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Site Anniversary/App Updates

I've been procrastinating on updating for the longest because I've been working, updating the site, updating the app, thinking about my site anniversary, researching LWMJ, etc.

It's just been soooo much.

But first and foremost, April 6, 2022 made a year for "!"

In a year, this home base for all of my stories has amassed 41,596 clicks, so for that, I want to thank you! Thank you to all of my old and new readers! I truly appreciate you all so much for keeping up with me and my works.

Thank you so much specifically to @MidnightAugustMoon ( for encouraging me to make this site happen! For being there every step of the way and for helping me whenever I had any issues with the site or personally.

Without any of you, this site wouldn't be where it is today, so I sincerely want to thank all of you so much. This means a lot to me that I have been able to keep this site up (considering I personally made the first site FLOP meanwhile my readers kept wanting more lol) and running. Even if I "stop" writing on this site (don't see that happening any time soon), this will always be here for anyone to read. Meanwhile excerpts on other sites will continue to be made avaliable (I see wattpad and people still stealing and plagiarizing out there, chile 😗).

So, after a YEAR, I've finally been able to figure out how to make it to where you all can read on the app! It's funny because it was so simple, but all that matters is that I finally have it 😂

If you're a member of the site, you have access to all of my stories via the app. You can save chapters, read seamlessly, comment, like others comments, post gifs, and everything else you can do on the site, but on the app 🥰

I hope you all enjoy the new chapters!

It seems I have a monthly schedule so far, so that’s good! 🤗

Having a career & writing is somewhat hard, but I’m making do with what I have 😅

Again, thank you all so much for your endless support 💕

There is so much more to come. Y’all just don’t know ✨✨✨

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