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Chapter 5

I decide to wear a white beater and blue jeans. Sweater or no sweater? No sweater. It shouldn’t be that cold in the movie theater.

It’s five fifty-five and I’m geeking.

I just got to the school and I’m already crushing on someone.

I hear the phone ring and immediately race downstairs. “I got it, Daddy!” I shout. He’s literally about to answer when I take the receiver away from him. “Hello?” I ask.

“Hello, this is Michael. Is Harmony there?” Michael asks.

I smile and twist the cord around my finger. “It’s me.”

“Whew! I was getting nervous there.”

“Why?” I laughed.

“Parents,” he laughed.

“Michael, you called five minutes early.”

“I’m sorry. I forgot your address.”

“Oh. 420 Lincoln Lane.”

“I’ve heard of that street. I may have rode passed that house before.”

“Big white house with a gate?”

“Yeah. You live in that house?”

“Yup. Until I move.”

“Don’t say that. I don’t wanna lose you.”

I blushed, “What do you mean?”

“You’re the only person I’ve actually had fun with at that school.”

“What about Rebecca?”

“I don’t like her. She’s annoying and only likes me for my name, remember?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Uh… what’s with the security in front of your house?”

I laughed. “I’ll be right out,” I said and put the phone back on the receiver.

“Are you leaving?” My dad asked.

“Yeah. See you later,” I kissed his cheek and walked out. I saw Jack, the security guard, having a conversation with Michael and laughed. “Jack, he’s with me.”

Michael looked at me and smiled.

“Is he really the Michael Jackson?” Jack asked.

“Yup. He is.”

“Oh. Have a good time, Ms. Jacobs.”

“Thanks, Jack,” I said and got in on the passengers side of Michael’s car.

“You look nice,” he said.

“Thanks. I didn’t know what to wear, so I just put on something comfortable.”

“Looks pretty comfortable to me.”

“What are we going to see?”

“A movie.”

“Duh, Michael,” I laughed. “I mean, what title or what genre?”

“I don’t know yet. What do you want to see?”

“I don’t know. I don’t watch tv and I have never had free time to go to the movies.”

“Really? Well, I’m glad I’m taking you.”

“Me too.” We finally get to the movie theatre. I look at my watch and notice it’s only six-thirty. “Michael, did you plan on picking me up early?” I ask as he opens the door for me.

“Um, maybe,” he smiles.


“I don’t know. More time, I guess.”

“Clever,” I said under my breath. It’s still not cold so I feel great. Michael has on a black t-shirt, jeans and a blue and white letterman’s jacket. He looks so good.

Michael puts his hands in his pockets and goes up to the ticket booth, “two tickets for One Dark Night, please.” With my lack of movie knowledge and such, it sounds like a romance. Awwh, he wants to see a romance. He buys popcorn and drinks then gives the ticket to the ticket taker. “You can pick the seat,” he tells me. I pick the seat in the middle towards the front. “What is it with you and the middle?” He laughs.

“My dad always told me the middle was the best spot.”

“Wow. I’ve never heard that before.”

“Yeah. I kind of grew up with that,” I tell him.



“You have beautiful eyes,” he tells me.

I turn my head, “thank you.”

“Anytime,” he laughs and sips his drink.

The movie starts and I notice this isn’t a romance. It’s a thriller. A horror. A scary movie. Scary movies and I aren’t the best of friends.

“Michael, I thought this was a romance,” I whisper.

“One Dark Night, a romance?” He laughs.

“Don’t laugh at me.”

“That’s hilarious, Harmony.”

“It is not. Scary movies and I don’t click.”

“It’ll be fine. Trust me.”

The movie starts alright. Nothing major or anything. Towards the middle, I get scared and scream. Michael laughs as I lean into him and hide my head.

“It’s okay, Harmony,” he whisper-laughs.

“No, it’s not.”

“It is.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Okay then. Here,” he grabbed my hand and held it tight. I looked down at his hand and smiled. “Do you feel safe now?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Yeah, I’m cold. Jeez, I didn’t realize how cold it would be.”

“Wear my jacket,” he says and places it over me.

“Thank you,” I smile. Should I lay my head on his shoulder or not? I mean, we’re fiends and all, but…oh, fuck it. I lay my head on his shoulder. He looks down at me and smiles. “I feel much safer now,” I whisper in his ear.

“I bet you do,” he whispers back. Am I moving too fast? Who cares? I’m going to lay on his shoulder anyway.

*The Movie Ends…*

“What did you think of the movie?” Michael asked as we walked out of the theatre still holding hands.

“It wasn’t as scary anymore.”

“I’m glad,” he smiled and pulled me closer to him. “I really hope you don’t move.”

“Me too.”

“Michael, it’s only seven thirty. We have time. I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Can you teach me how to drive, so I can get my permit and license?”

“You want me to let you drive?”


“Sure, I mean, it wouldn’t be a problem. Go ahead and sit on the drivers side,” he opened the door for me and shut it as I buckled my seatbelt. I was in front of a wheel. Not just any wheel. Michael Jacksons’ expensive car wheel. “Don’t be afraid. Relax,” I relaxed like he said. “Put the car in reverse.”

“That’s ‘R,’ right?”

“Right,” I shifted it in ‘R’ and put my hands on the wheel. “Can you see alright in the rearview mirror?”

“I can see fine.”

“Good. Now, back out slowly. Don’t press too hard on the gas,” I was doing great and I was proud of myself. I reversed out of the parking spot we were in and was facing the exit.

“Now,” he looked at my stiff arms. “Relax, Harmony.” I took a deep breath and relaxed. “Press on the glass to make the car go to ten miles per hour.” I pressed the gas and looked at the meter go up to ten.

“Am I supposed to keep my foot on the gas? My dad has cruise.”

“You’re learning. You don’t need cruise right now. So, yes. Keep your foot on the gas. We’re going to drive to my house. Janet wanted to see you.”

“Oh, that’s lovely,” I said.

“The sign says twenty miles per hour, so press until you get to twenty.” I did as I was told. I was doing good. “We’ll only go through two lights, so you can get a feel of how those go, but after that, it’s straight road.” Michael looked at me.

“Michael, stop. You’re distracting me,” I smiled.

“You’re distracting me,” he smiled and looked away.

*We Arrive At His House*

“You did great, Harmony,” he said as I pulled into his garage.


“Yeah. Are you sure it’s your firs time?”

“My very first.”

“I’m impressed.”

I’m going to meet Michael’s family!

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