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This is a work of pure fan fiction.

A historical fan fiction using the likeness of Michael Jackson, his family, employees, and acquaintances.

The only characters made up by me are Shayla-Elizabeth, her family and acquaintances.

This book and the books following this one in the series follow Michael Jackson's career as I planned it to back in 2011 when I finished the first novel.

I do not claim to have made up the Super Bowl event that Michael Jackson performed in 1993. All credit goes to the NFL & CBS. I do not claim to have made up the Oprah interview with Michael Jackson in 1993. All credit goes to Harpo studios & OWN.

I do not claim to have made up the Presidental Inaugural Ball for President Clinton in 1993.

Any articles referenced in this book are not by me.

This is simply a historical fan fiction where I have worked/written around the events as if Michael Jackson was married at the time.

Extensive research has been done to write this book, to make it as accurate as possible in terms of Michael Jackson's life historically. Although some things may have been changed to fit the timeline for my story.

It is imperative to note that this particular book in the "Dear Michael" series is sensitive in nature as it will discuss the 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson. I personally believe Michael Jackson was and is an innocent man. My novel will reflect the truth in the best way that I can as the novel is a historical fan fiction. If in any way this novel bothers you or makes you uncomfortable, it is important to note that this novel is rated mature for a reason just as two of the others books in the series are and you are always welcome to skip a chapter or stop reading since this is already an incredibly sensitive topic when discussing Michael Jackson.

Thank you for continuing this journey with me in the "Dear Michael" series & enjoy 💜

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