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I killed them. I killed them both. And the adrenaline in my veins refused to cease. I went to the front door, unlocked it and went straight to her bedroom. Shattered glass from the window covered the floor. Zora and her fuck buddy's blood painted the walls a dark red. After scanning the scene, I walked right over to his body and pulled the trigger over and over and over again releasing every bullet into his jolting corpse. His blood splattered onto my shoes and pants as I continuously unloaded a bullet into him. My lips were tight. Anger took over my body like never before. I've never been this full of rage in my life. Never thought I would kill a man or the woman I loved. Ever. But alas, here I am.

"Michael, stop!" Brett took hold of my arm. I tore my gaze from the man's body, looking right into Brett's pleading eyes. "Breathe..." I hadn't been breathing this entire time. I took a deep breath and scanned the room again until I found Zora. The lump in my throat grew again. My eyes stung with the tears I couldn't hold back this time. I walked over to her lifeless body, and kneeled down beside her, lifting her head up. Her eyes were wide open. Not a sight of life in them. Only the glazed look death gave the eye when all was said and done.

"Zora," I cried, holding her head up to my chest. "Zora, how could you do this to me?!" I cried into her hair. "I didn't deserve this. You didn't deserve this. How could you?!" It was so hard to breathe. My entire body shook as I cried for her. I shouldn't have killed her. I should have just killed him. She didn't deserve that. I can't... I can't... I... What am I going to do now? Now not only has she cheated on me, but she's dead because of me. No... No. Because of her. Because of what she did to me. I... Why? I regret this. Brett was right. I shouldn't have come here. I should have waited. I should have waited a couple days like they both said. Now she's gone forever. Oh, God. I killed them, but this does not erase the fact that she cheated. She still cheated. I still watched another man have sex with the woman I love.

"Michael," Brett tapped me on the shoulder. "We have to go. I hear police sirens."

I stood up, wiping my face of any tears and blood, "goodbye, Zora." My lip quivered as I stared down at her lifeless body. Her glazed over eyes stared up at the ceiling. I followed Brett out of the house and got in the car quickly. He started the car and sped off. I faced the window, staring out at the comforting pitch black of the night sky, with nothing but the full moon guiding us back home. Brett didn't ask any questions. Didn't look at me. Nothing. He knew what was up. I'm dealing with not only the fact that my girlfriend cheated on me and I witnessed her do it. But I've also killed the love of my life and I'm never going to get her back.

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