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Chapter 6

She hesitated in saying yes. Not as if she doesn’t want to marry me, but like it was all bad timing. In a way, it absolutely was. Here we were, being bombarded with the thoughts of our parent's inevitable deaths, and here I came on my knees, asking Shayla to remarry me. I feel accomplished yet awkward at the same time. Had Dad not encouraged me, I’d have not done it. Had it not been for his encouragement to propose to his daughter again, I probably would have waited a little longer. It’s not like we’re in a rush, but now I feel like I may have rushed her. It’s far from the case, though. Shayla seems happy with it. I should’t be in my head too much about it. We both want this, and her Father told me it was okay to continue with my original plan, so we’re in the clear.

We returned to Shayla’s parents' house, picked up the twins, said our goodbyes, and returned home. Once we settled back in the car, Mimi reached over our seat to grab her Mother’s arm.

“What are you doing?” Shayla asked.

“Give me your hand,” Mimi held her hand out for Shayla to take.


“I see something shiny. What is it?” Shayla placed her left hand on our daughters. Mimi carefully examined the shiny new ring on her mother’s ring finger before blurting out, “so, you guys are gonna get married again?”

“Who said this was an engagement ring?” Shayla took her hand back.

“No one. But you just told on yourself,” she stuck out her tongue. “You didn’t have that ring on earlier today, yesterday, or the week before. It’s brand new. If it’s not an engagement ring, what is it?”

“It could be a promise ring.”

“Yeah, well, anyone with eyes can see that it’s far more precious than that. Dad, did you propose to Mom?”

“I did,” I nodded.


“Because I love her far too much to not be married to her again.”

“If it didn’t work out the first time, what makes you two think it’s gonna work out this time?”

Shayla and I looked at each other, completely appalled. Why would she say such a thing?

“When have you ever seen your Mother and I have a bad day?” I challenged my daughter.

“Are we talking recent or past?”

“In the past four years, when have you ever seen us have a bad day?”

“Never, really.”

“Exactly. It’s going to work this time around. You don’t remember the bad days before we got back together. All you’ve seen are good days. And that’s all you’ll continue to see. So, instead of asking such rude questions, I suggest you think before you speak next time, okay?”

“I didn’t mean it like that…” Mimi sulked as she sat back in her seat. An awkward silence filled the vehicle before Mimi got over her attitude and popped back up. “Can I be the flower girl?”

“You’re our only choice,” I said without looking back.

“Is that a bad thing or a good thing?”

I finally turned back to look at her, “what’s with all the questions?”

“Okay. I’ll stop. Javon?”

“Yes, Milan?” Javon called back.

“Before we go home, can we stop by Blockbuster? I wanna pick up some movies.”

“And who’s gonna watch them at this time of night?” Shayla asked as she looked at the car’s clock. “It’s eight o’clock. You’ve got school tomorrow morning.”

“Can we buy them for tomorrow? It’ll be Movie Night. I just wanna get a head start.” Shayla turned to look at me. Mimi does have a point. It's better now before all the good movies get rented.

“Go ahead and stop at Blockbuster,” I pat Bill on the shoulder.

“Yes!” Mimi finally sat back in her seat.

Movie Night Thursday’s have been a thing in our household since we’ve gotten back together. It was extra special at the ranch because of the theatre and the concession stand. While we traveled in the previous years, we would either have a movie night where we were staying or at a local theatre. Those were always so special because they were foreign films. We would see movies that neither of our families would even dream about. Since being in the States, we’ve continued the tradition and have yet to miss one.

Once we pulled up to Blockbuster, Shayla put the side seat down so the twins could get out and pick a movie with Javon.

“What do you think they’re gonna pick?” Shayla asked me as she lay her head on my shoulder.

“If Mimi chooses ‘13 Going on 30’ one more time, I think I’m gonna ban her from choosing movies.” Shayla laughed but I’m serious. I enjoy the film, but we can’t watch it every week. Whenever we do Movie Nights, the twins each choose a movie. I’m convinced “13 Going on 30” is Mimi’s comfort film. It’s gotta be. Even if it is, that doesn’t mean we must watch it repeatedly. At least MJ finds new movies for us to watch every week.

