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Chapter 8

(Shayla’s P.O.V.)

“Where are you going?” Lauren asked me.

“I’m going on vacation.” I smiled as I folded my shorts.

“You said that already. Where exactly are you going?”


“California?! Wow! You have family out there or something?”


“So, what are you doing going out there then?”

“A friend is flying me out there.”

“A friend? Perhaps a boyfriend?”

“No.” I giggled.

“Girl, no guy is going to fly a girl out there unless he wants ass.”

“Ass? Yeah, right. Some guys are like that, but not this one. He’s different.”

“Yeah, sure. That’s what they all say. Have you met him?”

“No. He’s flying me out there, so we can meet.”

“You don’t know if he’s a creep or not, Shayla.”

“He’s not. Trust me. I’ve spoken with him before. Multiple times. We’ve written letters and talked on the phone. He’s not a creep.”

“Who writes letters anymore? This is not the seventeenth century.”

“Yeah, well, I like the idea of letters, Lauren. So, we wrote letters to one another.”

“He must be a wimp.”

“He’s not. He’s sweet, charming, and handsome. All of the above.” I blushed.

“Sounds like captain punk to me.”

“Whatever, Lauren. What about your boyfriend? Who names their child, ‘Rex?’”

“Leave me and Rex alone.” She blushed.

“Oh, so, you can talk about my friend, but I can’t talk about Rex, huh?”


“Whatever. You act just like my cousin.”

“Is that an insult?”

“If you took it that way…”

“Shut up, Shayla! I can’t wait until you leave. Then I’ll have peace and quiet.”

“You’re the one who talks too much, not me. Don’t go complaining when I leave, and you need someone to talk to.”

“No one is going to complain.”


“What’s his name?”


“Your friend.”


“Michael? That guy that called you last night?”


“He sounds a lot like Michael Jackson. Have you ever noticed that?”

“Yeah.” I giggled.

“They both have soft voices. You’re the same one who only watches television when he’s on. You should know. Have you ever told him that?”

“Nope.” I smiled as I finished folding my clothes. “I’m all packed. Lauren, come sit on this for me.”

“Is that your way of calling me fat?” She laughed.

“No… I just need some weight to help me close this suitcase.”

“You’re calling me fat.” She laughed as she sat on the bag.

“Thank you, girl.” I said as I finished zipping it. “What are you doing all break?” I asked as I went to the refrigerator.

“What I do best. Party like it’s nineteen ninety-nine.” She danced.

“Have fun with that.” I laughed.

“So, what is he going to do? Mail the tickets to you or something?”

“I guess. I don’t know. More than likely, they’ll be in Will Call.”


Just as I got up, the phone rang. “Lauren, could you get that?” I called back.

“Hello?” She answered the phone. “Is this that ‘Michael’ guy?” She smiled. “Shayla, your boyfriend is on the phone!” She sang. “Hey, has anyone ever told you you sound like Michael Jackson?” I overheard her ask him.

“Hang up the phone, Lauren!” I said as I picked up the phone from my room. “Hey, Michael.” I answered.

“Hey, Shayla. Guess what.”

“What?” I smiled.

“I got your ticket. They should be in Will Call as we speak.”

“Right now? That means I can head out today?”


“That was quick!” I laughed.

“Are you excited?

“Yes! I’m so excited! Is it hot out there? Hot enough for dresses?”

“Yeah. It’s pretty decent. We’re in between seventy and eighty-degree weather right now.”

“That’s my kind of weather.” I smiled.

“You don’t mind that I booked your flight so soon, right?”

“Of course not! You don’t know how ready I am to get out of this snow.”

“It’s snowing?”

“Yeah. It’s too cold out for me.”

“Hey, aren’t you the same one who said you didn’t mind playing in two-degree weather?”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t bring that up.”

“I couldn’t forget such an interesting fact about you.” He laughed.



“When does my plane leave?”

“In two hours.”

“Two hours?! I’ll call you when I land in California!” I hung up. “Lauren, could you take me to the airport?”

“Why?” She groaned.

“Because my flight leaves in two hours.”

“Sure. Why not? Wait, what will I gain out of this?” She gave me a side-eye.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I rolled my eyes. “I’ll pay you gas money.”

“How much?”

“Does it matter?”

“I mean… If you want a ride to the-”

“Fine. Twenty.”

“Twenty? Nah. That won’t work.”


“The airport is far, Shayla. I better be getting sixty.”

“Sixty? You’re lucky I want to pay you at all! I’ll give you thirty and that’s it.”

“It’s going to cost you more if you have to pay for a taxi. You have to give me forty.”

“Whatever.” I scoffed as I handed her forty dollars.

“Thank you.” She smiled. “Now, we can go.”


As I sat on the plane, I couldn’t help, but to think about how much fun Michael and I will have together. I’m sure we’ll have hours of fun. Just the thought of being with him makes me smile. Michael, here I come.

(Michael’s P.O.V.)

“Toy, can you take me to the airport?” I asked as I put my jacket on.

“Why?” She asked without looking up from her catalog.

“We need to pick up Shayla.”

“Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot about that. Are you excited?” She smiled.

“Very excited actually.” I blushed.

“Good. I can’t wait to see the look on you all’s faces! Come on. What time should she be here?”

“Around five.”

“Five? My goodness! We should hurry up then!”


By the time we got to the airport, it was four thirty. Thirty more minutes and I get to see my girl… I mean, Shayla…

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