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Chapter 39

The next day, I woke up alone in my bed. I would have at least expected Victoria to come over last night, but apparently not. I checked my phone to see if she had even attempted to call or respond to my texts. There was absolutely nothing. Not even a private number called. After all that happened, I felt lonely again like how I was before I met Victoria. I attempted to call her again only to get her voicemail. "Victoria," I sighed. "I know you're upset, baby, but hear me out. Call me or something, V. I just want to talk. I love you. Bye." I hung up and got out of bed. I looked over at the clock to find that it was eight a.m. I'm up extremely early today. I went to the bathroom and took a cold shower. That should ease my nerves a bit.

After my shower, I put on a pair of sweats and went downstairs. I wonder if Mother talked to Victoria and if Janet talked to her at all. This is only the beginning for me and I don't know what to expect next. My mind is racing as to what Joshua could possibly be saying to Victoria about me. He's probably agreeing with everything she has to say about me. I can see it right now. She's calling me a dirty dog and he's just agreeing with her like it's true. I'd doubt he's on my side. He's probably not claiming sides so he'll seem like a good person to Victoria. I should go over there and tell him to mind his business, but I'm not going to do that. I'd rather not hear his bickering. I sat in front of the television flipping through channels to find that nothing good was on. I haven't seen Victoria since we dropped her off at home. Hopefully she comes home soon. My phone rang. I took it out to see Victoria's name light up the screen. I answered immediately. "Victoria? Thank God! Did you-"

"Victoria isn't awake yet." A male answered.

"Who is this?" My heart was racing.


"Joshua? Why are you calling me?"

"I want to talk to talk to you."

"What about? This is between Victoria and me, not the whole world."

"As Victoria's friend, I think-"

"Joshua, I am more of Victoria's best friend than you will ever be. I don't need to talk to you."

"Just hear me out, Michael."

"Fine," I sighed. "Make it quick. I don't like you as is."

"Victoria misses you," Joshua began.

"Then, why isn't she-"

"Let me finish." I stopped talking. "She misses the old you. You don't realize that you've hurt her deeply."

"And I suppose you're making her feel much better, huh?"

"Michael, just listen, okay? I'm here being nice and you keep throwing these sly remarks at me Now I didn't need to call you, but I did, so you can either listen or hang up. Trust me, it'll be your loss, not mine. Victoria is ready to divorce you." Well, look who grew a pair!


"Are you sure?" He sounds upset.


"Are you positive?"

"I'm positive. Continue with whatever you were going to say."

Joshua sighed, "Victoria knew you were cheating on her the whole time." He paused as if he knew I would interrupt. He continued once he realized I wasn't going to. "There were many times when she was going to bust you, but she didn't she figured you would come to your senses and come clean to her. Her mother told her to wait. Now we realized how bad of an idea that was, because V could have caught something."

"From who?!"

"Who else?" I rolled my eyes. She probably caught something from him... "Like, I was saying, when I said Victoria misses the old you, she told me that I kind of reminded her of the old you when we first met. That's how we became such good friends. This was around the first time Victoria found out you were cheating. When you changed from being crazy in love with her to being this nymphomaniac or whatever. Point is, you need to get your act together, man. Because if you don't everything is going to be over for you." Joshua sighed.

"Is that a threat?" I sat up.

"No, it's a promise."

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