“We may as well go ahead and buy her the DVD.”

“If we do that, there has to be some rules. No one else can be forced to watch that movie with her. She has her own portable DVD player for a reason.”

“You mean to tell me you don’t like the part when Jenna gets everyone to dance to ‘Thriller?’”

“I’m flattered! Really, I am! But I shouldn’t have to be tortured with the scene by my daughter hundreds of times.”

“Speak of the devil,” Shayla laughed as Mimi and MJ returned to the car. “What’d you guys get?”

“I got X-Men 3,” MJ said as he climbed into the back seat.

“What about you, Mimi?”

“‘13 Going On-’”

“Gah!” I threw my hands up in the air in frustration. “Uh-uh. Javon, go back in there with her and make her get another movie. I’m not watching that again. Mimi, you gon’ have to watch that on your own time.”

“But Daddy!”

“Go back in there and get another movie. You can keep ’13 Going On 30’ and watch that by yourself. But I refuse to watch it tomorrow. Get something all of us will like.”

“But we all like-”

“Shayla,” I looked at my fiancée, who was fighting back her laughter.

“Go choose another movie, Milan. MJ, go back in there with your sister and help her find something for all of us to watch.” Shayla couldn't stop laughing as the twins reluctantly returned to the store.

“It’s not funny,” I shook my head. “Watching that film is torture at this point. She knows what she’s doing.”

“Maybe she just loves the smile on your face when the ‘Thriller’ dance pops up.” She continued to laugh, but I find absolutely nothing funny. “Oh, come on!” She softly pushed me. “You gon’ act like we all haven’t seen you smile during that scene?” I kept quiet. There is no reason why a movie should make me this upset. Still, nonetheless, the constant bombardment of having to watch it truly irritates me. “For real? She sees you happy, and that’s why she gets the movie so much.”

“I think she knows I hate that movie, Shayla,” I finally said.

“It’s not a personal vendetta against you. I think she just thinks the movie makes all of us happy and doesn’t want to disappoint us.”

“I really can’t take it anymore. She’s gonna have to watch it on her own time.”

“Well, let’s see what she brings out this time. I’m sure she was able to find something that all of us will enjoy.”

“I’ll literally take anything else. I’ll take Barney! Even though I know she’s far outgrown that. I’ll take BJ and Baby Bop before seeing Jenna and Matt again.”

“Aww, you know the characters by name. See? I knew you love the film just as much as her. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know the characters by name.”

“I know them by name because I’m forced to watch them weekly. Stop it.” Once again, the car door opened, and the twins crawled back into their seats. “What’d you get?”

“‘Twister,’” Mimi said before plopping down in her seat.

“What do you know about that movie?” Shayla asked.

“Nothin’. Just picked a movie that everyone would like.”

“How do you know we’ll like it?” I asked her.

“Because I know you don’t like the movie I chose first. So I had to find its total opposite,” she said matter-of-factly before fastening her seatbelt.

“I told you, I’ll take anything over that movie,” I told Shayla. “Thank you, Milan.”

“Every time you call me by my government name, I know I’m in trouble.”

“You’re not in trouble. I’m just grateful you found something else for us to watch.”

“Twister” is one of my favorite films, but I won’t tell her that. It’s not a movie I’ll ever be tortured with, so it’s fair. It's incredibly reasonable for me to be able to watch my favorite movie while my daughter puts hers on the back burner for a little while.


Not that the twins needed much help getting ready for bed, but we helped them nonetheless. It’s one of our favorite traditions. Shayla and I take turns asking the twins about their day, asking what they hope for the next day, how they can be a better person, kissing them goodnight, and retreating to our room. Mimi wasn’t the slightest bit entertained tonight, though. She couldn’t wait for us to leave as she set up her DVD player to watch her comfort film. As long as she gets adequate sleep for school the next day, I don’t care what she does.

