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One Night With You

Your heart is pounding as you walk into your favorite club. Why is your heart pounding? You've seen him many times before, why are you most nervous now? You try to loosen up as you walk over to the bar. As you sit on a stool, your eyes scan the crowd to see if he had arrived. He hasn't. Damn, he's always late, you think to yourself. In fact, he is either fashionably late to keep you waiting or early to make you feel like you've already missed out on something. Tonight, he has decided to be late.

"Can I get you anything, miss?" The Bartender asks you.

You've been pulled out of your trance and face the bartender, "I'll take an iced tea, please." You smile.

"Make that a strawberry daiquiri." Someone smiles in your direction. You look at the man in disgust. His eyes scream lusting, manipulative, horny freak.

"No, thank you." You fake smile. "I'll just have an iced tea, please."

"Come on, baby," horny freak smiles as he moves closer toward you. "I'm offering you a drink. The least you can do is take it."

"Don't call me 'baby.' I don't accept drinks from strangers."

"Oh, that's how it is?" His smile now gone, his eyes turning dark.

"That's how nice I'm going to put it." You roll your eyes as you take a sip of your iced tea.

"That's why half you bitches are lonely now. Always pushing the nice guys away." Horny freak scoffs as he walks away. Probably going to have a temper tantrum in the bathroom. You shrug and look out at the dance floor. How long it has been since you've last danced. He still hasn't arrived yet and you're not going to waste the night away waiting for him. The music is pumping, matching the beat of your heart. For you were still nervous to see him. It's been a while since you've last seen him. Let's be honest.

You place your drink on the counter and head toward the dance floor. I'm stupid for coming here alone, knowing he's going to be late. You think to yourself. Coming to a club alone isn't always the brightest thing to do, but knowing that he was going to be there in the first place made you want to go alone.

As soon as you get to the dance floor, your favorite song starts pumping through the speakers for dear life. Now you're in the groove. Your hips begin to sway along with the beat seductively, grabbing the attention of men seated and men dancing with other women. Oh, what this song does to you just can't be described. The men watching you can sense that you're in your own groove and choose not to be bothered, so they respect that. Except for one man in particular who boldly grabs your waist and dances behind you. His crotch pressed firmly against your behind. Who is this man who just thinks he can disturb your peace? Disturb your dance? Disturb you when every other man knows not to? You look behind you to see that it is only him. He has finally arrived. You relax and lean back into him, inhaling his scent, grinding up against him, and taking his hands in yours.

"You couldn't wait, could you?" He chuckles.

"What can I say? This is my favorite song?" You smile. Oh, you're in pure ecstasy right now. You can feel his hard-on pressed against your behind and it feels so good! He grips your waist tightly in his hands as you circle your hips into him.

"You see what you're doing, girl? You've got everyone in here looking at us." He whispers lowly in your ear. Though the music is pumping, you can hear his voice loud and clear.

"Really? I haven't noticed."

"As soon as I came in, I didn't have to do much searching. When I saw those hips, I knew it was you."

"You're late."

"It's better that way." He stops your dance and grabs your hand, pulling you into a secluded dark corner behind the biggest speakers. It's loud, but once again, you can hear his voice clear. How it happens, you don't know, but it grabs your attention. He presses you against the wall and kisses you. Not roughly and not exactly with passion. More like he's missed you and wants you now. Hungrily. His lips against yours are enough to get you off. He has been the only one to have that effect on you. His tongue massages yours, tasting you, exploring you, enjoying you. You frantically begin to unbutton his shirt; his skin is warm beneath your fingertips. Your hands finally reach the bottom and brush past the bulge in his pants. Your anxiousness is getting the best of you right now. As you begin to undo his pants he stops you. "Not yet." He whispers. His low seductive voice is music to your ears. Who would've known he was so kinky? Fucking in a club, behind a speaker is something you never would have thought of. He lifts your dress, exposing your thong underwear. Your clit is throbbing about the same speed as your heart. What does he do to you?

