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Chapter 22

People Mr. and Mrs. Michael Jackson Expecting Twins!

At seven months and two days, Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson is expecting the heirs to husband, Michael Jackson's throne. The two were wed in 1983 only recently coming out about their marriage in 1993, shortly before child molestation allegations were made against the self proclaimed King of Pop. The couple is excited to welcome their little boy and girl into the world in February. But amid a lengthy world tour, will Daddy Jackson be present at the birth?

The Sun Jacko expecting twins!

Michael Jackson and wife, Shayla, are expecting after a lengthy case with Evan Chandler. "They want proof that I'm not a child molester? I said, 'I'll prove it.' Boom! My wife is pregnant." Jacko said in a recent interview. "If my husband touched kids, why would he be so adamant about having his own?" Shayla said in defense of her husband. Mrs. Jacko recently admitted to suffering from a miscarriage at the hands of her husband. "We wanted to try again!" The happy couple confirmed as they sported Shayla's very pregnant tummy. Sorry, kids! No more free sleepovers at Jacko's house!

Ebony Exclusive Michael's Excitement at wife Shayla-Elizabeth Having Twins

In their second one-on-one interview, the King of Pop, Rock, and Soul Michael Jackson and Queen Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson reveal to Ebony how excited they are to finally have children. Earlier this year, the couple admitted to a miscarriage in 1994 and how that affected their marriage. Now, nine months later, they are buying baby clothes and trying to figure out what to name their little Princess. (Yes, their little Prince will be named Michael Jackson Jr.)

"I told Michael I was pregnant with twins and he couldn't stop smiling," Mrs. Jackson laughed, affectionately touching her husband's arm. "But I admit, it hasn't been easy with him on tour." For the past three months, Michael has been on his HIStory World Tour traveling to different continents. "It wasn't until this month that I asked her to meet me in Bangkok," Michael says as he tucks a hair behind Shayla-Elizabeth's ear. Accompanied by his wife, Michael decided to take photographs in front of The Wat Benchamonophit Temple, also known as The Marble Temple, in Bangkok, Thailand [photograph on right]. "We were nervous. I'm still nervous. But we have a traveling nurse with us and plan to return to the states a month before delivery." The Jackson twins are due February 1997.

When asked if the couple plans to have more after the twins, as any normal married couple, they had a disagreement. "God gave me a 2-for-1 deal. I'm good!" The radiant Mrs. Jackson laughed. The seventh born of nine Jackson's laughed and added, "I want more children than my father [Joseph] has."

Ebony • November 1996


"Congratulations, Michael!" Every five seconds, that's all I heard. The announcement has barely been out for a day, and it's all people are talking about.

When we left Bangkok, Congratulations poured in. When we landed in Auckland, it was said even more by people we passed by wherever we went. Shayla and I couldn't keep up with the number of times we had to say thank you. I was more than excited at the reactions of people. But all Shayla wanted to do was be left alone in our hotel room.

There was nothing terrible the news could possibly say about us. Granted, they definitely brought up the settlement and how so much has changed for Shayla and me in two years. But other than that, positivity rang in the air wherever we went.

My show here in New Zealand isn't for another three days, so we have all the time in the world to relax and explore. But by the looks of my wife, she wants to do nothing but relax in our hotel room. This is a massive change for me, but I can't complain. I wanted her with me so we can cherish this moment together.

"Baby, can you have room service bring me some salmon?" Shayla asked, lying on her side with her eyes closed.

"Salmon?" Since when did this woman eat fish?

"Mmhm. I'm craving it. Bad. Tell them to make it hella salty and garnish it with some lemon juice. Oh! And make sure it's grilled with some fries on the side."

I picked up the phone and dialed room service. "When did you start eating fish?"

"This is actually my first time craving it." She smiled. Her eyes were still closed.

"Yeah? Well, you sure know how you want it for it to be your 'first time.'" I placed the order as well as a New Zealand delicacy for myself. It's going to be interesting watching her eat this salmon. Whenever she tried it before, one attempt at swallowing would trigger her gag reflex, and she'd immediately stop trying. I wonder which child is making her crave fish of all things.

"Babe, did you hear about that sweet young man passing away in September?"

"What young man?" I raked my brain of any news of a recent passing but couldn't place my finger on who she was talking about.

"Tupac passed when you began your tour. He was shot in Vegas."

"Tupac? That guy from LA?"

She nodded. "He was a good friend of Dre's before they had a falling out. I sent our condolences to his mother, Afeni."

"How old was he?"


"Wow. He was so young. He didn't even really get a chance to fully live yet."

"I know... I pray for his Mother every day. No parent should ever have to bury their child. They say they can't find who murdered him."

"Wow..." I sighed as I pulled my ringing mobile phone from my pocket. Shana was calling. I declined the call and put my phone on a nearby table. I'm sure she's heard the news twice as much as I've had to say, "thank you." I didn't mean for her to find out this way, but at least she knows. I'd heard some things about the rapper but could never truly understand his constant rage at the world. He once criticized my finances, but I didn't pay his comment much mind. He didn't know what I did with my money behind closed doors, and it wasn't his business, so I didn't care.