Shayla and I went back to our room and prepared ourselves for bed. She still had much on her mind regarding her conversation with her father today. The inevitable possibility of losing our parents is not something we want or choose to think about. And to hear that her mother is pretty much “ready” to go does not make it better.

“How are you feeling?” I asked as I slid underneath the covers. Instead of wearing her typical pant pajama set, she wore a purple slip. Her mane out of the ponytail it was in all day, was now wet, sticking itself on her skin and creating damp spots on the slip.

“I’m better,” she met me under the covers. “At first, I was upset with my parents, but as the day went on, I realized how selfish I was. Everything isn’t always about me; they don’t have to tell me everything. Although I’d like to be in the know, I understand why they do what they do. They know I’m the mama bear out of all of their children. I just want to make sure everyone is good.”

“They know, which is why they do their best to protect you.”

I sighed, “it’s hard. Very, very hard. But I understand. I imagine I’d do the same with the twins. They just want me to live. I’m sure that’s why Daddy still gave you his blessing today.”

“You sure you want to be married to me again?”

“Of course I do. Why do you ask?”

“The way you said that about your father sounded unsure.”

“If I didn’t want to marry you again, I wouldn’t have gotten back with you, nor would I have said yes,” she said as she snuggled up to me and exhaled deeply. “So, we have a wedding to plan.”

“And your parents are going to get the first invitation.”

“Can it be small this time?”

“How small are we talking?”

“To be completely with you, I only want family to be there.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“Friends…” the top of the left corner of her lip twitched upward. “As many great friends as we have, they’ll be fine if they miss out. I’m sure they will. We have enough family to invite.”

“Okay…” I nodded and kissed the top of her head. “That sounds like a plan.”

“And this time, instead of white, we can have…” I’m excited to see what this newfound marriage brings us this time. We’ve done it before. We know where not to fuck up. We’ve been such a fantastic pair these past couple of years. I can honestly count on one hand how many times we’ve argued. Which is quite an improvement. This time, I feel we’ve truly got marriage in the bag. “Is that too much?” Shayla turned to look up at me.

I shook my head no. I didn’t hear a word she said, but I’ll give her everything her heart desires. It’s what she deserves. I brought her chin upwards to kiss the lips still damp from brushing her teeth. Her lips have always been so soft against mine. I eased my tongue inside her mouth, allowing our tongues to dance, dance, dance until her hands found my face. The last time we had sex had to have been New Year's Day. We consider ourselves to be a pretty healthy couple when it comes to sex, but sometimes life gets in the way. Occasionally, we try to have a special moment only to get interrupted, too tired, or one of us end up out of the mood. But nearly a month is too long. I need her. My body has been craving her for a long time. She moaned, sighed, and gave me every sound she knew I loved to hear. Songs that this was actually going to happen tonight. Songs that moaned that she had been missing me just as much as my body had missed hers. We kissed until my erection stood firm. Until her nipples were hard against her slip. Until she knew what I wanted tonight. Her.

Shayla slipped her finger between our lips to separate us and backed away, her face flushed red with ecstasy. “When’s the last time we had sex?”

I rubbed my bottom lip, “New Year?”

She nodded in disbelief, “you’re hungry.”

“You couldn’t tell?” I nodded toward my throbbing erection.

She turned to look, “I see. I’m sorry. I feel like we’ve been so preoccupied with so much. I shouldn’t have let you wait so long.”

“It wasn’t just you. It was me, too. We gotta get back on schedule. That’s all.” I sit up to lie atop her. Though we’ve engaged in coitus many times, each time is like entering uncharted territory. Her songs are new. We each find something new in each other that brings the other to complete and utter ecstasy. The first time we got back together four years ago felt like heaven. Her body was new. I hadn’t seen her body since before the twins were born. Imagine having to say that. At the time, it had been seven years since I had seen the body that I was accustomed to seeing for nearly fifteen years. She was the only woman I had known, aside from Shana. She was the only woman who knew my body how I knew hers. When I broke that trust, it ruined everything. So, the very first time we made love again was pure magic. I kissed the stretch marks that my children had gifted her. Nursed at the very breasts that had changed in size since the last time we had been intimate. Licked at the folds that were fragranced with the natural scent of her “new” body. And over the past four years, I have done nothing but love on all of her ever since.

