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We didn't end up finishing that track; instead Darryl took me out for some drinks. But I know for sure we'd finish it before we intended to release the mix tape.

"Chardonnay, I would like for you to meet my good friend, Mike." A tall woman approached me. I had the brim of my hat over my eyes so no one could see how red they were. I was gone at this point. "Mike, getcho ass up!" Darryl snatched me up. I tried to stand up straight. I looked up at this woman...yeah. That's not a woman. I might be high, but I'm not so far gone that I would be convinced that this was a woman.

"Hi, my name is Chardonnay. You must be...?" They spoke like a woman but you could tell that she was a man simply because the bass in her voice overpowered her "womanly" voice. I didn't speak, I simply checked him out. Most of them wore chokers to hide their Adams Apple. I looked down at his legs to see that they were strong like a man's. Darryl must be very drunk to think that this is a natural born woman.

"Mike, it's lovely that you're basking in the ambience of this wonderful woman. But either you get some of this or I'm taking her home with me." Darryl laughed.

"I'm fine." I said taking one last look at Chardonnay. I could never understand what made a man try to become a woman.

Chardonnay reached over and stroked my ponytail, "I love a man with long hair. Shows me that he's strong." She winked. I honestly did not know how to respond. If I were to beat the shit out of this man I'd probably get kicked out. Not only for fighting, but also because everyone else in here is probably convinced that he is a woman. If I just take his hand off of me and sit back down trying to come back down from this high, then there would be no problem.

I took his hand off of me and sat back down in the booth, taking a long drag from the blunt I had left in the ashtray. Darryl and Chardonnay walked away. Darryl is my boy; I'll make sure he doesn't leave the club with Chardonnay.

"Mind if I take a hit?" I looked up to see Sophia smiling at me. I smirked, patting the seat right next to me. She sat down and took the joint between her lips inhaling her problems. I watched as she exhaled her problems out in a slow yet sexy fashion. "How have you been?" She asked while taking the rubber band off my hair. I turned my back to her and lay my head in her lap as she began to massage my scalp.

"I've been alright. Life could be much better though." I closed my eyes as she played in my hair. I listened as she took another drag.

"Missed me?"

"I missed your hands." I assured her. She giggled. "What brings you here?"

"Darryl said you were here, so I had to come see you." She bent down and kissed my forehead. Please don't make me go to sleep in this club.

"How'd you get upstairs without him?"

"I have my ways." She smiled before taking another drag.

"You seem dependent on my little friend there. What's been going on?" I sat up to listen.

She sighed heavily, "Nothing."

"Yeah right."

Sophia looked at me with a sad look in her eyes. "My's going through a lot and it's breaking my heart."

"So, you thought you'd come up here and smoke a joint in hopes that your sister would get better."

"No. The same way you smoke your problems away is what I'm trying to do."

"Don't do that. It won't get any better."

"Then what do you do it for?"

"I do it because I want to. I live for the thrill, Sophia. There's a big difference."

"You're right..." She sighed looking away from me.

"Look, what's your sister going through? Maybe I could help her."

Sophia scoffed, "How? By letting her live the thrill with you? I don't think so."

I rolled my eyes, "I do more than smoke, Sophia."

"How could you possibly help her?"

"I wouldn't hurt her if that's what you're thinking. Damn. Do I really look like a bad guy? You won't even trust me enough to help out."

Sophia hugged me, "I'm sorry... It's just that, I've become suspicious of everyone lately."

"Even your friends?"



"Don't take it personal. I know you're a good guy." Sophia stood up and began to play in my hair.

"Anyway, did you get married to that girl Darryl keeps telling me about?"

I laughed, "Everyone thinks I'm married. The marriage scene is not for me."

"So, what's up with you and that girl?"

"She's not a girl, she's a woman."

"My bad. What's up with that woman then?"

"We're going through a lot."

"Like, what?"

I kept my mouth shut. I haven't told Jamie about the situation so I couldn't tell Sophia. "It's nothing."

"That bad?"

"It's not even bad. I just haven't told anyone yet." I lied. Darryl was the only one who knew. I would get around to telling Jamie and maybe Sophia at some point, just not right now.

"Hmm." Sophia continued finger combing my hair in silence. Her fingers all up in my head are going to make me go to sleep. The way I see it, I can take her home with me so we could finish this or just leave her here and go home alone.

"Stop for a minute." I stood up and put on my coat. I took the rubber band and put my hair back in a ponytail before I put on my hat.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Mind if we take this to my place?" I grabbed her hand.

"Not at all." She said a little too quickly. I smiled as I pulled her along. By the time we got downstairs, I noticed Darryl and Chardonnay going toward a booth.

"Oh hell no. Come on." I hurried toward Darryl with Sophia following close behind me. "Darryl!" I shouted over the music. Chardonnay turned around and smiled at me then tapped Darryl. I hurried toward them. "Darryl, I'm leaving."

"So soon?" He asked then looked at Sophia. "Ohh..." He smiled, "I'll catch a cab."

"No." I looked at Chardonnay. "You need to come with me."

"What? Why?! Can't you see I'm getting good action here?"

" won't be getting any action tonight if you stay here. Chardonnay will be the only one getting the action he came here for." I said loud enough in his ear.

"What do you mean?"

"Nigga, I'm tryna save yo ass and yo manhood. Come on!" Darryl looked at me as though I was the crazy one, then he looked at Chardonnay. She smiled and took a card out from between her breasts.

"Call me when you're not being babysat." She bent down and kissed him on the cheek. I winced at the sight.

"Man, come on!" Sophia and I began to walk out with Darryl following close behind us. I wasn't so high that I couldn't drive us home safely; otherwise Sophia would have to drive. I wouldn't have liked it if she had driven either way, but I would be the one driving tonight.

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