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"Mike!" I turned around to see Jamie making her way toward me. I smirked. That girl is my best friend. She always manages to make me the happiest when I'm at my lowest. "How ya doin,' kid?" She smiled as she embraced me. I hugged her back. Jamie is quite short, but so adorable. Who couldn't love her?

"Kid? I'm pretty sure I'm older than you." I kissed her cheek. "How's life treating you?"

"Life's an ass as usual. But you learn not to sweat the small stuff, right? Want a drink?" Jamie looked around and motioned someone over.

"Life must not be that much of an ass. It must be treating you pretty well if you're offering me drinks." Jamie looked back at me and smiled that sneaky yet beautiful smile of hers. I've never fallen for Jamie. I don't think I ever could. She's that sister I never had. That's mostly what kept me in check as far as not falling for her.

"Can I get two martinis, please? You know what? Make one of those an appletini." She gave a twenty to the bartender. "So, Mike, fill me in on your life.  Everything's going good, right? I don't have to kick anyone's ass, do I?"

"Everything's going just fine. I mean, it could get much better, but you know how life can get. It kicks you in the ass once and then it helps you up then surprisingly kicks you in the ass again. I think I've begun to learn how to deal. So trust me, you don't need to beat up anyone." Once again, Jamie smiled at me. "What's up with that smile, Jamie? You know what that smile does to me." I laughed.

"I'm sorry. I haven't seen you in a while! Have you noticed you literally glow when you see me? That glow just shines bright and radiates out to me. I can't help but smile!"

"I didn't know that I glowed. Even in this time of my life."

"See, I knew it. What's going on?"

"Nothing, trust me." I reached out to the bartenders' tray and grabbed our drinks. "Thanks, man. Here," I handed Jamie the appletini and almost demolished my drink.

Jamie took a sip of her appletini and shook her head at me, "Yeah. Nothing's going on. But you just killed that martini like it would wash away all your problems. What's up?"

I looked away. I couldn't tell Jamie what's been going on. Then she'd surely invite her way into my house and make it known that no one should break my heart. Though no one would break my heart. I could make sure of that myself. If anything, she should be worried about me breaking someone else's heart, since apparently I'm so damn good at that. "Jamie, if anything was up, you'd be the first one to know."

"I would, wouldn't I?" Jamie laughed and looked around the room. "So, do I have a sister in law yet?"

"Sister in law? Very funny. You know I haven't thought about marriage since the seventh grade. Do I have a brother in law yet?"

"Actually, you do. We got married last weekend." She grabbed my hand and led me to this tall, bronze looking fellow. Jamie always knew how to pick em. "Todd," Jamie tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and looked at me as though I wasn't worthy enough to be in his presence. "This is my brother, Mike. Mike, my husband Todd."

I extended my hand out and shook his hand. This is awkward as hell meeting Jamie's husband in a club. "So, you're the one who had the key to my sisters' heart, huh?"

"Funny. I thought you were an only child, babe." Todd looked at Jamie, completely ignoring me.

"We've been best friends for quite a while. We're very close, so we just call each other brother and sister."

"Oh, really?" Todd finally looked at me. I'm not even trying to start any trouble. If he wants to prove he has balls, he can go ahead and do that. But I'm not the guy to try and do that with.

"Jamie, I'm going to get going, okay?" I pulled her in for a hug.

"Oh, so soon?"  She kissed my cheek.

"Yeah, I've got a lot of business to take care of. Later on, we have to talk. I didn't know you were married, let alone that you were dating."

"A lot of things must be kept secret." She winked. "I'll see you later. Love ya!"

"Love you more." I walked away not paying 'Todd' any attention. One thing is for sure, he tries to lay a hand on Jamie in the wrong way, and his ass is surely grass. It's bad enough I deal with Drew's abuse on my girl. I can't even call her my girl. Ahh, who am I kidding? We just fuck anyway.

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