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Chapter 6

"If Shayla cheats on you with that kid, Byron, how would you feel?" Jermaine asked as he bit into his apple. "What kind of question is that?" I looked up from my notepad. "The kind of question that needs to be answered." He rolled his eyes. "You know what? That's really sick, man. Shayla would never do that to me." "That's what every guy says. She's been without you for how long? And on top of that when you guys didn't talk for, like, a year, wouldn't you think she has every legal right to?" He smirked as he eyed his apple. "Stop it, Jermaine." I stood up and gathered my things. "What...? You know she would have every legal right to. Come on, Mike. You can't keep pretending that you're this perfect guy for Shayla. You've done some shit that would certaintly break her heart." "I said stop it!" I almost yelled. "It's all in the past now, so stop bringing it up." I began to make my way to my bunk. "Whatever floats your boat, man. I'm just sayin'-" "Well, stop sayin'! I don't want to hear it. And no! Shayla would not have every legal right to cheat on me if she had the chance. We're married. No one should cheat on anyone in a marriage. When are you going to tell Hazel about all the pussy you've been getting on tour, huh? Or should I tell her myself?" I got in my bunk and closed it. Jermaine always has to have his nose in someone elses' business. What I've done is none of his concern or anybody elses' as a matter of fact. I regret telling him anything now...


As soon as we landed in Los Angeles, I hurried to gather my things and began to make my way off the plane. "Alright, guys. Now you know after this we plan to go to Europe." Joseph said before the doors opened. "This is only our final stop for now, so don't get comfortable." Joseph looked directly at me. "Oh! And some fans are outside, so smile!" He laughed and opened the door to the screaming fans. I was so used to this. I smiled and waved as we were guided by security to our limos. I don't know where the guys are going, nor do I necessarily care right now. I just want to get home to my baby. I hurried to my limo and shut the door quickly. "Where to, Michael?" My driver asked. "Encino." "Encino?" He turned around and looked at me. "I thought you all were staying at the Ritz hotel?" "They are. I'm not." "How are you going to get to the Stadium on time?" "Can you just go? I don't want to be late..." "Alright..." He sighed. "Suit yourself."


"Do you need help with any of your bags?" Driver asked as I opened the door to the trunk and got my suitcases out. I had instructed him to drop me off in a secluded area about a block away from my house. No one knows where I live and I'd like to keep it that way. "Nah, I'm fine. It's only three. I'll be fine." "Are you sure?" He asked again. "I'm positive. Um..." I looked around as I put my duffle bag around my shoulders. "Meet me here at 5:30 on Friday, okay?" "Yeah, sure. Whatever you need." "That'll give me enough time to get to the stadium." I said to myself. "Alright, man. Have a good day and I'll see you Friday." I began to make my way to the house. The temporary house I rented for Shayla and I was in a private area, but it wasn't gated or anything. But at least I know that no one knows I stay here. I told Shayla that I would be home at around eleven this evening, but she wasn't having it, although I was joking. She demanded that I try to get home at nine. Well, it's only four. She should be on her way home right now.

I opened the door to find all of the lights off. Well, I didn't see her car out in the driveway, so I assume that she isn't home. Great. Maybe she's doing a little overtime at school. Because that's totally what I needed. Her to be doing overtime on a Wednesday. I lugged all of my stuff up the stairs to our room and put the luggage in the closet. I am not in the mood to unpack right now. If anything I'll unpack after the last show which is in two weeks. I closed the door to the closet and lay back on the bed. Ooo, when she gets home......

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