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Chapter 7

"So wait, Victoria thinks you're changing?" 3 asked me as we sat in her Jacuzzi. She sat behind me massaging my shoulders.

"Yeah. She thinks I don't love her anymore."

"Well, do you?"

"Of course! She's my wife."

"That doesn't mean anything."

"I love her. Trust me, baby."

"Alright, alright." 3's hands traveled down to my chest. "Do the two of you have sex regularly?"

"No. Not anymore."

"Why not? She's not giving you any?"

"She tries. I just don't want to."

"Why not? If she's offering it to you-" I turned around to face 3. She wrapped her legs around my waist, bringing me closer to her body.

"Baby, I've got you. Look, Victoria means a lot to me, but you...mmm, baby, you're somethin' special." I planted a kiss to her lips, casually bringing my body closer to hers. My manhood stood at full salute. I planted kisses on her face, lips, neck and chest. 3's moans were soft, ringing in my ears.

"Michael, what...about your-"

"Don't worry about her. I'm with you now." I whispered, reaching behind her back to untie her bikini top. The top became loose and raised a bit, showing the circular form of her breasts. I began to untie the neck part. The top fell into the water and slowly floated away. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. I felt her nipples harden as I kissed her soft lips. 3 reached down and began to take off her bottoms. They floated up to the surface. She reached and touched the brim of my swimming trunks and pulled them down. 3 reached for my manhood, stroking it as we stayed in a passionate lip lock. I took her hand away and pressed myself against her opening, penetrating her wetness. She nibbled at my lip, wrapping her arms around my neck. I reached underneath her and lifted her up as I entered her. 3 moaned biting her bottom lip. The grip of her legs tightened around my waist as she brought herself closer to me. 3 rotated her hips with mine as I thrusted myself inside her slowly.

"Michael, you always...make me...feel so good." She breathed.

"That's my specialty." I smiled, holding onto her ass tightly. My thrusts becoming a tad bit quicker. She rested her head on my shoulder, kissing my neck. Her nails dug into my shoulders as she continued to grind her hips with mine. 3 was sexually amazing. Everything was on beat with her. It wasn't forced. I never felt the need to be sexually rough with her because she knew what to do and how to do it. Sex with 3 was just unbelievable. I could say she was better than Victoria, but she wasn't. They were on the same level sexually. I lifted 3's head to witness the beautiful expressions on her face. That was another thing about 3. She was naturally beautiful. Any face she made was just bound to be cute and bring me to sexual arousal. I bit my lip to try to resist kissing her, but it didn't work. Next thing I knew; we were in one hard lip lock. Her tongue met and danced with mine. Damn, she tasted so good. I slowed down my pace, not wanting to cum early. When I was with 3, I just couldn't be a minute man. Being with 3 was like being in heaven, but better. How is that even possible? Maybe I'm just so into this right now. Better than heaven. Her pussy is so good; it's got me thinking crazy shit like that. Great thing about sleeping with 3 was although we fucked like we were in love, we never were. We were simply fuck buddies...well, in my mind at least. I don't know what she's thinking.

"Michael, faster, baby. Deeper..." 3 moaned. At her plea, I went faster, holding onto her waist tightly. "I love it when you hold me like I'm yours." She giggled.

"You are mine, baby. Don't you ever forget it." I said. At that, I felt her walls begin to clench onto my manhood. I went faster. Whenever I was with 3, my goal was to always make her cum first.

"Michael..." 3 moaned. My name was always the last thing to come out her mouth before she came, signaling me to get faster with my pace. Her leg grip on me became tighter as she tried to bring herself closer to me. She held her hands together behind my back and kissed my neck. After a couple more thrusts, 3 came all over me. Her moans just ringing in my ear. Her exhausted moans brought me to orgasm, releasing myself deep within her. 3 lay exhausted underneath me. We had both collapsed on the edge of her Jacuzzi. No one dare say a word as we overcame the powerful sensation that left our bodies a few seconds earlier. "Michael, what do you do to me?" 3 smiled.

"Everything." I managed to say. We laughed. I backed up and pulled my swimming trunks up. "You're so beautiful." I smiled, kissing her.

"Are you leaving?" She asked, concern in her voice.

"Yeah. I've got some business to attend to, baby."

"But I thought we were going to spend the day together. I told you I had you tonight."

I laughed and got out of the Jacuzzi, "I know, baby, but other things came up."

"Michael, I really did not plan on sleeping alone tonight. I wanted-" I kissed her one last time.

"I'll be back at ten." I lied and walked over to the lawn chair to get my clothes. "Don't wait up on me. Leave the door unlocked!"

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