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I watched as the fine broad on my lap continued to dance, rotating her hips on my lap like a pro. She was good. Too damn good and I loved it. I slipped a ten in the side of her thongs. "Don't stop dancing for me, baby." I leaned back as she continued dancing.

"Mike, you ready to go?" Darryl asked me with a female on his arm.

"Nah, you can go, man. I'm enjoying this right here." I kept my eyes on the stripper above me. The way her hips moved and the way she pursed her lips at me was a huge turn on. She could get it tonight. But I wouldn't dare. She's a stripper, who knows what she could have?

"Are you sure?"

I sighed, rolling my eyes, "Does it look like I'm getting up?"

"Fine." Darryl made a face. "Do you have a ride home then?"

"Nigga, I'm the one who brought you here. You find a way home." At that he left. I reached up and caressed the strippers face. "What do you go by, baby?" I caressed her cheek.

"Call me 'Candy.'" She replied.

"Candy, huh? What makes you so damn sweet?" I asked.

She smiled and bent down to kiss me. Giving me tongue and everything, "That's what makes me so sweet."

I smirked, "You don't belong here. You know that?"

"Oh, yeah? Where do I belong? Your bed, I presume?"

I smiled, "Keep dancing for me." I held her waist in my hands as she started riding my lap. "Slow down." She slowed her pace and flipped her hair. I was on brick. I've been hard all night though. I haven't had sex since letting my girl go. The way I see it, I can either take Candy home with me or continue being celibate for a while. It's shocking actually. I didn't let go of my pain through Sinn. I suppose that's a good thing for me though. "When is your shift over, Candy?"

"My shift is over when you decide you don't want this dance anymore."


"Mmmhm." She smiled, biting her lip as she grinded on my lap.

"I'm going to want this dance for a while."

"I don't mind."

I slipped another ten in her bra, "Mind if we finish this dance at my place?" I stopped her dance.

"Sure." She answered without hesitation.

I smirked. You can always count on the strippers. I still haven't decided if I want some or not. We'll see. Maybe I can get a bj or something. I'll be thinking about it.

I led Candy to my car and opened the door for her. "You're riding in a Range Rover? Wow." She smiled. I shut the door behind her and got in on the driver's side.

"Buckle up and don't touch anything." I warned her. It was bad enough I actually decided to go through with getting a nasty stripper and taking her home. I must wipe down the seat after she leaves.

•                  •                   •

"This is a nice place... I didn't catch your name. What is it?" She asked as she placed her purse on the couch. I winced. Now I have to clean that too.

"Name's aren't important." I went into the bathroom and got the bag of chronic from the cabinet. Weed is strong but Chronic is stronger. I really need to be high for this. If I was sober, it really would not help. "Do you smoke?" I called out to her.

"Cigarettes? No. I quit that." She answered. I didn't ask for an explanation.

"Bud?" I walked out of the bathroom with my bag, some paper and a lighter.

"What's that?"

I rolled my eyes, "Weed." I would need to get really high! She's a dumb stripper too. I just need to get what I brought her here for and kick her to the curb.

"Oh, no." She shook her head. I may as well not even teach her. I rolled some up in a piece of paper and lit it. I inhaled the intoxicating drug deep within my lungs. Maybe if I inhaled deeper and longer, I would get high faster so I can bust this nut and send her home.

I sat down in the love seat and instructed her to come over. She walked over with little hesitation, "Dance for me." I watched as she took her coat off and turn around to face the window.

"Oh my god! Does the window have to be wide open like that?" Candy tried to cover up.

