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Darryl was passed out in the back while Sophia sat in the front with me in silence. I guess we decided to save all the talking for later. She caressed my face as I drove. I tried not to pay attention to her caressing me, but it was becoming a little too irresistible. I could never fall for Sophia. She was like Jamie, the sister I've never had. Yet, Sophia takes it to another level. She's fallen for me, which kind of makes it awkward, no way can I do that. So I haven't really been calling her my sister as often as I called Jamie my sister. Sophia is more than a friend to me. We've never had sex and I never plan on that with her. She deserves so much better, but I would happily take care of her if she needed to be taken care of in any given moment. We have kissed a few times, but that was all her doing, it was never mine.

Finally I had arrived at Darryl's townhome. "Darryl!" I turned around and shook him. He continued to lay limp in the back seat. I got out and opened the back door. "Darryl, we're here, man. Come on." He waved me off and turned around to keep from facing me. Sophia looked back as I tried to get Darryl up. Darryl is not a bad guy. He's actually the wisest man I know, but when this nigga drinks, it's a totally different story. I started to pull him out which finally got him up.

"Stop!" He groaned as he sat up and began to get out.

"I got you home. You need to get in your house and take yo' ass to bed. Hand me your keys." I held my hand out.

"You don't tell me what to do. I know get inmyhouse."

"Sophia, can you go in his pocket and get the keys?" No way was I going in his pockets. I literally just had to save both of our asses earlier. It's best that Sophia do it. She went in his pocket and got his set of keys out then threw them to me.

"Thanks." I went up to the front door and unlocked it, opening the door wide just in case anything was to happen. I hurried back to the car to find Darryl throwing up luckily outside of my car. I waited as he continued to relieve himself. "Done?" I sighed.

Darryl looked up at me with tears in his eyes. I had to keep myself from laughing so hard. "Yeah, man. I'm done. You're taking me home, right?" He asked as he wiped his eyes.

"We're already here." I laughed. "What are you crying for?"

"Man...I'm not crying. This happens when I throw up." He hopped out the car making sure not to step in his own vomit. I walked him up to his house. Unfortunately this always happens, this is why I can't party with him. "You have fun?"

"Yeah. It was fun. Anyway, turn your phone off; you don't want to start drunk texting anyone. Take yo' ass to bed too."

Darryl put his hands up as though he was surrendering, "Okay, Mama Mike."

We laughed. "Alright, I'll see you later." I hurried back to my car. As soon as I got in, Sophia had the radio on.

"Smooth R&B. You are listening to the Quiet Storm..." The lady on the radio said before playing a smooth song.

"What made you listen to this?" I asked as we pulled off.

"I love this station at this time of night. It happens to be very relaxing."

For the rest of the ride, we listened to that one station which set the mood for something I really did not expect.

•                      •                     •

When we finally pulled up to my building, I had a lot on my mind and by the looks of it, so did Sophia. We went upstairs to my loft in silence. As soon as I locked the door behind me, she grabbed my hand and led me to my bedroom. I hope she doesn't intend on having sex because that's definitely not what I have in mind, especially not with Sophia. Don't get me wrong, Sophia is a gorgeous woman. But like I've stated many times before, she deserves so much better than me.

As soon as we got to my bedroom, Sophia took off her dress and went in one of my drawers, pulled out one of my button down shirts and put it on her. It fit her well, I can say that. Lord, I need to know what's on her mind. Maybe we shouldn't have listened to 'The Quiet Storm,' it has her in a mood I can't describe right now. I took off my jacket and placed it on the loveseat. I tried my best to ignore Sophia by going into my closet and not coming out for a while, but she came in and pulled me out into my bed. She lay beside me with her head propped up on her hand. I couldn't help but admire the way she wore my shirt.

"Sophia, be honest with me. What do you plan on doing with me tonight?" I finally asked. I hope she didn't expect for me to have sex with her just because I invited her to come over. My whole reason in asking was so she could braid my hair and maybe spend the night. Her hands are what I really wanted.

"I don't really know. I didn't have anything planned... Why did you invite me over?" She asked.

I breathed a sigh of relief, "You just seemed like you wanted something. You're acting all sexy and shit." I laughed.

"Oh, so I'm not sexy?" She smiled.

"You are I can't deny that."

"Well, thank you." She blushed. "But I didn't want anything. I was just putting something on because that dress was killing me... But...what I would like for you to do is sit on the floor for me."

Without question I sat on the floor on the side where the floor to ceiling window was. Sophia got off the bed and went to my bathroom, coming back with a comb and a brush. I smiled a bit. I assume she knew what I wanted; she just threw me off track on purpose. She sat on the edge of the bed and opened her legs, for a comfortable position for her to do my hair. I bit my lip, smirking as I did so. Sophia has the sexiest legs, I must admit. Being in between them for this sole purpose made me one happy man. She took my hair out of the ponytail and began to finger comb it out.

"So, why did you really invite me over here? I didn't expect sex if that's what you wanted me over for." She said as she got the comb and combed my hair out.

"I didn't expect sex either, to be honest with you. I just wanted you over. I kind of wanted my hair braided too. You know I love it when your hands are in my head. You can spend the night if you want." I stared out the window looking out at the city's beautiful scenery.

"I kind of knew you wanted your hair braided." She laughed. "I don't mind spending the night. You never really invite me over for any other reason but to braid your hair."

"Ahh... Damn. Then why was I thinking you wanted sex?"

"I don't know. Maybe because you want sex." Sophia laughed as she tilted my head to the side and started to braid my hair back. I lay my head on her thigh almost in a trance as she began doing my hair.

"I didn't though." I smiled. "Sophie?"


"Point your leg out for me."

"For what?" She asked but instinctively pointed her leg out for me.

"No reason..." I said as I began to run my fingers along her calf.

"Michael, this is weird." She laughed.


"Who randomly asks a person to point out their leg and just starts rubbing on it?"

"Me when I notice sexy legs."

"Sexy legs, huh? So, you do this to every woman you see with sexy legs?"

"No. Not unless I know them. I haven't done this lately actually. You have the best legs I've seen in a while." I lied; she's the second best next to my girl.

"Ok...I don't know how to take that." Sophia smiled.

"Appreciate it. Not many women have nice legs."

"Well, thank you." She laughed.

"Any time. How about this, as soon as you finish my hair I'll do you a favor."

"What kind of favor?"

"You'll see." I smiled as I continued to rub up and down her leg.

Sophia bent down and whispered in my ear, "I like surprises." She said and kissed my neck. I smirked. God, this girl needs to calm down. If I wanted her, I could have her any time I please. But like I've said so many times before, she deserves so much better than me.

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