What is this tingling? This fire when I look at Shayla? It’s a feeling I’ve never felt with anyone else, which further cements that she is my soulmate. I’ve never had any doubts, but moments like these remind me that I am hers as she is mine. How successful are most people in being able to come back to their first love? We’re among the lucky ones because this is a love that no one can break.

I lay between her thighs and lifted the bottom half of her slip to expose her womanhood. Her pussy is so dark and so beautiful. I inhaled deeply before licking along the folds of her flesh, immediately looking up to see that her lips had already parted, failing to shape the perfect “O” as she watched me please her. If there’s any drug I’m addicted to, it’s the pheromones Shayla’s skin emits. I can smell her a mile away. I could feel when she’s close if we just happened to be in different places. That’s a soul-tie. A drug I am very happily addicted to. I brought her legs onto my shoulders as I licked and sucked softly on her clit. Her purrs echoed in my ears as I took her clit between my lips, fingering her slowly. I could be down here all day. Inhaling, tasting, and sucking the innermost part of my soon-to-be-wife. I love this woman. If my only job was to please her, I would do just that. I’d quit everything else just to relish in her all day.

“Ohhhhhh….” She groaned as she slowly humped my face, bringing her pussy from my chin to the tip of my nose and right back down. The benefit of being with the person you love is being comfortable to try so many different things sexually. We became comfortable to try different things twenty years ago. One thing no one would ever be able to guess is how nasty we genuinely are with one another. 

Before I knew it, she was shuddering. Cumming on my face. I continued to hold her pussy in my mouth as I reached up to grab hold of her breasts and run my thumbs across her nipples.

“Damnit!” She smiled. I stared up at Shayla. My Shayla-Elizabeth. Her skin damp and glowing like it has been since we’ve gotten back together. I need to make her mine again. Need to be married again. We need that law-abiding connection that recognizes us to the government and God once again.

I kissed her lower lips and brought my hands down to caress the hips that bore my children, both living and dead. Kiss them. Remind her that I love every bit of her, from the stretch marks on her waist to the natural sag of her breasts that nursed my children. I’m aching to be inside her. She reaches down to take my left hand, then beckons me to her and takes my fingers in her mouth. Tasting her own juices that drench my fingers. Sucking them one, two, and three at a time. I watched as she sexily ran her tongue across my fingers, softly sucking as she focused on her task at hand. As impressive as she is with this, I don’t even want head tonight. I just want to please my fiancée. I can actually go without. And that’s one hell of a shocker because I never turn that down.

I take my fingers from her lips and take off my pajamas. The tip of my dick oozed precum. Each time, I tell myself that I want nothing more than to be inside of her, but this time I really mean it. I don’t know what it is about swimming in her moist heaven. It truly can’t be described. I wiped away any remaining precum and positioned myself atop her, not even caring to take her slip off. She reached down and took my erection into her hand, moving it back and forth across her opening as our tongues teasingly danced with each other. I reached down, took her hand from around me, and placed both of her hands above her head in a makeshift handcuff with my right hand. She groaned with anticipation. I don’t know why she thought she was controlling tonight's session. It’s all me. Her time will come soon.

I kissed her neck, softly sucking to not leave any hickies. That’s one thing I absolutely believe that we’re too old for. I’d actually be embarrassed if my children saw a hickey on their mother’s neck. I finally let go of her hands and sit up, pushing her legs back as I rub the tip of my dick along her lower lips. As I take her big toe between my lips, I look at my lover, who watches me in anticipation, waiting for me to enter. I tap my dick like I’m knocking on the door of a familiar place. She coos, practically begging for me to come inside. I slowly push myself in. Breaking her skin produces a beautiful sigh. I live for that sigh. My eyes roll back as I lay myself atop her while I slowly stroke. 

