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Chapter 42


"Victoria, why would you say something like that? You know those kids mean the whole world to him." Joshua backed away from me as though I was the crazy one.

"He's going to feel the pain I felt for months. I'm not going to be the only one getting out of this relationship heartbroken and hurt. Aren't you the same one who said that I should divorce him?" I asked.

"Yes, but I didn't say you should get full custody of your children. I Never mind. V, that's just wrong."

"So, I'm the bad person now? Are you kidding me? While Michael was whoring around, he was the bad guy, but because I want to protect my children from that lifestyle, I'm the bad guy. Great. Thanks a lot, Joshua."

"Victoria, in no way shape or form did I say you were the bad guy. I'm just saying, if my wife had full custody of my children and I couldn't see them, personally...I don't know what I would do with myself."

"Well, Joshua, that's you." I stood up at the sound of my phone ringing. "Hello?" I answered not bothering to look at the caller I.D.

"Good morning, Mrs. Jackson. How are you?" A man answered.

"I'm fine... who am I speaking with?" I asked.

"Your mother, Mrs. Luhn, informed me that you were getting a divorce and that you're in need of the best. I'm David Fischer. Are you interested in telling me what I'm dealing with here?"


"I told Victoria the best way I could. It kind of slipped up. I just had to tell the truth, Jermaine. I couldn't hold it any longer. You know how much I love Victoria. I don't even know why I did it in the first place." I sat in the recording part of the studio with the light on.

"There had to be something, Michael. You can't just say you don't know why you cheated. I mean, look at me. There was a reason why Hazel and I divorced. You know that." Jermaine replied.

"Yeah, I hear you, but I'm telling you the honest to God truth here. Maybe I was just extra horny one night and V couldn't give me any because of her cycle or whatever, so I just went out to find someone who could give it to me that night. I don't know. That's just a guess. It could be true."

"And how many women did you say there were?"


"My little brother is a pimp!" Jermaine laughed.

"This is nowhere near funny. I've been in love with Victoria since college and I messed up our relationship over five women I didn't give two fucks about." The more I thought about it, the angrier I became with myself. My life was officially over.

"Calm down, Mike. I understand."

"No, you don't. You've never been in the kind of love Victoria and I have. You could never understand. Until you find a woman you're truly in love with and either one of you mess up, then you can say you understand, but now you're just saying anything to make me feel better about myself." By now I was crying again. I had let my guard down once again. His line went silent, clearly he finally could comprehend a little bit of how I felt. My heart was heavy. My whole body felt heavy. All my mistakes were just like a heavy weight on my shoulders.

"Mike?" Jermaine asked.

I cleared my throat, "yeah?"

"I would assume that while you were cheating on Victoria with those other women that you were smart enough to keep yourself strapped." I sighed heavily. Why is everyone jumping to conclusions that I might have caught something? I think I would know if I had something. It would be obvious.

"Jermaine, I guess I wasn't smart enough, because I didn't strap up. And trust me, before you jump to your own conclusions, I think I would know if I caught something."

"Michael," Jermaine sighed. "Get yourself checked out."

"I already have. The results come in tomorrow and they're going to say negative. I'm one hundred percent sure about that."

"Are you?"

I bit the inside of my cheek, "yes, I'm sure."

"Have you talked to Mom?"

"About the results coming in tomorrow?"

"No, in general."

"Yes, I called her first. Then Janet came over."

"What did Mom say?"

"You know she was disappointed in me."

"And Dunk?"

"She was pissed."

"I should have guessed that." Jermaine sighed.

"I should have too when she called me." I sighed as well.

"Mike, I'm gonna be on your side about this whole situation."

"What do you mean?" I was shocked. Was he saying I should have cheated on Victoria?

"I believe you're clean, Mike. I don't agree with you cheating."


"The last thing I need is to believe my brother caught something, because of his stupid choices."

"Thanks, man." A smile managed to form on my face.

"You're welcome. I love you, Mike. Now get your ass out of that dark studio and get your woman!"

"How'd you know the studio was dark?"

"I think after finding you in many dark studios over the years, I would know you'd be in a dark studio when you're in this kind of mood." I laughed and stood up. "You up now?"


"Now, go get your woman and you better think of something quick, because you have a lot of apologizing to do."


"Whatever you do, Michael. Don't get a divorce. I know how much you love Victoria. Don't do anything else stupid, you got that?"

"Got it."

"Good. Talk to you later." Jermaine hung up. I was more motivated than ever. I'm going to get Victoria back.

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