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Chapter 46

"Mr. Jackson, did you hear me?" Dr. Moore asked me.

"Yeah, I heard you." I nodded.

"Why did you cheat on her?" I looked around. Victoria didn't look at me, but Dr. Moore kept her eyes on me the entire time. Since I didn't answer, Dr. Moore became frustrated. "Okay, let's do it this way, Mrs. Jackson, when was the first time you met Mr. Jackson?"

"You can call me Michael."

"Okay..." Dr. Moore wrote on her notepad. "When was the first time you met Michael?"

"Nineteen Seventy-Six. My freshman year of college." Victoria answered.

"So you two go way back, huh?"

"Pretty much."

"What attracted you to him?"

"He was different, yet every woman liked him. I never knew how to describe it. He was just different from everyone else and no one else could see that, but me." Victoria looked at me with a slight smile on her lips. Dr. Moore wrote on her pad again.

"Michael, how did you come to meet Victoria?"

"Victoria ran track and I was a big supporter of our schools athletic program, especially of the track team. As soon as I found out she ran, I had to get to know her. So after one of her track meets, I ran down from the stands to talk to her. At the time, Victoria didn't want to talk to me since she was all hot and sweaty. But I made sure she didn't go to the locker room without agreeing to go on a date with me." I smiled, looking over at Victoria. The smile she tried to hold in didn't hold in too long and she ended up laughing.

"You didn't call it a date at that time, Michael. We were just going to get some ice cream. Then after that, we became the best of friends. Don't leave that part out, Michael." Victoria laughed.

"When did you ask her out, Michael?" Dr. Moore asked me.

"I believe that was the end of her sophomore year, right?" I asked Victoria.

"Yeah. You asked me at the park, remember?"


"How long had you all been dating after that?"

"On and off." Victoria said.

"Why is that?"

"My mother didn't like him half the time and we kind of just grew apart. He became a jerk sometimes and I didn't want anything to do with that, so we broke up from time to time."

"How was he a 'jerk'?"

"All of a sudden he wanted to be big and bad, ya know? I didn't want any part of that."

"What made you go back to him?"

"He came back to me."

"So you didn't want him back?"

"I did. Trust me on that."

"So back to the original question, what made you go back to him?"

"He was my first love."

"First love." Dr. Moore nodded as she wrote down on her notepad. "Michael, Victoria made the comment that you were the one who came back to her. What made you go back?"

"I dated one time after our very last break up. That girl did not measure up. I couldn't take it, so I ran back to Victoria." I replied. Dr. Moore had a semi shocked look on her face then rolled her eyes and went back to jotting stuff down.

"Why didn't she measure up?"

"Victoria was the one I loved. I could not bear not being with her."

"Is that so?"


"Victoria, you say that you and Michael have children together?" Dr. Moore asked.


"Tell me about them."

"We have Michael and Prince. Michael is the oldest. He's six. Prince is five. They're very intelligent children despite their ages." I nodded in agreement. "They're my life. I love them more than I love myself."

"Hmm." Dr. Moore wrote in her notepad.

"Michael, what is your relationship with your children?"

"We're super close. There's not one waking moment when I'm not with them." I said proudly.

"Except when you cheated on Victoria." Dr. Moore mentioned without looking up from her notepad. I don't think this woman likes me. I mean, I can understand that maybe she's a bit upset that I cheated on Victoria, but even Janet treated me better than this woman is treating me. That's besides the fact that Janet is my sister.

"Dr. Moore, despite the fact that Michael cheated on me, he is a very good father." Victoria defended me.

"Victoria, have you ever been with anyone else other than Michael?"


"You didn't date between breakups?"


"What about before the two of you were together?"


"So, he was your first everything. Your very first love."

"Yes, he was."

"Mrs. Jackson, if the two of you were to divorce, would you date when everything is finalized?" Dr. Moore asked, looking right at Victoria. A long silence filled the room as we waited on Victoria's answer.

Finally, Victoria sighed and answered, "no."

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