Nonetheless, no one should lose their life to violence. "How are you feeling?" I crawled into bed behind my wife and kissed her neck.

"I'm fine. Just tired. My feet hurt so bad from all that walking we've done today."

"Want me to rub them?"

"No. Just lay right here with me." She reached behind to grab my hand and placed it on her belly. I've yet to feel the twins kick. Shoot, after all the running around we've done today, I doubt they will. They're probably just as tired as we are.

"Does it hurt when they kick?" I asked curiously.

"Just a little, but I ignore it because I'm so amazed at the fact that I have two baby humans growing inside of me."

"Where's my son?"

"Over here," she moved my hand to the side of her belly that was closest to the bed. Which means my daughter is on the side closest to me. "If you poke, he just might kick," she smiled.


"Mmhm. Try it." She sat up to lean against the headboard. I felt like a curious child trying to find the secret to a magic trick as I poked each side of her protruding belly in hopes that my son or daughter would respond. My wife watched as I waited for a response. I wonder if my kids are stubborn or not. Will they be more like Shayla or me? Will they have my eyes and her nose or-

A rolling motion came from my daughters' side. My eyes widened in shock as I took in what I just witnessed. "That wasn't a kick, was it?" I asked excitedly.

"She's stretching. She probably just woke up." Another rolling motion came from her side, and then a light kick towards the bottom. I was too amazed to even touch Shayla's belly. I just want to watch.

My phone vibrated on the table loudly. I ignored it, but Shayla couldn't. "Who's that?" She asked.

"Probably Jim or someone," I shrugged, finally placing a hand on the left side of her belly, so I could feel my daughter kick again.

"Well, aren't you going to answer?"


"Why not?"

"Because I'm spending time with you. I haven't seen you in three months." That's Shana again. I just know it. She cussed me out, and now she wants to blow up my phone? Nah. Now, we've really got to avoid her. Ain't no telling what she would say. As a matter of fact, she needs to go back home instead of staying on this tour, where she serves no purpose. I see no good coming out of her being here.

Shayla looked at my phone as it continued to vibrate with her eyebrows drawn together. Once it stopped, she sighed and looked down at me. "So, how's the tour been so far? This is the first one in a long time that you went without me."

"It's been alright," my son gave a strong kick. I gasped. "Did you see that?"

"Whew! I felt it." She closed her eyes tightly. "It must be your voice."

I smiled, "must be. Wow. And to think I almost missed all of this."

"I know..." I crawled up beside her and kissed her cheek repeatedly. She laughed. "What are you doing?"

"Nothin'." I turned her face toward me and kissed her lips. If I treat Shayla better than I did before, she would never suspect a thing. And that's what I'm going to do. Go above and beyond, so she never suspects anything if we ever passed by Shana.


Cameras flashed as we walked through Newmarket Mall. Our security team had a pretty tight circle around us as fans and onlookers followed or watched us pass by. While I was at home, I stayed to myself for many reasons. One, I didn't want the world to know I was pregnant yet. And two, because of things like this. I didn't miss people flocking around me like this. Trying to get a look or a photo of me when I least expected it. Sometimes, I wish I could be anonymous and experience this without peering eyes. The fact that sometimes it took extra measures for me to be anonymous is still baffling to me. It's challenging to do very simple things like fly on a plane or go to the mall and shop for my babies. When you're famous, no one looks at you like a human anymore. Somehow, you've become the property of the public. I was already taking a huge risk when I decided to meet my husband overseas. But the most significant risk was putting myself out there in the state that I'm in. Yesterday, it was the announcement of the pregnancy. Today, it's think pieces on what it would be like being raised by us. Today also brought a sense of mayhem when all I wanted to do was shop.

When Michael pulled publicity stunts, or we got followed around certain places just because of who we are, I had no one to worry about but myself. But now, all I can think about is how the slight stress that these situations have always brought me are affecting my babies.

"Do you like this?" Michael held up a ten-piece onesie set for boys. We finally made our way to a baby store without being bombarded.

"Yeah, put it in the cart," I said as I continued going through clothes. Fans huddled around the windows screaming Michael's name as we shopped in the store. Photos continued to be snapped. "Congratulations" could be heard many times, no matter how much I tried to tune them out. It just wasn't working.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jackson, would you like a little more privacy?" A sales associate asked.

"Yes," I answered a little too quickly.

"Follow me." Michael took my hand in his as the sales associate directed us to a private room upstairs. "I'll have someone bring in different racks for you to choose from."

"Thank you so much," I said as she exited the room. We sat down on the bench along the wall.

"How are you feeling?" Michael rubbed my hand.

I sighed. "A little better now that we're in here."

"Were you feeling overwhelmed with all those people watching?"

"Yeah. And I really hope that didn't affect the babies." He rubbed my belly as I took several deep breaths. Granted, it was my idea to go shopping today. I just didn't think I'd react this way.

