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Hello. It's Been Awhile.

It's been almost three months to be exact.

I should have never left y'all without a couple of chapters to read 🤦🏽‍♀️🥴😂

The simple way to explain my absence is: life.

The difficult way to explain my absence is: lack of inspiration.

Between life & a lack of inspiration when it pertains to my writing, I've been updating the website, writing notes for DMTII, receiving messages from you all regarding my absence, receiving messages from Michael Jackson haters who have no life so they pick on people who are happy just to make themselves feel something in their misery, writing bits and pieces of chapter one of DMTII so that it comes together, getting my eBooks in order (several are on the way) & getting my books published 🥰

This is what I've been working on for about five months lol. Along with making sure the rest of the series is to my liking, which is why it's been taking me so long to update anything!

Does anyone remember in "Dear Michael: Bad" Chapter 38 when Shayla didn't open her box of books until it was the day of a release only to find that she had been "sabotaged?"

Welp, me & my good sis are alike 🥴 The gag is, this is only a rough draft for me. Thankfully this isn't the final copy like it as for Shayla 😂 The final copy will look exactly how it's supposed to look once I'm done with it 🤗

When everything was coming together for print, I had a feeling it would come out this way because of my own error, but I also knew that this would not be my final copy.

Thus, my first copy of the print version looks like this. I'll have the final copy soon enough!

I was lucky enough to gift my best friend a copy for Christmas, so she officially has the first copy of the book 🥹

Things are coming together. I've been working hard towards my dreams while I've been absent from posting, guys. I promise!

The website has changed. It's black and pink now lol. I took away my about page and any means to contact me. I'm making a lot of things "members only" now. So, the only way to contact me is by being a member. It's the only way to keep myself safe. My website is my happy place. It was designed as not only an escape for me, but for my readers, so I'm not about to just let any one contact me. I hope it doesn't get to a point where I really have to make my books members only 🤦🏽‍♀️

I hope you all enjoy Chapter One of "Dear Michael, This Is It."

Idk if I've mentioned it or not, but while the title was always going to be "Dear Michael This Is It," the comma instead of the colon comes from @XZENNE (formerly @ZennyP). So, I wanted to give her that credit because that was a genius idea! I was blown away at it when she suggested it almost 2-3 years ago lol.

Chapter Two will be here much sooner than later, but I didn't want to continue to make you guys way for chapter 1 while I worked on chapter 2.

I hope all is well with you all! As always, thank you for you love & support & I hope you enjoy the last book in our series 🥹

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