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Chapter 28

I don't call it cheating. I call it exploring my options. What does she not get about that? I got in the car and buckled up.

"Where did the lady go?" Michael asked.

I sighed, "she went home."

"Are we still going to the movies?" Prince anxiously asked.

"Yeah. We're still going." I drove off and headed toward the movie theater. She's only known me for two days and she goes off on me like she's known me for years. Damn! I just want to be friends with the girl.

"Daddy, are you angry?" Michael asked me.

"No," I sighed, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

"Do you still love us?"

"Of course, I-"

"Mommy says sugarcoated answers don't count. It's yes or-"

"I love you, boys." That wasn't even sugarcoated.

"Three tickets for Superman." I told the guy at the ticket counter. I bought the boys popcorn and candy before we went to our assigned auditorium. Prince chose the seat, so Michael and I followed him to the top and sat down. I propped my feet up on the seat in front of me and pulled out my phone. I've seen this one before. It's just a remake of the one in the 70s, but with better graphics and effects.

"Daddy, when will the movie start?" Michael asked me with a mouthful of popcorn.

"In about two minutes." I told him as I scrolled through my contacts to find 4. Maybe I'll talk to her throughout the movie. That is if she even wants to talk to me.

Hey Beautiful... I texted her. I was slightly nervous that she would not text me back. I waited a few minutes and watched the advertisements on the movie screen. Then my phone vibrated.

Hey. 4 responded. Ahh...she added a period at the end. She's probably upset with me.

You okay? I asked.

Not really.

What's wrong?

I've been throwing up like crazy, cramping and stuff. This is not my week.

Ahh, is it that time of the month?


Oh. That's weird.

That's what I said.

Well, what do you think it is?

I don't know.

I hope you feel better soon. have you been?

Alright. Not the best.

I haven't seen you in a while. I kind of miss you...

Kind of?

Okay...maybe I miss you a lot.


-_- I miss you a lot. Are you happy?

:) Ecstatic.

You're so conceited lol

No, I just love myself. As everyone should feel about themselves. Is it that obvious?

Just a tad... Are you going to come see me tonight?

I looked up and thought about what I should say. The movie had already started. Well, that explains the boys silence. They're really into this movie.

Yeah, I'll drop by.

Don't play with me, Michael. There goes that period again.

I'm not playing. I'll drop by, baby.

You promise?

Now you know I can't promise you anything. I have a wife and children.

That didn't stop you before.

Trust me, gorgeous. I'm dropping by. I'll even spend the night with you.

Promise me, Michael.

I can't promise you that.

Just promise me. It's not hard. This girl is making it sound like she wants me to promise to marry her.

I'm not going to promise you. Just trust me, okay? I'll be there by eight. Unlock your front door at seven in case I happen to get there early.

Michael, I just want you to promise me, so I won't get my hopes up just to find out you bailed on me.

Even if I promised you, I could still bail. She didn't respond. I guess that really got her thinking.

I sat and watched the movie completely bored by it, but I was still waiting on 4 to respond. I checked my phone. Three thirty. I checked the time I sent that last message. Two forty-five. Ugh!

You there? I texted her.

You wouldn't bail on me, would you?


Are you lying?


...okay, Michael.

I'm coming over. Just know that.


Have I ever let you meet my boys?


Do you want to meet them?


:( Why not?

You told me you didn't want me to meet them when I asked you the first time, because it would only cause unnecessary drama. And you're not about drama. Neither am I. I hate being caught up in that stuff. So no. I don't want to meet them.

They're really good kids.

Of course. You raised them.

Then why don't you want to meet them?

I'm not going to get myself caught up in drama. I just told you that.

Okay :(

Don't do that.

Do what?

That face.

This face? :(


Why not?

Just don't do it. You're trying to guilt trip me.


...I don't like you...

Lol. I know. You love me. You've told me before. My phone began to vibrate indicating that someone was calling. It was Victoria. I went downstairs and answered the phone, "hey, babe."

"Hey, Michael. Gabriella came over." Victoria responded with an annoyed tone to her voice.


"Gabriella. Your friend. The one you nickname 1."

"1?" She came to my house? For what?!

"Yes, 1. I thought I would be 1, but that's a different situation for a different time. Anyway, she came to bring your clothes back."

"My clothes?" Damn! See if she had let me in when I came to talk to her, I would have gotten my own clothes.

"Yes, Michael. Your clothes. You forgot them. I asked her why you had them over there and she told me to ask you. So, why did you have your clothes at another woman's house? Fuck...

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