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As I made my way home, I made sure to check my phone. No calls or texts from her. I assume she's having a great time with Drew then. She'll be back in two days tops. He always manages to fuck shit up anyhow. To ease the pain, I called Sinn.

"Yes?" She answered. She sounds throwed as fuck. But I think I could deal with that for the night.

"Have you been smoking?"


"You're throwed, Sinn."


"That wasn't a question. It was a statement."

"Okay, okay. Whatdoyouwant?" Her words badly slurred.

"Come over to my place... Wait, you know what? I'll pick you up."

"Okay. See you." She hung up the phone. I personally don't like her when she's this high. But I need to ease some of this pain. I need to make sure that I get over this madness that was created over me loving a woman who decides to stay with a man who only fucks her over.

I pulled into Sinn's driveway and got out the car. Just as I made it to the buildings entrance, two men stood by blocking the button to Sinn's apartment. "Excuse me."

"No, excuse me, brotha! You don't look familiar. Where you from?" The tall bald one asked me, his fist balled up as if he was going to do something.

I rolled my eyes, "Look, I'm just trying to go upstairs, pick up my girl and I'll be out."

"He didn't ask you that! Where you from?"

"Naw, man. Forget where he's from. Who's your girl?"

"Does it really matter?" I asked, clearly getting frustrated. It's bad enough I was supposedly about to get ruffed up by Jamie's husband. I already know Drew wants to kick my ass. But since he can't and doesn't know me, he's going to kick my girl's ass. She doesn't even love me, so, I don't fucking need this.

"Yes, the hell it does matter!" The tall bald one pushed me hard.

"Don't touch me, man." I said. "Look, I came up here and I asked nicely if you could just move. It looks like the two of you are looking for unnecessary trouble. So I suggest you go find it elsewhere, because I'm really not the one." At that, Sinn came downstairs and pushed the door open.

"Michael, hey. What took you so long?" She must be coming down, thankfully. I looked at her as though she was crazy. She looked at the two men. "Bo, go home. T, I have your aunt on speed dial. Don't make me call her. You know you could give her a heart attack that could send her to her grave if she found out you went to jail again." I rolled my eyes and went back down to my car. Thanks, Sinn, but no thanks for saving my ass. I watched as she said something to them, then she finally hurried down to my car. As she got in, she tried to kiss me. I held my hand up, cutting her off. "What's wrong?"

"What have you been smoking?"


"Fine. What have you been snorting?" I looked at her. She rolled her eyes and pulled a bag of coke out of her purse. "Seriously?" I took the bag from her hand. "You're still high, aren't you?" She didn't answer. I knew she was still a little bit high, she was coming down now. I don't condone coke, but she's sensitive now. That's good for the both of us.

•                       •                      •       

Right when we made it back to my loft, Sinn couldn't keep her hands off of me. As we went up the elevator, she continued to kiss my neck and unbutton my shirt. I honestly was disgusted, because she was so sloppy with it. But, I guess I have to deal. Because I just want to bust this nut, send her home and go to sleep. I unlocked the door to my loft; Sinn came in behind me stumbling in her shoes. I threw my keys on the table and took my jacket off. I have to keep the lights off, because a lot of things are much better in the dark. Not saying Sinn was an ugly woman. She was a beautiful woman, a beautiful woman that needed to take better care of herself. Sinn struggled to take her shoes off and felt the wall for the light switch. "Stop."

"What?" She asked immediately.

"I don't want the lights on."

"Why not? I can't see!" I led her to my bedroom. It's been a while since I've touched Sinn, smelled Sinn or even fucked Sinn. Seems as though sin has been fucking me a lot lately though. I turned on one light, the light in my bathroom that just barely gave off enough light to show throughout my room. I caught a glimpse of Sinn. She looked at me, a shamed look on her face. I took her jacket off of her to find no shirt. Sinn was always ready for anything. I slipped off her shorts to find nothing there as well. Thank God. She lay down on my bed, ready for whatever I had in store for her. I hovered above her, kissing her lips as I massaged her inner thigh. This was merely just a quick fuck that could ease the pain I was feeling. Nothing more. Nothing less. Sinn moaned as I kissed my way down her neck, breasts, and stomach and finally got to where I wanted to be. I opened her legs to give me easier access to what I was about to taste and devour. A small slit of light from the moon showed through my drapes directly onto her sex. She looked down at me waiting for what I was about to bring her. I want her soaking wet and begging for me. I kissed her swollen clit. She was horny but not as wet as I would like for her to be. I was getting harder and harder as I began to finger her with two fingers doing the "come here" motion, rubbing my fingers hard along her walls. She was surely throbbing for me. I took my fingers out and sucked them dry. Sinn always tastes great. But never as great as my main girl. I flicked her clit with my tongue and ran my tongue along the line of her sex. Using my fingers to spread her lips slightly, I began to taste her more thoroughly. Pretending for that one moment that she was indeed my girl. Sinn arched her back into the air as I sensed that she was getting ready to cum. I held her down by her thighs, making sure that she doesn't get away from me.

