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Author's Note - 2/3/2019

Hi guys! So this story was originally posted 11/14/2011-11/9/2012 on YouTube when I was in high school. I wrote the story as an escape through the midst of my parents divorce. And let me tell you, I actually hate this story so much, you have no idea 😒

Idk how popular mj fanfiction was at the time when I wrote it, but I do know there were very few writers who wrote about Michael being other than who he actually was. After finishing "Dear Michael," I was inspired to write this & while some people loved it. Most hated it 🙃 I loved it either way. It was an amazing concept & I absolutely enjoyed writing about michael being a complete asshole and suffering the consequences of that. On Wattpad, I guess we'd call this "alternate universe fiction?"

On chapter 32 of the story, I received these comments which absolutely crushed my little 16 year old soul...

Like, when I tell you that comment crushed my soul , it really crushed my soul. Even going back to read it, I can remember the heartache I felt reading that message for the first time. And while I did need much more practice. There was a nicer way of saying it. The girl ended up apologizing to me later on explaining her comment...

In all, I released a dissertation video explaining myself & why I wrote the story in the first place. Now that I think about it, it was never even called for.

In turn, that altered what the story could have and should have been. 4 should have had his baby & Michael & Victoria should have contracted HIV or AIDS, whichever it was. And Victoria's faints weren't initially because she was pregnant. It was because they were the symptoms of said disease, which I spent countless hours researching. But I decided to make it a happy ending to make that commenter happy. Which I shouldn't have.

I hate this story mostly because it didn't end the way it should have. I was so shook by what that person said, that it just fucked up the ending. I often think about writing the alternate ending, but what's the point now? 🤷🏽‍♀️

I do appreciate the 50k views & reads (in total) that I've received on both platforms. Which is the only reason I still keep it up, because the concept of it is nice. But every time I see someone reading or voting on it, I cringe.... My fault. I could easily erase it from both platforms, but I've learned a lot in writing this story.

Obviously don't let idiots get to you. Take criticism constructively instead of to heart. I was a very fragile 16 year old lol. & mostly that I shouldn't have let her comment alter what the ending should have been.

All in all, thank you so much for taking your time to read this story. I appreciate it. I know like halfway through the story you're probably confused. Is 4 going to have the baby? Do Michael & Victoria have the disease? Will they get a divorce? The answers to those questions are, originally yes. & I'm sorry for plot twisting in an odd way at the end. Because I wouldn't have taken Michael back throughout all that & I'm sure you as the reader wouldn't have either.

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