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I'll Stay

“Remember to get those demos for me. I want to hear them, okay?” Michael walked around the house with his phone practically attached to his ear. “Hey, hey, no. I want them ready by the time I get there, okay? They they’re not ready for me to listen to, there’s going to be a problem.” Kel handed Michael his book bag and a thermal. “Thanks, babe,” he said as he kissed her cheek. Kel continued to wash the dishes as she listened to his conversation. The frustration was clear in his voice and she could tell her was getting more and more upset about the situation. “No, John! I don’t care if the demos are not ready to the point that they need to be. I just want to hear what you already have for me. I’m not about to argue with you about this. I’ll be at the studio in fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes tops. If those demos aren’t ready, you’re fired,” Michael hung up the phone and headed toward the door.

Kel hurried to meet him, “Are you okay?” She asked as she tied his tie for him.

“No. These damn newbies are getting on my nerves!” Michael sighed, looking past Kel.

“Michael, why don’t you stay home today? You haven’t had a day to relax in a while.”

“I would love to, but I can’t, babe. If I don’t go to the office and listen to these demos, those newbies won’t know what to do.”

“Isn’t John going to be there?”

“Yeah, but he doesn’t know what to do.”

“How about I call him and I’ll tell him what you need for him to do,” Key looked up at him with hope in her eyes.

“I don’t know, Kel… I really need to listen to these demos.”

“No… you really need to relax. How about this, tell everyone they have this day off because you need to relax and you need to get some important stuff done? Then tomorrow, you will be all relaxed and you’ll be more than ready and not all that stressed so you can listen to these demos, okay?” Kel began to undo his tie and took off his jacket.

Michael sighed. Only Key would be able to pull him out of a funk like this. “Okay, babe. I’ll stay.”

Kel smiled as she placed his jacket on the couch. “I’ll fix you a bath, okay? Make sure you call everyone back, apologize, and tell them to take a day off.”

“Apologize? Kel…” Michael rolled his eyes. “What do I have to apologize for?”

“Please, Michael?” She smiled.

He rolled his eyes, “only for you,” Michael said as he puled up his phone and began to call his employees.

Kel made her way up the stairs and began to fill their jacuzzi bathtub with warm water and lit candles around the edges. After all, Michael should be relaxed for the trip they had been planning for months now.

Just as she finished filling the tub, Michael began to come up the stairs. Ken met him at the top of the stairs and led him to their bedroom.

“Did you call everyone?” She asked.

“Yeah. They were too happy to hear me tell them they had a day off,” Michael scoffed as he began to unbutton his shirt. “Ya know, some people ought to be glad they have an honest job instead of just-”

“Relax, Michael. No more talking about your employees, okay?”


“No. Come on,” she led him into the bathroom.


“Mmhm. It’ll help you relax,” she took his shirt and put it in the hamper.

“Whatever you say…” Michael sighed as she took the rest of his clothes off and got in the tub. Ken shut the door and turned off the lights. “You are getting in here with me, right?” Michael asked.

“Mmhm,” she nodded as she took her robe off and got in the tub behind him. “Lay back…” He did as she told him and lay back against her. Kel kissed his cheek and began to massage his head. “You’ve beens tressed out about your job and the new employees for a while. It’s about time you just sit back and relax. Don’t you agree?”

“Yeah, I suppose you’re right…” Michael sighed.

“You and I both know I’m right. You need to take a break sometimes.”

“I know, baby. I just-”

“Michael… relax… I’ve finally got you exactly where I want you. You’re not ruining this, okay? You just need to relax and everything will be fine. I promise you.”

Michael sighed, “you’re right. I haven’t had much rest lately.”

“See? And on top of that, you leave me home alone every day. You just need to stay here for a while.”

“Okay…” Kel kissed his cheek and continued to massage his scalp.

“I think it’s about time we get out now. Don’t you think? The water’s getting all cold,” Michael sat up and turned toward Kel. She got up and wrapped a towel around her body and handed a towel to Michael. “Thanks, babe.

Kel got out a bottle of oil and brought it to their bedroom, “you don’t mind staying home ell day with me, do you?”

“Of course not. You’re my wife. I better not have a problem with that,” Michael smirked. Kel say on the bed and began to rub oil on her body. Michael watched as she put oil on her arms. “Let me do that for you.”


“Yeah…” Kel handed the bottle to him and lay on her stomach, using her hands as pillows. Michael put some oil on his hands, rubbed it together and began to massage her back, kneading his thumbs along her spine. He brought his hands down to her legs and massaged her calves, then came back up and ran his hands along her curves.

“Thank you so much, Michael…” Kel sighed. “I’m so glad you stayed…”

“Me too,” Michael said as he prompted her to flip over. She flipped over and lay on her back as he took his towel off of around him and hovered above Kel, massaging her inner thigh. Michael kissed her, making his way down from her lips to her jawline, neck, breasts, stomach, and finally the place he wanted to be. He opened her legs to give him better access to the precious treasure between her legs. Kel bit her lip knowing what was coming for her. Michael kissed her lips and spread them slightly to taste her. He ran his tongue along the line of her treasure and rubbed her clit with his thumb in a slow circular motion. Michael could tell she was enjoying this as he was too. It had been a while for the both of them, honestly.

“Mmm,” Kel moaned as she arched her back a bit. With one last kiss to her lower lips Michael went back up to her and massaged her inner thigh once again, making sure that she would be absolutely ready for him. Taking two fingers, he began to finger her slowly deep in her passion, feeling her throb around his fingers. “Oh, god…” she breathed as she began to grind against his fingers.

“Hold it for me…” Michael whispered and kissed her neck. Kel arched her back, clearly getting ready to cum. “Hold it for me, Kel…” he smirked as he continued to finger her. Right when he could feel that she was literally at the brink, he stopped pleasuring her with his skilled fingers and sucked them dry.

“Michael…” Kel whimpered with slight frustration in her voice.

“You’ll get it, baby,” Michale kissed her jawline and slowly began to enter himself deep in her passion. Maybe this would be the one. Maybe this was the time that they would actually make the child they had been wanting all this time. Maybe this one time would actually give Michael and Kel what they’ve always wanted wanted in the world.

Michael held her side as he paced himself inside her warmth, concentrating on the slight throbs of her walls around him. No one else could make Kel feel this way. Only Michael had that type of power. The feel of her body clinging to his, holding on careful not to let go as they made love, love they they hadn’t made in a while. Once again, they were one. Michael kissed her lips as he sped up a bit and held onto her thigh.

Kel reached up and held onto his biceps as she looked up in his eyes. The magic, the sincerity, the love that was deep within his eyes almost made her let go. Kel took his hand in hers holding tightly as the smell of sex filled the room. The way he thrust himself into her ever so passionately could have made her let go, but like he asked her before… she was not going to let go just yet.

The way he pressed his body against hers…

“Michael… oh, god…” Kel groaned as she began to dig her nails into his back and wrapped her legs around him to pull him closer. With each thrust, her heart beat rapidly, her walls just throbbing around him. Michael grabbed hold of her other hand and held them above her head and kissed her passionately.

“I got you…” he whispered. With that, Kel couldn’t hold it much longer and finally came, holding Michael’s hands tightly…

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