"Michael..." Sinn groaned, rubbing her breasts in a circular motion. I looked up to find her biting her bottom lip hard, her eyes closed shut. She's going to cum too fast, I don't like that. I wanted her to be sensitive, but she must have taken a lot of coke because she's entirely too sensitive for me right now. Instead of finishing her off, I kissed her clit one last time and went up to kiss her. "Michael..." She said my name between kisses. "I was...getting ready..."

"Shhh." I brought my finger to her lips. "Be quiet." With that, I reached down and fingered her. My two fingers deep in her passion, finally allowing her to finish off the way she wanted to. I was hard as hell now to the point I was throbbing and needed to break free of these jeans. Literally. Sinn reached underneath and undid my jeans. I kicked them off and was about to sit up to take my boxers off, but Sinn had other things in mind. She brought me down, wrapped her long legs around my waist and held me close enough to her. "Sinn..." I breathed. I forgot how aggressive she could be. She pulled my dick out of my boxers and began to stroke my full length. Her warm hands stroking me ever so delicately could potentially make me cum right here, right now. But I can't... I must hold this in. I bent down and kissed her allowing her to taste more of herself on my tongue. I can't take it any longer. I reached down and took her hands off of me and put both of her hands over her head. She looked up at me with a slight smile on her face. She knows what she's in for. I began to push myself in her entrance, watching as I stretch her out. It must have been a while because she was wincing. "It's been a while, Sinn." I said, kissing her neck and jawline. I began to push myself in further until I was finally surrounded by her warmth. Sinn bit her lip as I began to take myself out of her slowly and push myself back in to let her get used to me again.

I could hear her breathing increase as my speed increased. Finally taking her like I wanted to. I had not cum yet so with this I would be the only one getting mine since I already let her get hers. This could be rude of me, but I only wanted to bust this nut anyway. Didn't intend on anyone else getting theirs. The only person who was with me that I actually allowed getting theirs before or after I got mine, or maybe at the same time when fucking, was my main girl. She would forever be the only one. Sinn was great, but she's not that great. I sat up, lifted her legs high and continued to have her. Her moans almost sent me to the edge.

"Michael...oh, fuck..." Sinn moaned. I felt her walls throbbing hard against my dick, getting ready to cum. At this point, I had been holding it for a while. I slowed down my thrusts to add a more sensational feel and sped up again. "Oh shit..." Her throbs were becoming much more intense, her walls tightening close around me. At that, I came hard, releasing all my pent up anger and pain inside her for the time being. After regaining my strength, I pulled out and lay beside her. My body at a momentary high until I would eventually come down. Sinn turned to look at me with an annoyed look on her face. "Seriously?" She asked.

"What?" I said, my eyes closed as I tried to come back down from being so high up in those sensuous clouds.

"Are you serious?" She asked again, propping her head up on the palm of her hand.

"What?" I asked turning my head toward her, clearly frustrated.

"Oh, so I'm not gonna get mine?"

I rolled my eyes, "you already got yours." I turned my back to her.

"So! That was a pre orgasm!"

"You had one, didn't you?"

"Yes, but-"

"You got it, that's all that matters." I sighed, closing my eyes, trying to go to sleep. My body was still slowly coming back down.

Sinn slapped my arm, "You're a two minute, nigga. You know that?"

"Only when I want to bust a nut."

"Oh, so that's what we just had? You were just trying to buss a nut, huh?"


"So, this wasn't real?"

"Oh, it was real."

"Oh, really? How real was it?"

"I came, didn't I?"

"Fuck you!" She slapped my arm again, pushing me over a bit.

"I'm not in the mood to go again to be completely honest with you. You know the way out."

"Fuck you!" This time she pushed my head.

"Sinn, you touch me again there's gonna be some serious issues. Get out."

"I'm so sick of you, Michael!" She stood up and began to get dressed. "All you do is push me around. You sweet talk me, fuck me, and then you treat me like I'm a fucking kid! Look, I can't do this anymore."

I pulled the covers over my head, "Leave, Sinn."

"You're a fucking pussy, you know that?"

"I just fuck pussy. You're high, sexually frustrated, and you don't know who you really are." I stood up and put some boxers on. I went to the front door and opened it for her. "I'll call a cab for you, but you've gotta go."

"Are you serious?"

"You trash talk me, now you don't wanna leave?" I rolled my eyes. "I don't have time for this, Sinn."

"Could you just-"

"Could I just what? I got what I wanted. Now it's time for you to go."

"I don't know how I put up with you."


Sinn rolled her eyes, put on her jacket and hurried toward me, "You're a disgusting bastard."

I didn't dare look at her, "If I'm such a disgusting bastard, why do you keep coming back to me?" She stared up at me for a while and finally walked out. I shut the door behind her in a polite manner. She'll be back. She's honestly getting a little too predictable. I never let her cum when we fuck. This happens every night.

Though she called me so many names and trash talked me the whole time, that didn't stop me from calling a cab for her. I was a gentleman. No matter how much it seemed like I wasn't.

In about ten minutes, the taxi came and picked her up. I went in the bathroom and took a long hot shower, washing Sinn completely off of me. Having sins such as these on a daily basis is a bad habit. I hope I'm not a role model to anyone. As soon as I got out the shower, I lit one of my favorites and smoked it until I was higher than the moon. Tomorrow would be a long day. I actually have to go to the studio and record something. I've got some ideas though. This would be a piece of cake.

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