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Chapter 12

I sat on the table in front of the lake thinking about my life overall. My life is good. Fantastic even. I have a beautiful wife and two amazing sons. Then I've got my "friends" who keep me more than satisfied. I'd like to say my life is drama free until one of my women get pissed off for whatever reason.

"Hey, Michael." I turned around to see 4 walking down to meet me. I stood up and went to hug her. "How are you?" She giggled.

"Great now that you're here." We walked back to the table and sat down.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, baby. I'm fine." I held her hand. She smiled.

"You seem different today." I shrugged. "Michael, I just want you to know how sorry I am for accusing you of something so stupid." I nodded. "I don't know what got into me that night. Maybe I was drunk. I don't know. What matters is-" I turned around and kissed her. Something I know she's been longing for for a long time. Our tongues met and danced with one another. I reached up and took off her jacket. She pulled me closer to her and ran her fingers through my hair. I broke the kiss and pulled her on top of me. 4 bit her lip and began to unbutton my shirt. I reached down and undid her shorts to find that she came prepared.

"You came prepared, huh?" I smiled, caressing her face.

"A little." She blushed. I slid the shorts off of her and lay them to the side. "" She gasped.

"Yeah. Why not?"

"Michael, people might see us!"

"What people?" She looked around to find no one. "I don't see anyone around."

"Yeah, but-"

"Every woman's fantasy is to have sex in public in one-way shape or form. I know that much. I'm gonna fulfill your fantasy, baby." She smiled and lifted her shirt over her head. "That's what I'm talking about." She kissed me and began to undo my pants and brought my boxers just below my manhood. She bit her lip. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's been a while."

"You don't say..." We laughed. 4 propped herself up and slowly slide down onto the base of my manhood. I groaned at the feel of her warmth holding me tightly inside. Her arms were wrapped around my neck. Her legs tightly pressed against my back. I held her hips as she gently kissed me, distracting herself from the mild pain that followed after not having me for a while. I lifted her up, holding her ass tightly in my hands as I slowly began to take myself in and out of her. "Still hurting?" I asked.

"A little." She winced. I slowed down. Satisfying her was my priority at the moment. My pleasure would have to wait. I couldn't be one of those careless men who had sex for his own pleasure. That wasn't me at all. I love to pleasure the woman I'm with. To satisfy her entire body. To watch her face when I hit it right. I can wait. Shallow breaths and soft moans began to escape from 4's lips. That signaled me to quicken my pace. She backed up and began to ride me herself. I put my hands on her waist as she bounced up and down on me. Her bounces became quicker and her moans louder as I felt her walls clench my manhood holding me tight within. Damn. I do not want this to be a quickie. She must be really excited. 4 rotated her hips as she continued to bounce up and down on me. Now I remember why I kept her around. Those hips of hers were simply amazing. Could be better than 1. No... No one is better than 1. Not even my wife. "I'm gonna cum." 4 moaned in my ear.

"Not yet. Hold it for me." I pulled her chin toward me and kissed her.

"I can't..." She furrowed her eyebrows

"Hold it..." I whispered, kissing her jawline. I slowed down my pace and held her.

"Michael! I was gonna-"

"If you hold it, it will be so much better." I always had to give her advice about sex for some reason. I slid back inside her and made her ride me slowly. Her hips rotated in a slow, yet sexy fashion. "See?" I started to pace myself to make sure she wouldn't cum yet. Yet again, her bounces became quicker. This time I didn't care because I was about to cum too. Her walls began to clench tightly around my manhood again much harder this time. I held her waist.

"Michael..." She moaned as she released herself on me. I came right after her. Exhausted sighs escaped her beautiful lips. We both sat on the bench exhausted, sweaty and satisfied. Fucking in front of the lake. That's romantic. I may have to do that with V on her birthday. "Michael, I love you so much." 4 smiled, kissing my cheek and neck.

"Me too." God, I loved myself so much. Who couldn't love me?

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