Latoya who looked just as confused as I was. "This is their last tour?" I asked them.

"I guess so..." Janet said, looking as shocked as I was. Michael didn't tell me this would be their last tour or concert. I thought they were taking it all the way out to Europe? Did the guys know about this? I looked out at them, but couldn't tell if they knew based off of their faces. They either had to mask their disappointment in front of the fans or they knew all along. Michael never told me about this though, so I'm pretty surprised this was even in his plans. I looked back out at the stage to see Michael still dancing to the beat. Michael and his brothers sang and danced as one again. Soon a torch was brought out and the brothers and the band danced together in the center of the stage. I was still shocked at what Michael had just said. Suddenly Michael came running over toward us. He flashed a smile at me as he pulled on his sisters to come out to the stage. Janet and Latoya ran out dancing. I smiled and clapped along as the entire family was out on stage. They acted as if nothing serious was just said. Maybe they have to put on a façade as part of show business. Just to show that it was meant to be said.


Once the show was over, Michael ran over to me and gave me a big kiss to the lips.

"I'm so proud of you, baby! You really put on a show!" I smiled so hard. I can't believe how amazing he was out there!

"Thanks, babe." He smiled. "Come on. Security, I may need you to follow me and Shayla out." He pulled me along. Security followed us as we made our way backstage. There was a loud commotion back there and someone was mighty upset and I couldn't figure out who. Suddenly, Joseph came storming out yelling all types of nonsense.

"Michael, what the fuck was that?!" He yelled as he almost lunged for Michael. "You're going solo for real now? You're just going to leave your family behind like this?" He continued yelling. Michael pulled me along past Joseph.

"Mr. Jackson, please step away from Michael." Security warned.

"Screw you!" Joseph told the security. "That's my son. Michael, I made you! You think you're just gonna walk out on this family?!" Joseph was livid. Security was close to me and Michael as we hurried past.

"Michael? What was that out there?" Jackie yelled at him as we made our way toward the door.

"So you're just going to leave us?!" Marlon called out as well. This is not going too well. We finally made our way out the door and into a car that was waiting on us.

"Take us home please." Michael said calmly.

"Michael...?" I asked.

"Yeah, babe? I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry. Did you enjoy the show?"

"I really did." I smiled. "It was truly an experience that I will cherish forever."

"I'm glad." He smiled and looked out the window.

"Michael, what was that out there? When did you plan this?"

"Shayla, can we talk about this tomorrow? This has been on my heart for so long and now that I've finally done it, I just need peace and quiet right now. I need to get my head straight. Please?" He looked back at me with pleading eyes. Clearly this was hurting him.

"Yeah... We can talk about it when you're ready." I nodded.

"Thanks, baby." He kissed me on the cheek and looked back out the window. I wish he had told me he planned this. I can't imagine how he feels right now.


Authors Note: I'd like to point out that the intro dialogue at the beginning of this chapter is actual dialogue from the Victory tour. I do not claim to have created that introduction. All rights go to the creators of the Victory Tour and The Jacksons. The dialogue where Michael announces the end of The Jacksons tour together is the actual dialogue from the Victory Tour in Los Angeles, December 9, 1984, at The Dodgers Stadium. I do not claim to have made up those words. Michael Jackson actually said them. I actually watched the video and put what he said down word for word for the elements and the emotions of the story. The creative direction by me on this chapter is the fictional character, Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson and the interaction she had with the Jackson family and how she felt about the situation. The other creative direction by me on this chapter was the interpretation of how Joseph Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson, and Janet and Latoya Jackson responded to the entire ordeal.
Thank you for supporting my story 😊

© All Rights Reserved
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