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LotsofMJJLove always has so many ideas jostling for attention in her mind, which leads to some pretty remarkable literary works.

Have a look at her collection of writings, starting with her first release back in 2010.

Just Good Friends

October 19, 2010

Harmony Jacobs has just moved to Los Angeles after bouncing from city to city most of her life.

Starting in a new high school, she stumbles upon Michael Jackson who's smitten the first second he lays eyes on her.

Dear Michael by LotsofMJJLove

Dear Michael

January 25, 2011

Michael Jackson receives a letter from a fan from across the country. Their letters are the bud that begins to blossom into a lifelong friendship. But what happens when something so innocent gets interrupted because life goes on?

Book I in the "Dear Michael" series

Imagines ft. You

June 17, 2011

One part Michael Jackson fantasies all in your perspective.

Imagines ft. You by LotsofMJJLove
Single Husband by LotsofMJJLove

Single Husband

November 14, 2011

Michael Jackson is married to the love of his life. Perfect family. Perfect love. Perfect life. What could go wrong? Maybe his life is too perfect. Maybe it's too cliche. Maybe his perfect life needs a little excitement. He has one woman whom he loves and cherishes with all his heart, but what happens when all of a sudden he has five other women vying for his attention?

Michael is married, but he's single. He's what you call a Single Husband. What is a Single Husband you ask?


Single Husband - (noun) : A married man acting as though he is a single man.

Here Comes the Sun

January 14, 2013

Michael Jackson is a sad, broken man. In the midst of trying to jumpstart a music career, he has already met a mysterious woman that captivates him in all ways imaginable. 
She's beautiful.
She's funny.
She's broken.
She's in a relationship.
Are two broken people meant to be together? Will Michael get the engaged woman he's in love with?

Here Comes the Sun by LotsofMJJLove
Dear Michael: Thriller by LotsofMJJLove

Dear Michael: Thriller

December 23, 2013

Shayla-Elizabeth and Michael Jackson are living the married life, but Shayla doesn't understand what it's like to be thrust into the spotlight. Especially after realizing that not only did she marry the Michael Jackson she fell in love with, but "Michael Jackson the Superstar" whom the entire world has fallen in love with. After the Victory tour, many things occur that are beyond he and Shayla's control...

Book II in the "Dear Michael" series

Dear Michael: Bad

November 21, 2018

Michael Jackson's new manager, Frank Dileo wants Michael to have a totally new image: single, sexy & Bad! And that's just what Michael will be. 

The Bad album is released.

The Bad Tour has begun.

But how does Michaels' wife, Shayla-Elizabeth, fit into this new lifestyle? With Michael being pushed further into superstardom and Shayla being pushed so far back behind the scenes, how will their relationship survive?

Book III in the "Dear Michael" series

Dear Michael: Bad by LotsofMJJLove
Pretty by LotsofMJJLove


February 8, 2019

Michael Jackson has just completed the first leg of his most anticipated tour, The Dangerous World Tour. 
After being away from his girlfriend, Zora Avery, for an entire year, he's excited to take the first flight out of Tokyo, Japan back to Los Angeles.
During the eleven hour flight back to the states, he's warned not to get his hopes up about the woman he loves so much. Confused, Michael doesn't understand why until his friend, Brett, explains further.
Michael's entire world flips upside down at the news. How is he supposed to react to this recent discovery? What is he supposed to do? How could Zora do this to him?

Dear Michael: Dangerous

April 10, 2019

1993 was known as one of the most successful yet most controversial years for Michael and Shayla-Elizabeth Jackson. They attend the most important events together and Michael does his first interview in fourteen years with Oprah Winfrey. They finally decide to come out with their marriage a decade later, but with that comes an expense that Shayla didn't even know was coming. She realizes that Michael wants to announce their marriage strategically and when things don't go his way, he'll do anything to make sure it does. Even if it means doing things that Shayla isn't used to, no matter how much they've prepared for it.

And last but not least, enter The Chandler family, which Michael is adamant about taking under his wing. But things take a dramatic turn when Jordie is forced by his father, Evan Chandler, to lie on Michael Jackson when things didn't go Evan's way. A lie that sends Michael Jackson from being on top of the world into a downward spiraling world of depression, confusion, and heartache.


Book IV in the "Dear Michael" series.

Dear Michael: Dangerous by LotsofMJJLove
Dear Michael: HIStory by LotsofMJJLove

Dear Michael: HIStory

April 1, 2020

After dealing with the allegations and the loss of a child two years ago, Shayla-Elizabeth and Michael Jackson have decided to move on with their lives in the best way they know how. However, their love for each other has grown stale.

Shayla-Elizabeth is over Michael just as much as he is over her.

You'd think that after being married for over a decade, trials and tribulations should cease, right? 


When Shayla-Elizabeth finds out that her husband has had a affair on her, she has to decide to leave or stay.


Leave after everything he's put her through over the years?


Or stay when their twin babies are due in less than a month...


Book V in the "Dear Michael" series.

2:26 p.m.

May 19, 2021

After rehearsal on June 24, 2009, Michael Jackson spends the day with his girlfriend, Athena. 

A day filled with love, laughter, and joy, Michael realizes she was the one he had been searching for all his life.

And now, he can't go to London without her.

Dear Michael: Invincible

May 30, 2021

Since their divorce four years ago, Shayla-Elizabeth and Michael Jackson have successfully managed to co-parent their children Michael Jr. and Milan Jackson.

Michael is about to release his most anticipated album since HIStory, Invincible. Martin Bashir has asked him if he could make a documentary to show the world the "real" Michael Jackson. And for the first time in four years, Michael has to deal with his issues both business and personal without Shayla by his side...

Book VI in the "Dear Michael" series.