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Imagines ft. You

One part Michael Jackson fantasies.

A good majority of these stories were written when I was a teenager between the ages of 14-17.

I have decided to keep these stories exactly as they are and unedited instead of "fixing" them. I enjoy seeing the progression of my writing and these stories exemplify just that.

So, if you judge, it's okay, because I was a mere teenager who didn't really understand the art of writing. I just wanted to tell a story.

 I sincerely hope you enjoy these nonetheless 🖤

Imagines ft. You
Happy Birthday, Baby
Michael Jackson has birthday plans for his girlfriend.
I Really Want It, I Can't Deny It
The REAL story behind the "In The Closet" Casting
Who's Really Bad?
Michael Jackson meets a fan with a dark secret...
Merry Christmas!
Michael Jackson and his wife, Tina, celebrate Christmas.
Your husband, Michael Jackson, has caught you reading fan fiction about him.
One Night With You
You and Michael Jackson schedule to meet for a one night stand.
I'll Stay
Michael Jackson is stressed out, but his wife Kel begs him to stay at home and relax.
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