He rubs you with his index finger to find that you're dripping wet just how he likes it. He smiles as he kneels down before you and places your legs over his shoulder. What you're about to experience will honestly be the best ride of your life. He slides your underwear off and balls them up in his hand. You look down as he inhales your wonderful scent and kisses your throbbing clit. You gasp as he licks along the line of your womanhood, tasting you. His eyes are closed as he savors your sweet taste in his mouth. Your hands are in his hair, running through his silky curls. He spreads your lips and dips his tongue in your womanhood. The sweet acapella of your moans are hidden behind the loud pumping of the speakers, but he can feel your shallow breath, feel you throbbing, and enjoys every moment of it. If he wants head, you will gladly give it to him. Sucking his hard member into your mouth would be pure heaven. His tongue glides across your womanhood. You're in pure ecstasy and you don't want this to end. He always knew what he was doing. Now you're on the brink. You're going to cum. Hard. You can feel it. He can feel your body tense up, getting ready to release yourself into his mouth. Instead, he blows lightly on your clit and kisses it, teasing you. He rises from beneath you and wraps your legs around his waist. His favorite position was always up against a wall. Where you were open and vulnerable and he was in control of everything.

You're dying to kiss him. To taste his lips. To taste yourself on his lips, but he refuses. He's satisfied you. Now he wants you. He wants to be deep within your love. He begins to undo his pants and unleashes his hard, pulsing, beautiful manhood. You could cum just from looking at it. He eases it inside you, groaning lowly at the feel of your warmth tightly around him. Your eyes are closed at the feel of him stretching you slightly. He's so big! He grabs your neck and starts nibbling on your flesh as he slowly begins to thrust himself inside you. Your fingers are locked behind his neck as he thrusts himself inside you. His lips move up to your jaw line as his hand holds your left breast firmly. His cool, shallow breaths could bring you to an early orgasm. No way anyone could simply breathe on you and make you want to cum. Only he has that power. Why? You don't know why. He just has that effect.

"My name." He whispers to you.

"Mmm--" Your moans cut you short.

"My name, baby..." He whispers again in his low seductive voice.


"You can say it. Go ahead." He urges as he kisses the corner of your lips.

"Michael..." You finally moan. He smiles and kisses you, giving you his tongue. He enjoys the taste of you once again. Your heart rate increases; your womanhood begins to clench his throbbing manhood. You don't want to cum yet. This has to last! You pull his body close to you. His chest now pressing against your hard nipples. You move your hips in a circular motion, only driving him crazy. He's an ass and hips man. Everyone knows that. His name. His name drives you crazy. Drives you crazier when he begs you to say it during moments like these. Your legs begin to struggle to hold onto him. You're going to cum. Ain't no stoppin' it either.

"You're going to cum. I can feel it, baby." He says to you.

"Can I?" You beg.

"Not yet." Less talking. More fucking. He obviously wants this to last as much as you do. But your body is on fire now. "I want this one night with you to last." Oh, you're losing control now. He's teasing you and it feels so good. He reaches behind you and grabs your ass in his hands as he thrusts in you harder, much harder than before. You press your lips against his, tasting him again. This will make you not lose your grip on him. He's breathing harder than before now. He's going to cum hard. Be prepared.

You lay your head on his shoulder, nibbling at his neck, enjoying the moment and clenching onto his manhood for dear life.

"Shit." He grunts. Oh, he's really there now. You dig your nails into his back, getting ready to experience the best orgasm you've ever had.

And's there. You struggle to keep your eyes open as you cum, letting go of his manhood. He releases strongly inside you. Deep breaths consume the space between the both of you. His thrusts slow down. You're drained. Your body is still overcoming that hard orgasm. Small pulsating shocks here and there rushing through your body. He on the other hand? The same.

He kisses you deeply. Passionately this time. Much more romantic than the first kiss. He loosens your legs from around his waist. You're weak. Who's to say you'll be able to stand, let alone get out of here after this? In fact, he has to help you get back on balance. He smiles and kisses your cheek before he tucks his manhood back in his pants. You pull your dress back down over yourself.

"Until next time, love." He whispers, kissing you passionately again. He drifts away from the dark area behind the loud speakers. You walk back to the bar, pay the bartender and head towards the door until it comes to you.... He took your panties.

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