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Chapter 10

Maybe it's just me, but Victoria is starting to get on the slow side a little bit. Seriously. She would have seen right through my lie any other time. I'm not the only one changing. Or maybe Victoria is playing dumb to mess with my head... She's good for that. Yeah, maybe she is, because V is not stupid. Never has been. She sees right through my lies, but doesn't want to admit it to herself. You know what? To be on the safe side and to not psych myself out, I'm just going to say Victoria has changed and is just dumb.

"Michael, tomorrow is my birthday." Victoria yelled from the bathroom.

"Yes, I remember, baby." I said, looking at my phone. 4 has been texting me all morning. She's apologized at least thirty times. I just keep telling her not assume shit about me anymore.

"Michael, I've got the entire day planned out for us." Victoria said, peeking from behind the bathroom door.

"Oh, yeah? Like, what?"

"We haven't been shopping in a while. So we're going shopping, then to a movie. Remember what it was like to be in the movies together? Then we're going to paddle boat in the lake."

"Paddle boat?" I asked.

"Yeah! It'll be fun, Michael. Trust me." She smiled and came over to kiss me. "Oh and no phones allowed. This is our time, Michael. I don't want you talking to anyone else, understand?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"I'm serious, Michael. Couples divorce all the time because they lack communication with one another."

"We won't be one of those couples, V."

"Good. Michael..."

"What?" I looked in her direction.

"Come take a shower with me." She flirted.

"I thought we were supposed to go shopping, V. Not playing around."

"Fine." She shut the door I went downstairs to the guest room to relax. Ha! Victoria and I used to fuck all the time in here. In fact, this was where Mike Jr. was conceived. I smiled at the memories and looked around the room. Just then, I got a pounding headache. I haven't even eaten anything yet. Maybe, I need some more water. I'll drink some when I get out the shower. I went in the guest bathroom and took a shower instead of waiting on Victoria to be done. Taking a shower was peaceful to me. It gave me time to think. Now that I think about it, I had sex twice yesterday. I chuckled at the memory. 3 and 1 were fantastic as always. I have to get with 3 more often though. 4 and I haven't had sex in a while. Damn. I'm slacking. I'll try to get with her after my day with Victoria. I have to keep all of my women satisfied one way or another. I got out of the shower and made my way upstairs to our room. When I got there, Victoria sat on the bed naked, putting lotion on her body. Damn, it's been a while since I've seen her like this. She almost measures up to 1. Ooo, that's bad. I should be comparing 1 to my wife, not the other way around.

"Why are you standing there like that?" Victoria giggled.

"It's been a while since I've seen you like this, Victoria." I swallowed.

"See what you've been missin'?"

"You're still so gorgeous..."

"Took ya long enough to realize that. Come on. Get dressed. I'm super excited!" I watched as Victoria went in the closet. I guess I have been missing out...somewhat. I followed her into the closet and went over to my side. I pulled down a white button down shirt and black slacks. I felt Victoria breasts on my back. "You look handsome today."

"Thanks." I put on my shoes and hurried downstairs. "Hurry up, V!" I called before I cleared my throat. I forgot to get some water. I went to the kitchen to get a bottle. This ought to clear up my throat and that headache. I drank the whole bottle in one gulp. My dry throat went away, but not so much the headache. "Victoria, do we have any headache pills or something?"

"There's some Tylenol in the cabinet." She called. I went in the cabinet to retrieve the Tylenol and got another bottle of water. I took the bottle and chased water down with it. It's been a while since I've had to take a pill.

"Ready, Michael?" Victoria came downstairs putting an earring in. She wore a tight, white tank top that showed all of her cleavage.

"You're going to the mall like that?" I asked.

"Yeah. Why?"

"Just looks like you're showing too much."

"Showing too much?"

"Ya know...?" I made a gesture at her breasts.

"Oh, it's not that bad, Michael. Come on."

"You've got your money with you?"


"Where is it?" I turned her around to check her back pockets.

"In my bra..."

"Oh...I didn't notice." I forgot she used to do that. It's still very weird to me.

"Let's go, Michael." Victoria went out the back door towards the garage. I followed her and locked the back door. "Let's take the 'Stang today." She smiled.

"I'm not feeling the Mustang today, baby. I've been driving it all week. Let's take the SUV."

"Oh, that's cool." She made a face and got in the SUV. I got in and started the car. "You okay today, baby?" V touched my hand.

"I'm fine. I just have a headache. That's all."

"Did you have too much sugar?"

"I haven't even eaten yet."

"Too much salt last night?"


"Hmm, you took some Tylenol, right?"


"Good." Victoria kissed me.

~ ~ ~

"You sure you don't want anything?" Victoria asked as we walked around the mall hand in hand. It's been a while since I've held hands with someone when it didn't include sex.

"Positive. Today is all about you, Victoria." I pulled her in for a kiss.

"Are you only doing this because Joshua came over last night?"

"No. I love you. A man can't show his wife that he loves her?"

"You can. It's haven't done it in a while."

"I know and I'm sorry, baby. I promise to show you the affection you deserve from here on out." I pulled her in for another kiss.

"Michael?" I looked up and looked around.

"You okay, baby?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah. Someone just called my name."

"Michael!" A girl raced towards me. I focused on the face lighting up at the sight of seeing me. This girl wasn't a fan. It was 3.

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