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Chapter 38

"Mother told me." Janet broke the silence between us.

"I expected she would." I sighed. I hurt Janet the most. More than I hurt my Mother and myself.

"Why, Michael?" Janet's voice cracked.

"I don't know."

"You don't know? Michael, seriously? That's the best you've got?"

"That's the only answer I can give you."

"What did she do to you, Michael? Flirt with a cop?" Janet asked sarcastically.

"Nothing." I managed to say.


"She didn't do anything." Janet sat straight up as if I'd stung her. Mentally, I probably did, since she didn't do anything to be cheated on either.

"She didn't do anything?"


"So, why would you cheat on her?"

"I don't know, Janet. I really don't. I just...did it. For no reason whatsoever."

"So you didn't cheat on her, because you fell out of love with her?"

"I could never fall out of love with her, dunk. She gave me the best thing in the world. I'd be dumb to fall out of love with her."

"Well, even though it's not my business, did she stop having sex with you?"


Janet made a face, "then why?!"

"I don't know, Janet!" I cried. "I don't know why I did it. I was so stupid. It was a mistake. A horrible mistake that might have just destroyed my marriage forever." I cried hard. I covered my face with my hands and cried so hard. Janet came over to comfort me, hugging me tight. I hugged her back. I know I've hurt her out of all the women in my life. Janet didn't ask any more questions. She just cried with me. "Janet, I'm afraid I lost Victoria. I lost her and she's not coming back. What if she takes the boys away from me? I wouldn't be able to live. I just couldn't." I cried at the thought of Victoria taking the boys away from me. Janet didn't answer this time. She just listened. That's what I love about my sister. She understands and listens to me. No matter how mad she is at me or the situation I'm in, she'll listen to me. I finally gained my composure and released myself from my sisters' embrace. "Dunk, I want to tell you something that I didn't tell Mother. And you have to promise you won't tell her." Janet nodded as she wiped her face. "I cheated on Victoria with more than one woman. I would kind of alternate between them." Janet made a face.

"How many, Mike?"


"Five women?!" I nodded

"And you alternated with them? Mike, would you have sex with them?" I nodded. "...did you have sex with Victoria too?" I nodded once again. "Michael, have you been tested? I'm beginning to get concerned."

"Surprisingly, I got tested today. So did Victoria."

Janet sighed a breath of relief, "when will the results be in?"

"This Thursday I told the doctor to mail them to the house."

"You better call me when those results get in, Michael."

"Janet, I'm fine. I already know. I don't need those-"

"Michael, you had sex with six different women! I don't care if you're older than me or not, I'm telling you right now as soon as you get those results in, you better read them. If you've contracted anything, you probably gave it to Victoria. Did you not think of that? Michael, you'd be dumb not to read those results." Janet was more than pissed now.

"Alright." I shrugged. "I'll look at them."

"And you'll call me."

"Yeah." I nodded.

"Good... Is Victoria here?"


"Did she take the boys?"

"No. They're here."

"Alright. I'm going up there, although they're probably sleep now. Then I'll be gone." Janet went upstairs. I sat on the couch with my face in my hands. Thank God for Janet. I don't know what I'd do or be without her. I guess I will look at those results and I'll tell her as soon as I get them. "Alright, Mike. I'm gone." Janet came down and hugged me. "I haven't seen my nephews in so long and I swear Prince looks just like you and Michael definitely takes after Victoria. Think of your boys. Keep them in mind with whatever you do. You should have thought of them before you went out and cheated on their mother." Janet flicked me on the forehead. "But I still love you big brother." She managed a smile.

"I love you too, Dunk."

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