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Chapter 11

"Michael! How are you?" She smiled and hugged me.

"" I hugged her back. I've been calling her by her number for so long, I forgot her name.

"Oh, don't act like you don't know me now." She smiled. I scratched my head. I'm gonna get a mouthful when we get in private. "You're so fake!" She slapped my arm. "Hi, I'm Michael's friend, Kendra." 3 said to Victoria. Oh yeah...that's her name.

"I'm Michael's wife, Victoria." Victoria smiled and shook Kendra's hand.

"Michael has told me so much about you! Now I finally get a chance to meet you! How lucky am I?!" They laughed. 3 cut me a look. Oh yeah, I'm going to get a mouthful. After this, it'll be best that I don't contact her for three days' tops. Hey, better her than 1. She would have gone off on me in front of my wife.

"I don't ever remember Michael telling me about you... Have you, Michael?" Victoria looked up at me.

"No, I haven't."

"Oh...well, how did the two of you meet?" She asked 3.

"Michael, should I?" 3 asked me. I shrugged. Honestly, I forgot how we met. "Okay." She smiled. "Well, we were both at a club..." Oh shit! I remember everything now!"

"I'll tell the rest, Kendra." I interrupted. It feels so weird saying her government name.

"You sure?"

"Yeah." We all stood there in silence.

"Well?!" Victoria pressed.

"Oh, we met at Club 60. I uh, had just finished performing that night and I wanted to relax. So I got...a drink-"

"A drink?" Victoria gave me an odd look.

"Yes... a drink... Next thing I know; Kendra is talking to me about...what were you talking about again?" V isn't buying this. I know she isn't. She knows I don't drink. I should have just let Kendra tell her the truth about how we met.

"I randomly came to you ranting about my ex." Good job, Kendra. She's almost as good as me. Remind me to reward her for that.

"Really?" Victoria cut me another look that said she did not believe this at all.

"Mmmhm." Kendra nodded. She looked between Victoria and I. "You know what? I'm on a time limit, so I'll catch up with you later, Mikey." She smiled and hurried off. Victoria put her arm around my waist as we continued to walk the mall.

"Why are you so quiet?" I asked.

"I thought I was only allowed to call you 'Mikey.' You two must be pretty close if she's allowed to call you that." She seemed so disappointed.

"We're not close and you're the only one who can call me that."

"Why did you let Kendra call you that then?"

"We're best friends, V. I allow her to call me that from time to time."


"Yeah, baby. Don't sweat the small stuff. We're supposed to be having fun."

"You know what, Michael? Let's have some 'me time' today."

"I've had my 'me time' babe."

"Okay...well, I'll have my 'me time' today." Victoria said as she broke away from me.

"You sure?"

"Yeah." She smiled weakly and kissed me.

"How are you going to get home?"

"I'll just pick up a taxi."

"Victoria," I pulled her back. "Are you okay? After you met Kendra you did a 360 on me."

"I'm fine, Michael. My mom told me I should dedicate a day to myself to sort my thoughts out and figure out what I'm doing with my life."

"Oh...okay. What time should I expect you back?"

"I don't know." She shrugged and walked away. What's up with her? Probably PMS. She does get moody around that time. As I walked towards the car, I turned my phone on. Four messages from 3. Oh, boy. I've gotta talk to her and do something to get her to stop talking to me for a while. I pressed call and waited for her to answer.

"Michael, what has gotten into you? Has all that fuckin' got to your head? You don't remember my name now? Do I mean anything to you? Shit, you didn't even introduce me to your wife. I had to introduce myself. Are you too good for me now? Is your wife too good to be introduced to? You have me all the way fucked up." She answered.

"Are you done?" I sighed.

"Am I done? Am I done? Michael this is only the beginning. You know you're starting to become a real ass right now. I texted you and you didn't even text me back!"


"Michael, you're pushing my buttons right now."

"My bad."

"Is that sarcasm?"

"Does it sound like it?"

"What the fuck is wrong with you!?"

I sighed," can I talk now?"

"Duh, I'm giving you permission to talk now, aren't I?"


"Fuck you." She hung up. That was easier than I thought. Should keep her off my back for at least a week until I want her again. I started my car and began to drive to my favorite park.

Meet me at my favorite place. I texted 4.

Is this your way of forgiving me? She texted back.

Just get yourself over here.

:) See you then...

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