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Chapter 29

How could I lie my way out of this one? Why didn't 1 just lie for me? She wouldn't do that even if I asked, so I couldn't even expect that out of her. Damn. She could have called and left my clothes on her doorstep or something. I mean, I would have been pissed, but it beats her coming to my house and giving my clothes to Victoria. I can't figure out a lie for this one. I may as well tell her the truth... No. I couldn't do that. V can't handle the truth. That's a fact.

"Michael?" Victoria asked after a long period of silence.

"Yes, baby?"

"Can you tell me why you had your clothes over there?"

"Yeah...I can." I responded.


"Well, what?"

"Are you going to tell me?"

"Do you want me to?"

"Damn it, Michael! Yes, I do! Stop playing with me, because I don't have the time or patience for it.

"I'm sorry, V... Do you want me to tell you why I had my clothes over there?"

"Yes, Michael."

"Alright. I just had them over there, so I could have some clean clothes." I explained.

"Oh, really?" V asked with a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah, that's the truth too."

"No shit, Sherlock. Why else would you have clean clothes over there?"

"You're right..." I sighed. What else could I say? I couldn't say, 'you know what, Victoria? I had them over there so that each time I fucked 1, I had some new drawers to put on.' No, that would not fly with V.

"Michael, Gabriella told me that if you didn't tell me, I could just call her at my leisure. She was kind enough to give me her number." Is she crazy?! Who does that?! 1 is really trying to ruin my marriage. Ugh! "So, are you going to tell me? Or should I just call Gabriella?" I rubbed my temples.


"What?" My heart was going faster than a speeding bullet. I could only imagine the reaction Victoria will have once I tell her. I stayed silent for a while My nerves are getting the best of me. "Yes, Michael?" V asked again.

"Gabriella was my safe haven." I mean...I may as well tell the truth.

"Your what?" She sounded taken aback.

"My safe haven."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"I would go over to her house whenever you and I argued. And we'd..." I heard her sniffle. Is she crying? "We'd talk." Still telling the truth. I'm getting good at this.



"About what?" Her tone was becoming slightly defensive.

"About everything."

"What does this have to do with your clothes being at her place?"

"That's just it. We'd talk all night until we would fall asleep and I'd end up spending the night. So I would need new clothes."




"Yes, Victoria?"

"Gabriella is a very attractive woman."

"Yes, she is."

"I mean; she's got the hips just like you like them. The tits just like you like them..."


"I find it so hard to believe that you would just sit in front of her and talk."

"Well, believe it or not, V, we did."

"Michael, let's finish this conversation once you get home."

"Okay." Victoria hung up leaving me paranoid. So, does she believe me or not? Why do we have to finish this at home? What was wrong with having this conversation on the phone? Okay. I don't think I'm going home tonight. I went back to the movie and sat back down and propped my feet back up. If I had 1's number, I would call her and ask her why she went over my house. How in the hell did she know where I lived anyway? That's some sneaky shit right there.


By the time the movie was over, Michael and Prince were telling me everything I had missed. That the movie was incredible and I should have stayed to watch. It was four o'clock. I told 4 to unlock her door at seven. I think I'll just drop the boys off at home and hang with Kendra for a while.

When we pulled up to the house, I explained to the boys that I needed some 'me time' and that they should tell Victoria for me. I know she's going to be pissed... When they got in the house, I waved at Victoria and drove off... I shouldn't have done that. That probably pissed her off even more. I called Kendra, hoping that should would answer.

"Hello?" This wasn't Kendra...

"Hey, could I please speak to Kendra?"

"Michael?" It's Naomi...

"Hey, Naomi. I thought this was Kendra's cell.

"It is. I'm just holding it for her. Why are you calling?"

"I called to speak to Kendra."

"About what? You want to pull her into your drama too?"

"No, I just want to speak with her. Please give her the phone."


I was starting to get frustrated, "why not?"

"Why should I?" Oh, she is really childish.

"Naomi, please give her the phone."


"Is she busy?"


I rolled my eyes, "why didn't you just tell me that then?"

"You didn't ask." Smart ass.

"What's she doing?"

"We're at the hospital. She's getting a check-up."

"What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing. She gets this every year."

"Good for her. Look, Naomi, I've been thinking a lot about us."

"Who is 'us?'"

"You and me."

"What about 'us?'"

"I think if you give me a chance, you will learn to love me."

"Give you a chance?"

"Yeah. Let me take you to dinner. You'll see the side of me that I've been wanting to show you all along."

"Hmm. Is that so?"


"You know what's stupid, Michael?"

I made a face, "what?"

"You're really spitting game to me on Kendra's phone." Naomi hung up.

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