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Chapter 18

"Gabriella, some bitch lookin' dude is at your door. Want me to take care of him?" The guy called over his shoulder.

"Bitch?" Aww, hell no. He better be glad I can control myself, otherwise I'd be on his ass for real. 1 came from her room in a loosely tied robe. So loose I could see nipple.

"Michael?" She laughed. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to ask why you blocked my number." I responded.

"Uh oh. Here we go again," she sighed. "Aidan, go back to my room, baby. I'll be there in a minute." He went to her room.

"Again? What are you talking about? This is my first time coming to you about this."

"Yes, again. Every time I block some dude's number, he always thinks he can just come up to my house and confront me. Let me give it to you straight, Michael. You're not confronting me about shit. You're just mad because I gave you a reality check."

"I was not confronting you."

"That's what it looks like, bud." She leaned in the doorway with her arms folded.

"I just want to know why you blocked my number."

"Because I cut you off." She shrugged.

"Cut me off? I do the cutting off around here."

"In your own little world, I bet you do. But you don't run this, so you can go on and get out of here with all that."

"I never said I ran anything."

"Then what the fuck are you doing on my porch then?" She stood up straight.

"You know what? You're acting like a real..." I wanted to say it really bad. I've never called a woman out of her name before and I don't intend on making this my first time either.

"A what, Michael? A bitch? I don't care! People call me that all the time. That does not phase me. Believe that."

"I never called you a bitch."

"You know what, Michael? Regardless if you called me it or not, at least I'm not being a sorry ass bitch cheating on my spouse. You've got something good there waiting for you at home and you're here trying to confront me over something irrelevant as fuck." I rolled my eyes. "I should not be having this conversation with you. You're a grown ass man. You know what's right and wrong. I'm sure your mother taught you better."

"Leave my mother out of this."

"You know she taught you better. It's sad you've got to hear all this from me and can't even make up your own damn mind." She shook her head. "Get off my porch. Leave. Because I don't want you and I sure as hell don't need you. Your wife needs your pathetic ass." 1 slammed the door in my face. Fuck it. I don't need her anyway. I got in my car and drove off. I'm done with 1. She's not done with me. I'm done with her! Damn, now I'm left with 3 and 4. How the fuck did that happen? Well, I guess I can see it. 5 got pregnant and engaged. 2 got bacterial vaginosis... I'm going to pray for that girl. Then 1 suddenly felt the need to let me go because she felt like it. I've had them all for a while. Then all of a sudden...wait, was all that in the course of one week? Wow! Maybe it's a sign that I need new women. Yeah, that's what it is. I have to get three new women. I think I'll do that tonight after Victoria and I pick up the boys. I'm going to get some new girls. That'll even everything out. I wonder what 3 is doing right now. I guess I'll pay her a visit. I mean, it is a new week.

~ ~ ~

When I got to 3's house, I saw another car right next to hers. I've never seen that car before. Damn, I hope she doesn't have a guy over too. I went to the front door and knocked, expecting her to open the door. Instead another woman opened the door.

"Can I help you?" She asked. Damn, I like her attitude.

I smiled, "Is Kendra there?"

"Yeah, who are you?"

"Her friend. Michael."

"Kendra! Michael's here!" She called. "Come on in." I walked in behind her. Damn, she's got a nice ass. I'm not even gonna lie, I think I may have to recruit her to be one of my girls. I'd just have to tell her that Kendra isn't allowed to know.

"Hey, Michael." 3 came from the kitchen and kissed me. Woah. I get a kiss?

"Hey, Kendra."

"Yeah, you better remember my name." She laughed. "What's up?"

"Nothing. My wife had a birthday yesterday."

"How did that turn out?" She asked, going back to the kitchen.

"It was great when she finally got home." Kendra's friend sat beside me.

"Why do you say that?"

"She was with her friend all day, so I only got her when it was around time for bed."

"Damn, so what'd y'all do then?"

"What do you think we did?"

"Oh!" She smiled. "She got that good dick, huh? It's about time! You busy screwing around with me. But hey, I don't mind."

I looked over at Kendra's friend, "what's your name?" I mouthed.

"Naomi." She smiled.

"You're cute."

"Cute is for little girls and dogs." She responded.

"Alright then, beautiful." I said a little above a whisper. "So Kendra, you still mad at me?"

"No. Oh, Michael. I'm so sorry. This is my best friend, Naomi. Naomi, this is Michael." Naomi smiled and shook my hand. "We've been best friends since college." 3 smiled. I couldn't keep my eyes off of Naomi.

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