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10,380 ✨

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

In two and a half months, people all over the world have accessed my website and have read my content.

Not gonna lie, when I released the site, I expected maybe a couple hundred considering most of my traffic was going to come from wattpad and maybe YouTube. But uh.... somehow I surpassed that.

Originally, I was gonna make a video to thank you all, but not only have I been busy, but I don't use my blog much, so I decided to use the blog lol.

Lol, when I was on wattpad, it took like 6/7 months for one of my books to reach even 5k reads. Now, with more exposure by having my own homebase, y'all made this site reach 10k views in under three months. I want to cry 😭

I'm literally genuinely surprised, happy, proud, most eternally thankful to every single one of you. From Cali to Brazil to Canada to The Phillippines to Trinidad to Nigeria to South Africa to the UK, just to name a few (these are the notifications I see the most, but trust, I see them all 💙). I send my sincerest thanks ✨

I really didn't expect this outcome, but for it to come out this way, means the world to me.

I appreciate every single one of my readers. It makes me happy that people all over the world enjoy the worlds that come from my mind. It truly does.

"Dear Michael: Invincible" chapter one will be out later on tonight!

I'm so glad y'all enjoyed "Dear Michael: HIStory" and I hope you're enjoying "2:26 p.m."

Shayla and Michael's story isn't over yet. Thank y'all for enjoying this crazy ride that is the "Dear Michael: Series" with me! One more book to go ✨

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