"You're doing a great job, baby."

I let out a small laugh, "thanks." His phone rang loudly in his pocket. He hurried to take it out, checked to see who it was, sighed, and pressed decline. I rolled my eyes. "Who was it this time?"

He sighed for what seemed like forever. "A blocked number."

"Might want to get your number changed. Your phone's been ringing off the hook since yesterday. Someone is clearly trying to get a hold of you." I nodded toward his phone.

He ignored my comment and put his phone back in his pocket. "I'll change it when we get back to the states."

"Who even has your number to call you every five seconds like this? They called as we were leaving Bangkok and when we landed here."

He looked me in the eye. "The team."

"The team is calling you at all hours of the night on a blocked number?"


"Well, next time you let me talk to them, so I can tell them to quit calling you this much. That's absurd. They've been doing this since you started?"


I scoffed. "Someone has clearly lost their mind. You should have put your foot down a long time ago." He didn't say anything, just leaned back against the wall and stared at the mirror before us.

"Alright, we've got four racks for you to go through." A different sales associate came in with several racks of clothing. Michael sat up, excited as all get out. Something about those calls isn't sitting right with me. His phone hasn't stopped ringing since yesterday. And when I met him in Bangkok, his phone wasn't off the hook like this.

"Either you change your number now, or we're having a meeting with the entire team about calling past business hours. No one should think they have access to you like this."

He stopped smiling and looked at me, "how am I going to change my number in a different country?"

I crossed my arms. "Guess we're having a meeting then.

He sighed. "Guess so."


I had Michael call for a meeting in a conference room at our hotel. The room was so crowded that we didn't even have enough seats. That's how many people worked on Michael's tour. By the looks on their faces and some of the conversations I'm overhearing, they're all confused about why a meeting was even called. I'd be confused too if Michael Jackson's wife called for a meeting, and she hasn't even been here since the first leg began. But alas, here we are. Some things have to be addressed, and they're going to be addressed now.

Once everyone was in the room, I stood at the podium, waiting for everyone to quiet down. In contrast, Michael stood off to the side, quiet and hiding behind a pair of sunglasses.

"Hello, everyone!" I gave a quick closed lipped smile to let everyone know that while I'm friendly, I mean business. "I see some new faces out there, so I'm going to go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Michael's wife, Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson, but affectionally known as Shayla around the world. An author, a wife, very pregnant, yadda yadda yadda." Everyone laughed. "I know this meeting was called out of the blue, but I promise this is going to be quick because I just have to address one little thing." I pinched my index finger and thumb together to illustrate just how little the topic was. "Who here has Mr. Jackson's personal telephone number?" Several hands were raised, including Jim, Karen, Lavelle, Travis, Brad, David, Darryl, Peggy, Kenny, and a very hesitant Shana.

"Alright, to be honest, everyone else here doesn't even need to hear what I have to say considering it doesn't even apply to you, but for future reference, if you ever happen to get my husband's personal number, I request that you stay so we all know protocol around these parts." I turned around and told Michael to hand me his phone. Behind his sunglasses, I just know he was rolling his eyes at me. His cheeks flushed red as he dug into his pocket, and begrudgingly handed the phone into my hand. I dismissed his attitude and turned back toward the team, holding my husband's phone in the air. "The number attached to this phone is for emergencies only. It's to be called only during business hours. That means from six a.m. 'til the show's end on a show night and the off day before a show night only. Since we left Bangkok yesterday, my husband has been receiving calls throughout the day and night because some people or someone has been awfully desperate to reach him. Which is why this meeting is being held today, because while my husband and I were shopping for the twins, his phone was ringing off the hook. Even after we left the mall. That is absurd!" I shook my head as I scanned the people who specifically said they had Michael's number. They all looked equally confused as they listened to my rant.

I closed my eyes and sighed to recollect myself. "Look, I know we're all excited to be on tour again. We're a family. I know, but the family has boundaries too. Please respect them. That's all." I turned to look at Michael and asked if he had anything to say. He quickly shook his head no. "Well," I turned back to everyone else. "Thank y'all so much for coming. Have fun in Auckland for the next few days, because we're about to be on the road all over again." I stepped away from the podium to collect my belongings. As everyone began to leave, several of the people who raised their hands came up to us.

"Hey, man..." Travis came up to Michael. "Now, you know I would never abuse your number like that."

"I know..." Michael nodded.

"Yeah, Shayla," Karen came up to me. "We've all been on tour with Michael more than once. We know not to call Michael unless something is up with the tour or there's an emergency." As I looked at the familiar faces who admitted to having Michael's number, only one person wasn't there to plead her case: Shana. She's new and probably embarrassed now. I apologized to Karen and the rest who were close enough to have Michael's number. I should have known it wasn't them all along. While I should have a few choice words for Shana, I won't do it. She heard what I said. And she better heed the warning. No one should be calling my husband all hours of the night. Period.

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