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I'm workingggggg

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Y'all, I literally quote this everyday and it takes me out every time 🥴💀

So much has been going on.

In my personal life & for the stories/site.

Ima keep this brief because there's actually not too much to say on the topic except for the fact that I've been working hard on making sure everything is right...

But I've been working on offline reading for the site 😬 ie. eBooks.

Y'all know wattpad has the downloadable option for books. I really like it as a user and I'm sure others do as well.

As a creator of eBooks, it's not easy... trust me. I'm using several platforms and all that to get it right.

I'm not tryna make my site like wattpad at all. I just know that some people may like offline reading, like myself 🤷🏽‍♀️ And sometimes it's easier. Sometimes, you don't want to login to a site to read said content (someone actually voiced this to me on wattpad when I announced my departure lol). Or sometimes you can't always login to a site to read said content.

It's a work in progress, but it's coming soon.

So, in between writing these books, editing this site in my spare time, flying, and getting my personal life all the way together, ya girl has been working on eBooks. Be patient with me, but in due time, they will be avaliable before this year is out ✨

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