I know she’s had one other partner than me. But he must not have been up to par because the pussy still curves to my dick just fine. Shayla’s always felt like home. Tight and warm. But one thing about not having sex for three weeks is that I swear she’s tighter than tight. I couldn’t help but smirk. This is home. Always has been. Always will be. I wish I never broke our union all those years ago, but it made for a stronger new version of us. The couple we once were can’t touch the couple we are now. We were just two kids learning from each other. Neither of us had much experience. Life was still new. And now that we’re older and value so much more, our union couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s quite literally a no-brainer that we get remarried. The man I am won’t allow her to live with me and not be my wife. She deserves that.

My stroke speeds up as I reach beneath her to pull her into me. Even though we’re already as close as possible, I want to be closer. Her moans called out to our God as she begged me not to stop. Her fingernails were deep within my flesh as she, too, pulled me closer to her. Our bodies moved like a wave as we both thrust into each other. I stopped so she could thrust into me by herself. I struggle with my breathing, no longer in control of the orgasmic sounds I make as she takes control and fucks me. She knows what this does to me. I couldn’t tell her how good this feels if I tried. Soft moans are my only language.

I take over and roll her atop of me. Our sex is an uninterrupted dance as I’m locked safe inside her walls. Safe inside Shayla-Elizabeth’s walls to not slip out as I sit up to help her remove her slip. Seeing her naked body is a treat. As she leans forward to lay atop me, I stop her short so I can take her nipples between my lips. I simultaneously grab hold of her ass and thrust into her, causing a series of moans and whimpers from her lips. We can’t get any louder than this or risk the chance of waking our children. That perfectly shaped “O” probably permanently fixated on her lips by now. My legs are tense. I grip her waist and give her all of me. I stroke. I stroke. I stroke. I stroke so deep I don’t wanna pull out. My screams silenced by the breasts I refused to release from my lips. I hold the woman I love tightly as we grind into each other. A beautifully synchronized dance that only we could replicate over and over and over again. This is real love.

“Cum,” she moans as she nibbles at my earlobe. “Cum inside me. Give me another baby…”

Just when I was focused on orgasm, I became distracted by her revelation. It doesn’t stop me from making love. I slow down as I pull back to kiss her passionately. She’s never said this before.

“What was that?” The first words I’ve spoken since the beginning of this session.

“Give me a baby, Michael,” she sucks at my bottom lip.

“Where did that come from?”

A small smile plays on her lips, “I’m just talking.”

“No… You meant that.” Still slowly moving in and out of her moist heaven, I search her eyes for the reason behind her truth. “What do you mean by that?”

“Come on,” she began whining her hips into me. My eyes involuntarily roll back into my head. She’s trying to manipulate and distract me from her comment.

“Nah, what’s that supposed to mean?” I grab hold of her, my thrusts becoming more forceful. I’ll fuck the truth out of her if I have to. It’s not a surprise that our lovemaking would be turned into an all-out war. In my opinion, those are the best sessions.

She groaned, not being able to form a single word.

“Tell me what you mean by that,” I slowed back down and licked the sweat from her neck. “Tell me. Tell me what you mean by that.”

“Put a baby inside me, Michael. I want another baby with you. I want- Mmm,” a moan interrupted the truth she was beginning to unravel. “I want to bring forth another life. And I want our parents to have another grandbaby.”

“Why didn’t you say that sooner?” I pulled her chin towards me for a kiss on the lips. “Hmm?”

“I love when you talk to me like that,” she couldn’t help but smile. “Put a baby in me.”

“Hmm?” I stroked harder.

“Put a baby in me.”


“Put a baby in me.”

“I’ll put a baby in you.” I closed my eyes as my strokes brought me closer to nirvana. “I’ll put a baby in you…” Skin rhythmically slapped. Shayla’s newfound sighs turned into moans and hand-muffled screams to not wake anyone. And my orgasm rolled through me like waves so strong, I could barely continue to hold myself and Shayla up. I strain, allowing myself to collapse onto the bed with Shayla falling atop me and experience nirvana. Left with the thoughts of Shayla wanting to have another baby.

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