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You've been sitting at home for quite some time waiting for your husband, Michael, to come home from his long day at the studio. Every day of the month as been like this. He'd leave at six in the morning and wouldn't come back until nine in the evening. He'd be too tired for any lovin' and it's been annoying you. You understand he's a perfectionist, but it seems as if he's forgotten you. Forgotten everything you've had together. Now it's always "Baby, I'm too tired" or "Baby, calm down. Sex isn't everything!" And hey, maybe he's right. But when it's him making love to you, you feel as if you go to a totally different world and you don't want to come back. You'd rather stay in that world forever.


Another day goes by when he's not home for another fifteen hours, so you decide to do something different. If he's not going to satisfy you himself, then you can at least imagine it...right? You walk into the computer room with your boy shorts and his large t-shirt covering your body and sit down in front of the dark screen of the computer. You press the power button and wait for the computer to boot up. Your mind is racing as you think of what kind of fantasies people have written about your husband this time. Is he a hero who rescues a poor maiden? A sex addict who bangs every girl he meets on tours? The ideas these girls have make you laugh, since you know the real him..., but you can't help but to read those stories. Just as the computer finally finishes waking up, you click on your internet browser and type in Google "Michael Jackson fantasies." You say quietly just as you type in the words. Loads of websites pop up with some of the words tagged in them. Even YouTube videos come up. Hmmm. You think to yourself as you click on one of those YouTube videos. The one you chose was "Aroused" by accessdenied. "That's a weird username. But okay." You laugh as you play the video. It's a Dangerous Era Fantasy and you smile at the pictures of him. Finally, the actual story starts and you read as it describes the characters. Alyssa and Michael lying beside one another in her attic. "An attic?" You laugh and continue to read as the story unfolds. Michael caressed her face and pressed his soft lips against hers. You trace over your lips as you try to remember the last time Michael kissed you with those soft lips of his. His hands slowly trail their way down to her navel and brush past her zipper. You're getting jealous of this fictional character already as he slowly unzips her zipper. "Mmmm." You moan as you remember the time he unzipped the zipper of your dress slowly. It's torture, but you love it. "Oh, Michael." Alyssa says as she scoots closer to him. He slowly pulls down her pants and throws them to the side as he eyes her panties. He half smiles as he traces her panties. "Michael..." You groan and slowly put your hand down your own panties. The action hasn't fully begun yet, but you can already imagine what Michael will do to Alyssa. You fast forward to the sex scene. Michael sucks on her clit as she grabs onto his hair. For she couldn't grasp onto anything else. The attic didn't have carpet. "Fuck me, Michael." You read Alyssa's line aloud.

"Baby?" Michael asks as he walks into the computer rom. You look back with wide eyes.

"H-hey, Michael." You stammer as you try to close out of the browser.

"What are you doing?" He asks as he inches closer to you and the computer.

"Nothing." You say and turn back to the computer and try to close out the browser. 'Would you like to close all tabs?" A message appears on the computer screen.

"It doesn't look like nothing." Michael says as he moves your hand from the mouse and clicks 'no' on the message. You watch as Michael's eyes scan across the screen as he reads the sex scene. "Wow..." He says quietly as he finishes the story. You look down in shame. You're busted.

"What are you doing home so early?" You come to realize and look up at him.

"I thought I'd surprise you with a quick lunch, but I see you were busy."

"Oh." You look down and rise up to leave. You feel his eyes watching your every move as you leave the room and go to the kitchen. Now he's going to think I'm some sex crazed freak, you think to yourself as you open the refrigerator and pull out your grape juice. Just as you close the door Michael walks in.

"What were you doing reading that story?" He asks in a low voice.

"I was bored. That's all." You shrug.

"Bored?" He asks.


"Look, baby, I know we haven't had sex for a while-"

"Exactly a month." You mumble.

"Okay, yeah, a month, but-"

"But what?"

