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Dear Michael: Series

"Dear Michael" is a series of Michael Jackson Fan Fiction books that follow Michael and Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson across every era of Michael Jackson's life.

What began as a letter from an eager eighteen year-old Shayla-Elizabeth Johnson forms a friendship turned marriage. 

In 2011 when the first book in the series, "Dear Michael," was completed, LotsofMJJLove planned to create a series based on every era of Michael Jackson's life. While there were hiatuses in between, she returned to her dream of completing the series in 2018 and hasn't looked back.

Told from both Michael and Shayla-Elizabeth's perspective, the series explores different events such as: Michael Jackson's unexpected departure from The Jacksons in 1984, the 1988 Grammys Bad Album snub, the 1993 child molestation allegations, "Living with Michael Jackson" in 2003, "Michael Jackson's Private Home Movies," raising his children, Thriller 25 in 2008, and the "This Is It Tour."

Follow Michael and Shayla-Elizabeth through this journey called life.

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In Progress:
Dear Michael, This Is It-3.png

This series is a work of pure fan fiction. A historical fan fiction using the likeness of Michael Jackson, his family, employees and acquaintainces. The only characters made by LotsofMJJLove are Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson (née Johnson), her family, and acquaintances. Extensive research has been done to write this series in order to make it as accurate as possible in terms of Michael Jackson's life historically; however, some things may have been changed to fit the timeline for the series. Most of the articles referenced in this series are real, however there are several that have been completely made up by LotsofMJJLove.

LotsofMJJLove does not own the rights to any of Michael Jackson's albums referenced in the series, the Grammys, any films Mr. Jackson has starred in, any of the interviews, real articles used in this series, etc.. This is simply a historical fan fiction where LotsofMJJLove has written around events as if Michael Jackson was married to Shayla-Elizabeth Johnson at the time.

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