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Chapter 1

I was the new girl in school again.

I hate being the new girl in school.

We moved all the time. I would make friends and maybe even a boyfriend then we would up and move all because of my dads job.

I hate my dads job.

All he does is sell Chinese products and it causes us to move almost on a daily basis.

This time, I just hope it’s our last time moving.

Mom said that the boss of dad’s company says this is our final move.

I’m still not going to unpack my things. I just know we’re going to move again at some point. It’s going to be right after I gain a best friend too.


When I walk into the school office with my mom, she tells them that I’m a junior and all this and that. They laugh at the fact that we move all the time. I don’t find that very funny.

When I got my schedule, I noticed it was the same as the schedule when I was in New York and laughed.

Math, English, Music, Lunch, Chemistry, World History.

“Have a great day, Harmony,” my mom smiled and hugged me.

“You’ve said this speech over a thousand times. I’ll hear it again next week,” I say and go find my locker. Great. It’s right next to the boys bathroom. Aren’t I just lucky?

As I put in the code, I notice it won’t open.

“Oh. Come on.” I say as I do it again.

Some guy walks up and punches my locker open then punches his own.

I look up at him and push my hair behind my ear. “Thanks,” I say softly and begin to put my things in my locker.

“You must be new. None of those locks work.” He smiled.

“Oh. Well, why give a combination when it doesn’t work?”

“I don’t know. School officials make me laugh. See you later,” he said and went about his business.

I finished what I had to do then walked to first period Math.

The teacher looks up at me and smiles. “You must be Harmony. The girl that all the teachers have been talking about. “How are you?”

I’m confused. Why have they been talking about me? “I’m, uh, great.”

“I’m honored to have you in first period.” Why? I’m just going to move again. “Please sit anywhere your sweet heart desires.” A classmate looks at me and asks the teacher why I get to sit anywhere. “Because she’s our new student and her father is special to our school.” I don’t see how.

I grab a seat by the window and look out at the rain. I wish we had stayed in New York. It was my favorite place in the whole wide world.

“Hey, you’re in my seat.” I hear a voice say. I turn around and look up to see the boy who helped me with my locker.

“Oh. Sorry.” I say and gather my things.

“No, never mind. You can sit there.” He says and grabs the seat behind me.

I continue looking out the window.

Soon girls begin to come to the seat behind me where the boy is.

“Hi, Michael,” I hear one of them say.

“Hello, Rebecca,” I overhear him say.

I choose to block out their conversation and think about New York. I miss it so much.

“Alright class. Let’s begin.” The teacher says. Everyone hurries to their seats. “As everyone can see, we have a new student. By the way, I’m Mrs. Gibson. Come up here and introduce yourself.” She instructs me.

I swallow hard and push my hair behind my ear again as I walk to the front. I was never good at talking in front of my class.

“Um, hey,” I smiled. “I’m Harmony Jacobs and I recently just moved from New York. But I was born and partially raised in China because my dad sells Chinese products.”

“Tell us who your dad is.” Mrs. Gibson smiles excitedly. My dad’s not important but I do as she says.

“He’s the next in line for the CEO or whatever and we move all the time because of it.”

“Thank you, Harmony.”

Some people clapped as I went to sit down.

“Hey Harmony,” I turn around and see Michael smile at me.

“Hi.” I smile back and turn around.

“Class, I want…”

“Your name is pretty,” he whispers.

“Thanks,” I whisper back.

“Harmony, are you starting your year off bad?” You mean my week? I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be here all year.

“No, ma’am.”

“Then please stop talking,” I follow her directions and listen to what she teaches.

I’m so confused. In New York we were way behind or ahead. Whatever. I think this is ahead though.

I wonder how my best friend Rachel is doing. I miss her so much.

“I’m going to put everyone in pairs for this project. Harmony, I already had news you were coming, so you have a partner.”

I sigh and look out the window again.

“…and Michael and Harmony. Alright, chop chop!”

I turn around and look at him. “Well, I guess we’re partners,” I smile and turn my seat around.

He smiles and opens his textbook.

He has such a beautiful smile. Perfect white teeth and he has pretty lips. I love his eyes too. He’s the most beautiful guy I’ve ever seen.

“So, what were you learning in New York?” He asks.

“We were behind, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, well, do you understand this?”

“Not at all.” I confess.

He laughs. He has a nice laugh, which causes me to smile. “Alright then, I’ll teach you.”

After he explains it to me, I finally understand and I feel proud about myself.

“Thank you!”


Soon class is over and I try to find English.

“Where are you going next?” Michael walks beside me.


“Oh, cool. Same class again.”

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