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Chapter 14

I unlocked the door to the house and crept in. I was not about to hang out with my brothers tonight. No way. I've been on the road so long, I'm so happy to be this close to Shayla. I don't even want to imagine what it's going to be like once we go to Europe. I made my way upstairs to the bathroom, took a quick shower and went to our bedroom. Shayla was sound asleep. I slipped some boxers on and crawled into the bed behind Shayla, pulled her close to me and kissed her cheek. She stirred a little and pulled her pillow closer to her. I smiled and got comfortable under the covers. Nights like these, I'm glad I got married. I can't believe I said that I wouldn't get married for so long. This is the best part. Shayla stirred some more, opened her eyes and turned to look at me.

"Hey, Michael." She smiled.

"Hey, baby." I smiled back.

"What time is it?" She wondered.

"One thirty."

"One thirty? What time did the show end?"

"The show ended at ten thirty, but you know we had the fans to meet, so that didn't end until eleven forty-five. Then you know the drive back here is more than an hour."

"Oh ok. So you're back for good now, huh?"

"Well, until next Friday. I'm all yours, baby." I kissed her on the cheek.

"You're all mine regardless. I don't share."

"You're right." I laughed. "But-"

"No, buts. I don't share at all. Your fans may be able to see you on tour, but that doesn't mean I have to share you with them." She laughed.

"You're right, baby."

"I know I'm right. I'm still a fan, ya know? I'm your biggest fan and your wife, you really thought I was gonna share? Baby, bye." I laughed out loud on that one. "You going to Kingdom Hall tomorrow?"

"Ehh, I didn't plan to. Did you?"

"Not really. Honestly, I just want to lay here with you all day."

"Me too. I rarely get that opportunity now."

"Right? So, me and you tomorrow here in bed all day?"

"It's a date."

"Alrighty. Let me get some sleep, because we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

"You said it."


I woke up to Michael snuggled so close to me, I was kinda nervous to get out of bed to use the bathroom. His grip on me was real! I took his hand in mine and began unwrapping his arms from around me. In return he turned his back to me and pulled the covers over him. He really must be tired. I went to the bathroom and came back to find cartoons on. I take it Michael is awake.

"You're awake!" I jumped on the bed.

"Really?" Michael groaned.

"Sorry!" I giggled. "Thought you were in a playful mood."

"I'm slowly waking up. I'll get to your level in a little bit." Michael said as he stretched.

"What have you been doing about the spots?" I asked.



"Her makeup skills are phenomenal."

"Oh, okay. That's what you're gonna do for now?"

"Yep. That's the easiest way for right now, until I figure something else out."

"What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know yet, but I'll figure it out." He got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. "We're still on for today?"

"Of course."

"Good. Just hoping you didn't make any other plans on me."

"Now, why would I do that?"

"I don't know."

"Well hurry up and get out here so we can start."

"I'm coming, I'm coming. Are you gonna unplug all the phones? I don't want any phone calls while we're resting."

"I'll get to it." I made my way around the house and began unplugging phones. I didn't know he wanted to rest like this. This is kind of extreme, but I understand his reasoning. I don't want to be bothered either. I just want to relax with my husband.

"Shayla, hurry back! We don't have all day!"

"Yes, we do!" I said as I shut and locked our bedroom door behind me.

"No, we don't."

"Yes, we do. We actually have all week."

"No, we don't, because you have work."

"Ugh. You're right. Don't remind me." I said as I got in bed beside him and cuddled up to him.

"What's that Byron guy doing? He's being trying to get with you for a while hasn't he?"

"Mmmhm. Since I moved to California, he's been on me like white on rice."

"And he's still going even though he knows you're married."

"My thoughts exactly."

"That's just pure disrespect to you and to me. He just doesn't care."

"Right? Each time I call him out on it though, he's always backing it up with him just being friendly."

"That's a lie. He wants this brown sugar."

"Stop it." I blushed.

"You think if I talk to him he'll leave you alone?"

"Ha! Yeah, right! He'll move on from me to you. That'll never work."

"You sure?"

"Positive. Don't even think about it. How were the shows last night?" I asked. He hasn't told me about the concerts yet.

"They were great. I had fun as usual."

"Give me details! I have yet to see you on stage, ya know."

"Well, maybe I don't want to give you details." Michael said as he continued to flip channels.

"And why is that?"

"Because, I don't want to. Maybe there aren't any details to tell. Maybe it's the same ol' same ol'. Nothing special."

"Nothing special to you." I pushed him.

"Special to you?"



"You're playing with me, Michael. That's not fair." He laughed as I sulked. "It's not funny. First you won't let me go to a concert, now you won't even tell me about it."

"Maybe I think it's the best thing to do."

"Why would it be the best thing to do?"

"Because... It will... Keep you... From being..."

"Being what?"


"I'm upset now! What's the difference?" We laughed.

"Can we talk about something else?"

"Like, what?"

"Like, us."

"What about us?"

"What do you mean, 'what about us?' Baby, we're married!" Michael exclaimed as if this was new news.

"I know, right? What else is new?" I laughed a little.

"Did you ever think we would end up married when you sent me that first letter?"

"Had I known we would have gotten married, maybe I would have taken an extra mile or two."

"Who are you telling? You know, while I was singing 'She's Out of My Life," each time my mind went straight to you."

"Why is that?" I wondered.

"Because, when we lost contact, I thought everything was over!"

"I know, right?" I sighed.

"Were you starting to move on?"

"With life, yeah. I mean, I graduated and moved and stuff."

"That's it?"

"Well, I figured that was the end of what we had at the time. Once I moved to California, it was cool and all, but I wasn't looking for anyone new. You were still on my mind, but I didn't think we were still in a relationship or anything. I just knew we were done for."


"Yeah, what about you?"

"With life, I moved on too, ya know? Finished Thriller, and that blew up. Wasn't really looking for anyone. Women began throwing themselves at me left and right though. It was pretty hectic. I thought I was never going to see you, talk to you or anything like that again. Luckily, I had found a way to contact you again."


"Yeah, so that's why singing that song reminds me of you so much. I thought I had lost you. You know I cry each time after that song too, so now there's even more of a reason to cry."

"Aww, babe."

"But I've got you now. That's all the matters."

"Exactly... Tell me something, Michael."

"Yeah, babe, what's up?"

"You never slept with anyone when we stopped talking, right?"

"No, babe! Of course not!"

"You're serious?"

"Serious as I'll ever be."

"Okay." I smiled. Jeez, he really is perfect, huh?

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