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Chapter 1

Single Husband - (noun) : A married man acting as though he is a single man.

"I hate it when you leave." Victoria smiled, kissing me as I walked in the house. "How was your day, baby?"

"Same as every other day. Except I had to end rehearsal early today." I sat in the chair as Victoria sat on my lap.

"Aww. Why, baby?"

"Had to take care of some business."

"Are you kidding me? I'm tired of all this business, Michael. They can't keep pulling you all the time like this. You've got a family-"

I kissed her lips, "I know, baby. I know."

Victoria smiled, "Michael, it's-"

I kissed her again. "Trust me, baby. I know. Where are my boys?"

"Playing outside." We stood up and went outside.

"Daddy!" Prince and Michael smiled as they ran to hug me.

"Hey, boys! How was your day?"

"Daddy, I found a snail!" Prince said.

"No, I found it, Prince! Daddy, I found it behind you and Mommy's secret house."

"Michael, you went-"

"No, daddy. I went behind your secret house."


"See, Daddy? I'm omediant."

"It's obedient, Michael." I laughed.

"Alright, boys. Daddy's had a long day." Victoria smiled.

"Aww, again? Daddy, do you want me to beat up those stupid business people?" Prince asked.

"Nah, it's okay." I laughed.

"Because I'll jack 'em up. Just like you taught me."

"Alright, Prince. Let's let Daddy get some sleep, okay?"

"Okay..." The boys said in unison.

"After I tuck you guys in, Mommy's going to help Daddy sleep. That way he can play with you all day tomorrow." Victoria smiled and winked at me. "Come on, boys." We all went in the house. I went to our room and took off my shoes. Being on my feet all day is a burden. Just as I began to unbutton my shirt, my phone vibrated. I took it out and looked at the I.D. 3. I smiled and opened the text.

Can you come over tonight?

No. Sleeping with my wife tonight. I replied.

You say that every night, yet you always find time to come over ;)

Lol, I know. Tonight is different.

Fine, I get you tomorrow night then. XOXO

I smiled at the last text, deleted the messages and put my phone on the charger.

"I put the kids to sleep." I heard Victoria say as she kissed my neck and helped me take off my shirt.

"That was quick." I laughed.

"Mmmhm. They really wanted me to help Daddy go to sleep tonight. Prince wants you to have a lot of energy tomorrow so you can teach him to dance." Victoria nibbled on my ear and came around to straddle me.

"Mmm, baby?" I groaned.

"Yes?" Victoria smiled.

"I'm really tired."

"I know. That's why I'm-"

"I'm not in the mood tonight."

"Well, I'll get you-"

"No, baby. I'm serious. My muscles hurt. I've been out all day. I'm just not in the mood for it tonight."

Victoria stopped and looked at me, "I knew it." She sighed and got off of me.

"Knew what?"

"You're changing, Michael, and not in a good way either." She got on her side of the bed and turned off the light.

"How am I changing?"

"You used to love sex. Now you don't even get in the mood anymore."

"Victoria, I'm tired. A man can't be tired?"

"Michael, there have been days when you'd come in hot, sweaty, muscles aching, hair sweated out and feet throbbing from pain because you've been on them all day and you'd still make mad love to me.'ve changed."

"I was young then, V."

"You know, they say 'the older you get, the better the sex.' You're changing, Michael. I don't know what it is, but this is not the Michael I know. Goodnight." She sighed and turned her back on me. I looked at her and shook my head I put my shirt back on and took my phone off the charger. I looked through my address book and found 4.

I'm coming over. I texted and took my keys out my coat pocket.

See you then :) She replied.

"Where are you going?" Victoria asked.

"I'll be back, V. Just gotta take care of some business."

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