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hi 🙂

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

It's been almost two months, yeah?

What a rollercoaster...

So, let's get some updates...

One of the main reasons it took me so long to update is because if you read my last blog post, YouTube deleted one of my videos that had been up for 10+ years...

So, because of that, I slowly began to transcribe my stories from the original video format and post them here.

But then they went and deleted another video from my Here Comes The Sun video series! By then, I had to hurry and just take ALL my stuff down from YouTube.

Transcribing video to word or pages (whatever you use) can take a while. A 5 minute video would take 30 minutes. A 10 minute video would take 45. And anything over 10 took me an hour!

So, if it's taken that long as the author of these stories, I guess you have to be reallll dedicated to steal my stories from video as many people did way back when 😅

I was finally done transcribing all of my videos by the first week of February. Can't even remember to be honest. And because of that, I needed a break!

So now, the only videos you see on my YouTube account is my leaving wattpad video, the first 5 videos to "Dear Michael," and my Mean Girls video on DMH 🤷🏽‍♀️

Sucks to suck.

I'll post something up there soon, maybe. Who knows?

Tbh, a good majority of those stories are trash lol, but I decided to keep them for growth purposes and portfolio purposes, so they're avaliable either under their own books or "Imagines Ft. You."

So, amongst that taking up ALL of my January and early February, I also had work retraining to worry about.

If you know me from early days, you know what I do for work. I don't talk about it much anymore now, but if you remember, you're an OG fr 💜

My work retraining this year went from 2 days to 2 1/2 days... So, I had to study up for that again. And get this... I missed the first one because of a major delay into work (works fault, not mine), so i got pushed back to February. So I had to study DOUBLE time...

Gah lee!

On the plus side, I'm still certified to serve our country ✨

Let's not forget that January 28, 2022, Janet dropped her doc... I'm still reeling in from that and it's almost been a month!

I've had a bone to pick with Mr. Michael Jackson since the doc dropped tbh.

But that's neither here nor there 🙄

Because my dumb butt still sticks beside him 🥴

Amongst other things, some good things have been happening for me.

The first of many 🥰

This is not for sale... I've had quite a few people ask me already, but due to the fact that I don't want to be sued, it's not for sale... yet!

Details soon to come.

But until then, seeing this physical copy of one of my books is truly a dream come true.

Things are slowly coming together.

I never wrote for popularity, gains, none of that, contrarary to an interesting belief.

Ya girl just be writing for real. Dassit! Don't care about none of that.

If I did, I would. But popularity & fame are icky to me. like, I really don’t know how Michael did it.


I've always wanted to remain lowkey like my faves: Eric Jerome Dickey, Octavia Butler, Mary B. Morrison, etc. and live my best life doing what I love.

And that's literally what's happening for me right now! It's all slowly coming together now, so keep your fingers crossed! 🤞🏽☺️

Aside from that... February 18, 2022, I went to Gary, Indiana to see The Jacksons!

What an emotional experience... It's February 25, 2022 and I'm STILL speechless!

They proved why they're the greatest.

Why Joseph and Katherine fought so hard.

And why NO one will beat the Jacksons.

Got both of these beautiful signed items from the show. I shall cherish them forever 🥺

And now... you have your DMI updates! 🥰

Please be patient with me as 2002/2003 requires tons of research. And I don't slack when it comes to research!

2002 won't be as long as I originally said it would be. It's gonna be pretty condensed, but it'll still be a story and I sincerely hope you all enjoy it nonetheless.

Happy Black History Month Everyone!

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