Over the years, I've met some great people and have read some great works.

Here are the people/works who inspire me, who I hold near and dear to my heart & who challenge me on a daily basis:

(Click photo to be directed to links. Links are also underlined.)

Midnight August Moon is a great friend of mine that I met on Wattpad. She is the author of "Dr. Black," "Hello, August Moon," "Michael and Leila," and many other Michael Jackson Fan Fiction that you can find on her website www.breakodawnclub.com

ThatGirlKels has been an inspiration to me and a great friend for over ten years.

We met on YouTube when "MJ Fantasies" were all the rave.

She is the author of over 5 books that can be found on YouTube & Wattpad.

Rhythm_Nation_ is another fave of mine.

We go way back to YouTube days as well.

YouTube fanfiction was everything back in the day! Not only does she write MJ Fiction, she also writes Prince Fiction as well. 

If you haven't already, please go check out her works!

Eric Jerome Dickey has been my favorite author for over ten years.

The way that man weaves words to tell a tale is just magical!

Above, are my favorites by him. I've read them all more than once.

I was lucky enough to see him in person at the age of 16 at a book signing. I was too scared to tell him how much I enjoyed his work, because I feared he'd tell me I was too young to read his stuff. And I always told myself that I'd tell him about that the next time I saw him at a book signing.

Unfortunately, EJD passed away January 3, 2021.

Like Michael's death, his death left me stunned.

I will always recommend EJD's work as it is the blueprint for my life. And I find myself reading and studying his work time and time again.

Treat yourself to an EJD novel.

I'm sure he'll change your life, like he changed mine.

GiGiChante18 is no longer active, but her stories will always remain close to my heart. This page simply wouldn't be complete if I didn't add her, because she was another author that inspired me.

We met on YouTube way back when as well. I'm telling you, YouTube was where it was AT in the early 2010's!

The way she crafted a story was simply phenomenal!

She will always be a fave of mine.

You can find most of her stories on YouTube. Some of her stories and a new story about Roman Reigns is on Wattpad, but if you want complete stories, you can find her work on YouTube with no disruptions.

Oh! And her theme song/title for her videos are simply LEGENDARY!

One of my most favorite Michael Jackson fan fictions would definitely have to be "In Time."

The author of this story is completely anonymous. No username or nickname. She just wrote her story and that was it. 

I began reading it around the same time I began writing my first fan fictions on YouTube. Unfortunately, I never finished it because I lost access to the website and because I caught the site while the author was only 15 chapters into the story at the time.

So, I'm currently working on finishing the story now.

Like I gave my props to GiGi, this page wouldn't be complete without this story as well.

These are my favorite Michael Jackson books that I've read time & time again.

I can go on and on about these books, about why fans may not like some of them, and why do, but that'll take too long. I like all of these books for a specific reason.

Some of the commentary in some of these books may be off, but I feel as a fan of Michael Jackson, I can tell what is true and false.