Sheesh, she's a stripper! You'd think she doesn't care. "We're at the top floor and you're far enough from any angle. You won't be seen. I like my window like that." I took a drag, "Dance for me, Candy." She turned around to look at the window again, still nervous but finally got over her nerves and started dancing for me again. There was no music but she danced like there was a stereo right in the room. The way she shook her hips in a slow yet sexy fashion and closed her eyes as she listened to the invisible beat. It was a slow, sexy, graceful dance. She was a pro. I took several drags, slowly rising high into the clouds, but I wasn't as high as I wanted to be. "Come here." I put the joint in the ashtray beside me. She walked over to me and straddled my lap. "Show me why people call you 'Candy' again." She blushed deeply and bent down to kiss me. In my mind I was kissing my girl though. Candy was almost as good of a kisser as my girl was. I began to imagine my girl right there in my lap. I reached behind her and undid her bra. Candy slipped it off and threw it to the floor. I didn't really intend for that to happen. But hell, I'll let her do that. I grabbed her hips and began to bring her toward me. Sex was already in the air, especially in this position right here. She was soaked. I reached inside Candy's panties and started fingering her. She moaned in my mouth. "Don't stop kissing me," I whispered. She nodded and continued to kiss me as she began to hump my fingers. I tugged at her panties for her to take them off. Candy took them off without hesitation as well and threw them across the room. I grabbed her in my hand, massaging her slowly. She stopped kissing me for a bit. With my other hand, I pulled her back down to kiss me in which she happily obliged. Candy started moaning in my mouth as she started grinding herself on my fingers again. Her walls began to contract around my fingers. I began to go a bit faster, my other hand running through her hair as she bit my lip. Alas, she came all over my hand. I wiped her cum on her inner thigh and kissed her cheek. Her face was red with pleasure.

"God, that was good." She smiled and kissed me again.

I kissed her back with little to almost no feeling. There wasn't feeling before, but hell at least there was a bit of passion. "Thank you." I looked past her out the window.

"For what?" She smiled, kissing my neck.

I winced, "For coming here tonight."

"Do you want anything in return?" She asked and began to undo my jeans.

I stopped her, "You can go home now."

"What?" She asked slight disappointment in her voice.

"I'll call a cab for you." I lifted her off of me and got my phone out of my coat pocket and proceeded to call a cab.

"You don't want anything in return?"

"I got what I wanted, thank you."

"I'm confused. I didn't do anything for you."

"You made yourself really easy and you've made yourself look like a cheap whore. You've done enough for me." Candy turned red with embarrassment. "Your cab will be here in ten minutes. I'll walk you downstairs."

"You're an asshole, you know that?" She asked as she picked up her underwear and put them on.

"Only when I need to be."

"That must be all the time, asshole." I washed my hands thoroughly and put on a dirty shirt. "Was that your plan all along? To make me look like some cheap whore?"

"No. I don't have to explain myself to you."

"I'm so sick of this shit." She mumbled.

"You're a stripper; you should be used to it." I opened the front door for her as she rushed out. I followed behind her not even attempting to catch up to her. Candy rushed to press the down button on the elevator. "I'm sorry if I offended you." I managed to say. Maybe I was sincere, maybe I wasn't.

"Oh, yeah. Like your apology actually means shit to me. It doesn't. You're probably not even sincere about it, are you?"

I shrugged, "It was worth a try. Take it how you want." I looked up at the numbers as they got closer to my floor.

As soon as the elevator door opened, Candy rushed inside and tried to shut the door on me. I walked in to the other side of the elevator.

"Look, I really don't want to be in the same place with you right now." She looked at me strangely. I ignored her comment and stared at the screen that displayed the floors we were passing. As soon as we got to the first floor I allowed for her to exit first. "What a fucking gentleman." She rolled her eyes as she hurried out. I followed behind her out to the front and waited beside her. "Do you do this to all the women you come in contact with?"

"No." I looked out at the street.

"Then why'd you do this to me? Did you think that just because I was a stripper that I would do anything for you?"

"You did it to yourself. I didn't do anything."

"Oh, so I was fingering myself like maniac back there?"

"I didn't tell you to take off anything. You did it yourself. I just gave you what you wanted and you gave me what I wanted and proved my point. It's a win-win situation. Please, stop whining about the situation. It's not attractive. You did it to yourself." At that, the cab pulled up in front of us. I opened the door for her. She slid in without a word. I reached in and kissed her forehead, "You were good though."

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