"You know what?" He sighs and walks over to you. He's so close to you, your breath becoming shallow. You haven't been this close to him in a while. He looks you in the eyes and pulls your chin close to him as he looks down your shirt. "No bra?" He asks. Your eyes widen. You forgot you didn't put on a bra this morning and fold your arms across your chest. He shakes his head and kisses your lips. Oh, you're melting. You haven't been kissed like this in a while. His other hand traces the outline of your left breast. You move your hands upward towards his chest and pull his shirt. He cups one of your breasts in his hand and kisses down your neck. Shit, he's kissing on your spot. You moan as he sucks on your neck. You feel yourself get wet as he rolls your nipple between his two fingers. You've been longing for this moment. Longing for it a long time and you finally got it. He lifts you off your feet and onto the kitchen counter as he takes off your shirt and kisses along your collarbone. You take his hands and put them on your breasts. Ahhh, those cool hands against your warm skin makes you even wetter. His touch alone is bringing you to your peak. You move your hand down to his pants and rub on the rising bulge beneath his pants. Oh, how you missed that large package of his inside you. Making you cum multiple times, like never before. He looks up at you with lust-filled eyes. You kiss his lips again and moan as he puts his hands on your ass and brings you closer to the edge of the counter. You kiss him deeply and lift his shirt over his head. He bites your lip. He knows how that turns you on, so you bite back. He lifts you off the counter and carries you up to your bedroom. You bite his ear and kiss down his neck. "Fuck." He groans as he drops you on the bed. You sit up and undo his pants for him. They drop down to floor and you're face to face with his package hidden beneath his black boxers.

"I want you now." You moan and pull him on top of you. He kisses you deeply and moves his hand down towards your boy shorts. He rubs on your wetness. "Mmmm." You moan in his mouth. He slowly pulls them down and throws them to the side. You're getting wetter than ever. Oh, what this man does to you is undeniable. He kisses down to your breasts, navel, and finally your womanhood. He licks his lips as he eyes your wetness. He brings his mouth to your womanhood and you automatically close your eyes as you feel his warm tongue glide across. His tongue is like magic and he sure does know how to use it. He looks up at you with those lust filled brown eyes. You slowly open your eyes and look into his eyes and grab onto the sheets. Ugh! He's killing you with this and he knows it. He backs up and licks his wet lips. You gulp. What is he gonna do now? He softly blows on your womanhood and kisses your love button. You're gonna cum before you can even say his name like you want to. He begins to suck on your clit and pushes two fingers into your womanhood. "Mmmm." You moan. Double the pleasure, huh? Your eyes roll back as you're about to reach your peak. You begin to twist and turn, but he holds your thighs down, so he can finish you off. "Fuck..." You groan as you cum hard. He smiles and wipes his chin. He made you cum always. He stands up and takes off his boxers. He's still rock hard. You'd give anything for him to make you cum again with that thing. He crawls on top of you and kisses your lips as his manhood brushes across your womanhood. Pure pleasure, a nearly electric shock rushes through your body. He's gonna make you cum again and he hasn't even done anything yet! "You want me, baby?" You sigh seductively in his ear.

"I want you." He groans and kisses your neck.

"Then have me." You give him a look. He backs up and looks at you with a slight grin on his face. You lick your lips as he presses the tip toward your womanhood.

"You don't have to tell me twice." He whispers and pushes himself inside you slowly.

"Ahh..." You gasp. It's been awhile. You must have forgot how big he was? No. You couldn't forget. It's just been awhile, but my god, it feels so good.

"It's been that long, huh?"

"Yeah," you nod. "I can handle it." He begins to push himself in further until he's all the way in. It wasn't all that bad, was it? He begins to grind in you slowly and sucks at your neck. As soon as you're both done, you're gonna be weak and have a big ass hickey on your neck, but who cares? You tangle your fingers in his hair as he begins to stroke a tad bit faster. "Mmmm." You moan. He's hittin' spots you didn't even know were there! Shit, you're getting' it better than "Alyssa" ever will. You hear Michael groan as he backs up to look at you. You close your eyes as you focus on the feel of him being deep inside you. Damn, you must have forgot the type of rhythm he was capable of. No, he's a dancer. You couldn't forget that rhythm. He's taking you to a totally different world than ever before! He reaches underneath you and grabs your ass in his large hands as he pulls you closer to him. You pull his face to you and kiss him as he pounds inside you. He sits you up and carries you to the wall. You wrap your legs around him as he sucks on your neck and pounds into your womanhood. You grab hold of his shoulders as you feel your peak rising. You want to hold it in for the right moment, but you can't. You have to let go... "Shit, Michael, I'm gonna cum." You struggle to say and kiss his neck as you pull him closer to you. He ignores you, yet pounds into you harder. You pant loudly.

"Fuck!" He groans and takes you back to the bed. He lifts up one of your legs and pounds into you so deeply. He's gonna cum so- "Oh my god..." He struggles to say as he cums, still stroking you slowly. Just watching him orgasm like that made you cum as well. You feel like all types of stress and tension has been released now. You close your eyes and feel as your body tries to overcome that hard orgasm. That orgasm that you've been needing to have for a very long time. Michael lays on top of you, trying to contain himself. He's still trying to overcome that orgasm as well. He must have needed it too You kiss his cheek and hold him close.

If this is what happens when you've been caught reading about him...maybe you should do it more often.

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