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Let's Catch Up!

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

So, a lot has been going on! Lots of good, no bad!

Kinda got a lot to cover since my last blog update, not much, but I do hope you read this post to understand what's been going on and what's coming for the site and stories ✨

First, as always, I'd sincerely like to thank you all for your support!

Back in June, y'all surpised me by getting this site to 10,380 views in a little over two months.

Now, I'm sitting here looking at 26,479. I could cry. Seriously, I could 😭 because the MJ Fan Fic community has meant a lot to me over the years. It's been there for me throughout my highs and lows, so to see this level of support means a lot. And as I reflect over my life and how I've literally been through hell and back, but yet and still there are good people in this community that continue to push me and continue to put out bomb ass content for me to read; I'd be a dummy to turn my back on something that's been there for me since my youth. So, thank you 🖤🖤🖤

Second, I've finally put out my first eBook!

When I first began on the eBooks, I tried to start big and started to work on "Dear Michael: Dangerous." Terrible choice! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Mostly because the book is so long and I have soooo many edits to make that it's not even funny. And when I started the eBooks, all the different programs I tried to use were too difficult for me to understand. Kudos to people who code, because I can't do it!

So, after endless trial and error, I decided to give it one more try, but I decided to start small. And with starting small, I decided to work on one of my favorite books, "Pretty."

One thing I really enjoy doing is taking Michael out of his element, and that's what I did with that story. It's very dark. Like, very dark 😅 But it remains one of my faves because it was a passion project of mine in early 2019 while I was in the midst of writing "Dear Michael: Bad." I listened to The Weeknd's "Pretty" on repeat, drafted, & published it in a week. And every time I read it, I about cry 🤷🏽‍♀️

Because of my wattpad departure, I couldn't read it offline (even though I had it in word), so I figured, what better way to finally begin my eBook journey than with a book that I enjoy reading from time to time...

So just in time for Halloween, "Pretty" is avaliable for download 🖤

The book has been severely edited and read over thousands of times before I finally "published" it in Apple Books. But don't worry, it's not just avaliable for Apple users. It's avaliable to any device that can download and read eBook. If you have any issues, please let me know, and we can fix it.

But now with that being said, eBooks are a member only feature! So, if you're a member already, you have access to the eBook page now ✨

You may be thinking, "now what now?"

Now wait, here me out! 😅

It's free, so I ain't out here capitilizing off of Michael Jackson's name (I can get sued for that & y'all know the estate don't play bout they precious lil Michael Jackson that they refuse to put content out for for his fans 😗).

But when I began this site, it was mostly for my works protection. Wattpad and Youtube were doing a pretty shitty job at it, considering my work was plastered all over hella websites without my consent/knowledge for years. The reason I made this site was to protect my work! So, the only way I can make sure that my eBooks aren't being downloaded, stolen, and used without my permission is by only allowing it to people who sign up for my site. Period 🤷🏽‍♀️

Not only does this protect me, but I've garned up a nice niche of people who have read my stuff for years. Why would I allow my books to be downloaded by just anybody? And truth be told, y'all wouldn't believe the amount of fake e-mails & the crazy messages I've seen! 😅 So, it only makes sense for that page to be a certified members only page.

So, yeah, that's where we are right now. Pretty soon more pages will be members only, but we'll get there when we get there.

Members have their own profile page. You can change your header photo, profile photo, and all that other great stuff. I'm still working out the kinks, so bear with me! The main thing was to make sure the eBooks page was members only right now. I'll work out the other stuff soon.

As far as story updates go:

DMI: I'm writing Chapter 13 now (although idk if I wanna continue in Shayla's POV or go to Michael's POV. What do you all think?). I've gotten past another hump and just looking forward & doing my research to complete 2001, because I'm just really excited for 2002/2003. Y'all just don't understand!

2:26p.m. : I know I haven't updated the story since June and I'm sorry! 😭 Between my hot girl summer, a new heavy work load, and DMI demand, I've been slacking on this story. I've been updating my notes on the story, though, so updates will be coming soon! I promise! I see your comments and I know you want to know how the story ends (although, judging by the title, I'm sure you already know how it ends). I miss Michael and Athena, so it's coming.

Just Good Friends: Ain't nobody checking for this story, but me 😂 Which is why updates are taking too long, because I'm trying to work on my in demand stories vs. this story that's finished and just needs to be copied from video to word/site.

Anywho, it's 4:47 A.M. in my neck of the woods.

Way past my bedtime, I've got work & I'm going to Canada tomorrow night, so I need to get my rest.

Thank you always for your support 🖤

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