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Chapter 14

"All the things I've done for her and she thinks I'm cheating on her." I told 1.

"Well, you are." She shrugged.

"Yes, I know, but there are no signs that I'm cheating on her."

"Yes, there is." 1 laughed.

"Oh, yeah? Like what?"

"You smell like another woman."

"I could be trying on perfume."

"Ha! Did she fall for that one?"

"Yeah. Well, I don't really know."

1 laughed, "she must be pretty stupid."

"Hey! That's my wife..."

"And? You don't treat her like it." I looked down. "Yeah, I got you in check, didn't I? Michael, I'm gonna give it to you straight. I may seem hypocritical, but hear me out. The sex is great. Honestly, I could give you the Best Dick award," I smirked. "But you've got a wife and kids who need you. You foolin' around with all these women, including myself," I looked up when she said that. "Yeah, you thought I didn't know, huh? I been knew. I just don't give a fuck. Anyway, you need to stop sleeping around. Your wife loves you and needs you. You slowly pushing her away doesn't help the case."

"I'm not pushing her away."

"Yes, you are." I kept quiet. "Granted, I like you as a fuck buddy, but honestly, we have to stop."

"Are you serious?"

"Does it look like I'm playing?" No hint of a smile played at her lips. She was dead serious...

I stood up, "fine. After all I've done for you, you're going to drop me like this? I wanted to keep you."

"What have you done for me, Michael? Besides dick me down, what have you really done for me? I don't see you paying any of these bills. The only thing you have to offer me is dick. Don't play with me." I can't believe she's really doing me like this.

"Fine. I couldn't care less to be honest with you."

"There is no need for that stank ass attitude. I'm giving it to you straight and I'm being real nice about it too. Reality check, boo, the world does not revolve around you."

"You know what's funny? You weren't saying any of this shit when I was fucking your brains out."

"You know what? Get out. I'm being serious and being nice as fuck too. And you're not taking any of this seriously. You always want to play. Ain't nobody got time to be playing with you all the time."

"Is this your way of starting something so that it could lead to sex?"

"No, Michael. I want you out of my house. Now."

"Says the woman who literally begs me to come over every night."

"I'm done with you, Michael." 1 shook her head.

"So? I've got three other women, including my wife, who want me."

"Well those other women are pretty damn stupid. And here you go playing tit for tat like a little ass boy."

"Didn't we just fuck last night?"

"Yes, we sure did and I came to my senses and realized that you and I are wrong. Mainly you. Cheating on your wife like it's nothing. You know what?" She laughed. "Karma is a bitch and I hope she gets you where it hurts and when you least expect it." She slammed the door in my face. Really? 1 was the best I ever had... Whatever. She'll be the same one, just like 4 texting me in an hour apologizing her ass off. I'm gonna make her beg too. I can't believe she had the audacity to say that to me. Then again, I can believe it because it's 1 we're talking about. Is it national "Get mad at Michael Day" or something? Because all of my women, except 4 are pissed off at me. I couldn't care less. It's Victoria's birthday tomorrow, so I'll take good care of her. I'll give her a massage, take a bath with her, and we'll make love until the break of dawn. Yup. It'll be that easy. She'll forget all about me cheating on her.

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