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Chapter 15

I woke up to find Victoria in bed with me. I pulled her close and kissed her. She opened her eyes and gave a smile that made her entire face light up. "Happy birthday, baby." I whispered.

"Thank you." She smiled.

"I've got Dave and Busters reserved just for you." Lie.

"What about my perfume?"

"All wrapped up." Another lie. I had to get that stuff now! "I've got another gift that you'd absolutely love." Truth.

"Ooo, what is it?"

"Me." I whispered.

"I love that." Victoria smiled and kissed me.

"The boys are gone for the weekend. We get the whole house to ourselves. We can literally do it anywhere you like." We laughed.

"I love that too." She smiled.

"What's first on your to-do list, baby?"

"Lay here with you. We haven't done that in a while, Michael."

"True." I nodded.

"I'm sorry I upset you yesterday. I was just-"

"Let's not talk about that, babe. It's your birthday."

"Okay," she sighed "Well let me at least tell you where I was yesterday."


"I went over to Joshua's place."


"We didn't do anything, Michael. I promise. We only watched some movies and went shopping."


"What? Michael, I felt guilty and I had to tell you where I was last night."

"Chill, babe. I'm glad you told me. But I mean...why should you tell me? It's none of my business."

"Because I know if you would have done something you felt guilty about, you would have told me to keep me from being suspicious."

I bit my lip, "you're right, V."

She rolled her eyes and got out of bed, "I'm going to get ready." I reached over to the night stand and looked at my phone.

Remember to tell Victoria I said Happy Birthday :) 4 texted me. Delete. I told her that's not a good idea. I got up and went downstairs to the living room so Victoria wouldn't hear me call D&B. I got it all set up, but forgot one tiny little detail. 1's perfume. I have to ask her what kind of perfume she uses. I'll call her. I found her number and pressed call. The phone rang twice until an automated recording answered, "We're sorry. The number you have called has requested to block the number that you're calling from. If you think this is a mistake-" I hung up. I know she did not block my number. Is she serious? I called again only to be directed back to the same automated message. Granted, I have mad respect for 1, but she really fucked up this time. This isn't cool at all. She's gonna make me go to her house, but you know what? It's my wife's birthday. I'll deal with 1 tomorrow.

I went back upstairs to find Victoria already dressed. I got in the shower mad as hell. 1 really blocked my number. I'm not gonna be able to get over this all day. I got out the shower and got dressed. I wonder what Victoria has planned for the day, because she got dressed too quick.

"What do you have planned for the day?" I asked her once I got downstairs.

"Well, let's go get breakfast. Oh and we have to pick up Joshua."

"Why? He's a grown man. He can drive himself."

"It's common courtesy, Michael. He's going to be with us all day."

"You were with him yesterday!"

"Michael, I'm not arguing with you. Joshua's coming. Bottom line." You know what? This girl is changing. See, I would say it's PMS, but she gets emotional around that time, not bitchy. I'm going to let this one slide. I walked out to the van. "Michael, I wanted to take the Mustang today." Victoria said.

"What's wrong with the van? There's more room." She put her hands on her hips and made a face. "Fine..." I got out the van and got into the Mustang. Victoria got in on the passenger's side and buckled up.

"Joshua is coming with us to breakfast?"


"Can you put his address into the GPS please?"


~ ~ ~

When we got to Joshua's place, Victoria checked her hair and make-up then got out the car. What was all that for? He's not important. As I waited in the car, 3 texted me. I deleted the message without reading it. I'll talk to her next week. I looked out the window to find Victoria hugging up on Joshua when he opened the door. I looked away. I'll admit, yes, I'm jealous. I have every legal right to be. Yes, I'm cheating on Victoria with two other women, but unlike Victoria, I don't flaunt my shit all in front of her. If I were to ever bring 4 out in public or around Victoria, we'd probably be divorced by now. Victoria is doing this on purpose. I see right through it. I'm only going to let this slide for so long. Victoria opened the door and pulled the seat forward so Joshua could get in the back.

"Hey, Michael." He extended his hand toward me.

"Hey." I ignored his gesture.

"Don't mind him." Victoria rolled her eyes. Joshua sat back in his seat and pulled Victoria's seat back. "Thanks." She smiled.

"Where to, V?" I asked.

"I don't know. Where do you want to go, Joshua?" She turned around to ask him. I rolled my eyes.

"Victoria, it's your birthday." He replied.

"Hmm." She thought. Hell. No. I'm not dealing with this all damn day.

~ ~ ~

We ended up in Denny's. Victoria sat by Joshua, which got me thinking I was the tag along. She's doing this on purpose and quite frankly, it's childish as fuck.

"Victoria, would you like to spend your birthday with him or me?" I asked.

"Michael, what kind of question is that? I want to spend it with both of you." She replied.

"I didn't ask that. Him or me, Victoria? Because to be honest with you, you seem more infatuated with him than me, and I'm your husband. I wanted to be alone with you today, V. Now I feel like a tag along with my own wife."

"Now you want to act like my husband?" She made a face. "See, Joshua? I have to deal with this every day."

"You know what, V? Have fun. Here are the keys. Let me know if you still want Dave and Busters or not. Hopefully, I'll see you at home tonight." I threw the keys on the table and headed toward the exit.

"Excuse me, Joshua. Michael..." She followed me out. "Michael."

"What?" I turned around to face her.

"Look... To be honest, I did that to get your attention and to make you jealous."

"Well, it worked, V."

"Okay... I'm sorry. I just... you haven't been giving me attention lately. Your mind is always on something else or you're always on that stupid phone. I did it because I saw that you were texting someone called 4."

"Why are you looking through my phone?"

"Your phone was out on the night stand last night and you didn't let me see it before so..."

"So, you just looked through my phone, huh?"

"You can't get upset with me. I wanted to see if what I thought was true."

"Is it true?"

"Is what true?"

"Whatever you thought. Is it true?" She looked down. I looked away. I can't believe this. I would expect 3 or 4 to do something like this. But Victoria? "Victoria..." I sighed. "Look, have fun with Joshua. I'll see you later." I walked away and called a taxi. Yup. She sure did get my attention alright.

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